Vapor Snag

Vapor Snag


Return target creature to its owner's hand. Its controller loses 1 life.

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Vapor Snag Discussion

Budabuda123 on Budget UR Delver

1 day ago

Great suggestions! I think I'll cut 1 Opt and 1 Vapor Snag and add in the two Pteramander s. And the Flame Slash is a good call too, I just didn't have any in my paper collection. Thanks!

Spell_Slam on Canadian Threshold

2 months ago


Circular Logic is going to be bad if you don't play any discard effects. That being said, I can hardly imagine a Canadian Thresh deck without Wild Mongrel. This card will fix a lot of the issues you are having with your deck (cards in graveyard, aggressive strategies, countermagic, etc.).

Mental Note is also a staple of the archetype that is notably missing from your list. Any reason why? Combined with Thought Scour and Brainstorm, you have a pretty effective draw package for your strategy.

I think 10 counters is a bit too many. Spell Pierce seems the narrowest of the bunch and could be a sideboard card instead. Bounce spells work well for a tempo deck. Vapor Snag makes a lot of sense here. It also makes a Red splash questionable, in my opinion. You might not need Lightning Bolts, Fire and Archer in your deck if there are suitable U/G substitutes.

Cutting Red would simplify your mana base drastically by cutting Mountains and Evolving Wilds. Playing Thornwood Falls would make your mana much more flexible and allow your to play more colour-heavy cards.

If you want to keep your Red removal, that's fine. I would definitely find room for Mental Note and Wild Mongrel, though. You could probably trim on Spell Pierce, Ponder, Fire/Ice or Firebrand Archer to make it fit, in my opinion.

I hope that was helpful.

Saccox on Beam n' Zada Bad Boys Pezzent!

2 months ago

NoopyNolife thanks for the ideas! Vapor Snag it's a good card but it's not in budget. Stream of Unconsciousness i have few wizards to use it :( In your deck try the "jump-start" cards,it's a idea ^^

NoopyNolife on Beam n' Zada Bad Boys Pezzent!

2 months ago

Looks fun! I do think it might be a tad too slow for my own meta, so maybe look for some interaction? I'm personally a big fan of Vapor Snag and such, though they work better with a counterspell suit. Perhaps something like Stream of Unconsciousness could buy you some time?

Fists of flame looks awesome btw! I didn't know about a card like that, I just have to test one or two in Beamsplitter Blitz (UR Prowess)!

RinceRaven on Brago

2 months ago

Made some changes to the draft. It needs a couple more cuts and maybe even more changes but I thought I'd leave it here for now.

In: Cast Out, Oblivion Ring, Journey to Nowhere, Reshape, Oath of Jace, Whir of Invention, Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Meteorite, and some counterspells.


Augury Owl, Aether Tunnel, Aqueous Form, Vapor Snag, Whirler Rogue, Prison Realm, Hedron Archive, Archaeomancer, Drannith Magistrate, Kor Cartographer, Mnemonic Wall, Unwind, Momentary Blink, Ghostly Prison, Disdainful Stroke,

note: some of these are good cards and maybe should be put back in. I tried to focus on the combo and decided to cut some more basic synergy pieces that might deserve their places back.

StoryArcher on Fairy Two-Step

2 months ago


Thanks for the response - not sure how you found this deck, but I appreciate the thoughts. Obviously it's time to look at this deck for a few updates with the new cards that have come out since I first posted it - looking at your deck, Brazen Borrower really seems to stand out, maybe in place of Vendilion Clique or Vapor Snag?

wallisface on Gloomerang

2 months ago

So, from playing a similar deck to this some years back, i have some concerns and thoughts:

  • its important to note with this sort of gameplan, that your opponent is effectively losing no resources, while you’re slowly de-handing yourself to stall them out. If you can’t keep pressure up long term, then you just end up empty handed and they catch up and win.

  • relying on Jace's Archivist for card draw is a bad idea. Most modern decks are likely to be running either bolt, push, or path. They’ll be able to cast these easily and remove your ability to have a hand.

  • ramp is an increasingly big part of modern, but also more-and-more decks can run fine with only 2 lands out. If your opponent has a low curve, or a turn 1 mana dork, you look like you might be in serious trouble.

So, this all sounds kindof grim, but there are some options to make this deck stronger:

  • stalling turn 1 could be done through stuff like Vapor Snag and Unsummon, to make sure board presence stays low.

  • to prevent yourself going empty handed, Howling Mine as well as Isochron Scepter both work wonders. The former keeps your hand healthy, while the latter allows you to Boomerang every turn.

  • lower your mana curve a bit. You have to keep pressure on early and maintain it. If your opponent can keep 2 lands in play for a few turns, you probably lose.

  • using creatures validates your opponents 1-mana killspells, so i think avoid them entirely. As far as being able to actually win the game, maybe run 2x Isleback Spawn - they avoid all removal, and you’re in no hurry to play them (the important thing is to lock the opponent).

  • I get what you’re trying to do with the Wishes, but its just not worth it in this deck, where you have to be very spell-aggressive and unrelenting. It would be better to just have a strong sideboard to deal with your problem matchups (ramp, burn, aggro)

mjnuismer on SoulSplicer

3 months ago

Ize19 Thank you for the input. I think you're right that Seer will be better than the Walls, and also keeps with the budget theme.

My current playgroup is still very creature-tribal everywhere except for me. If the meta changes I will def be looking at cards like Miscast, but for now I was thinking I might toss in a couple Vapor Snag in place of some of the blinkers you mentioned. If you know of other one-mana removal, I would love to hear about it (Path to Exile is still a bit pricey for what I want to include.)

thanks again!

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