Vapor Snag

Vapor Snag


Return target creature to its owner's hand. Its controller loses 1 life.

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Vapor Snag Discussion

Balaam__ on Az' Holes

1 month ago

Is Word of Undoing a hold over from an earlier draft where you had some white enchantments? I ask because Vapor Snag does the same thing but adds a ping of damage as a bonus. Might be worth exchanging these, unless you’re planning on adding some lockdown spells or something. Otherwise looks great!

foxinsox on UR 101st Airburn

2 months ago

Vapor Snag as a strict upgrade to Unsummon?

lespaul977 on

2 months ago

Balaam__, I think it’s definitely a great idea to run 4 Mana Leaks in the deck. I just updated everything to what I currently have in my possession (which isn’t much, and unfortunately only 1 Mana Leak). Honestly, I just joined this site, and I’m not sure if I should be posting what I currently have or what I want my deck to actually look like. As I get cards, I plan on updating this deck so it stays current.

Also, good call on Vapor Snag. I do own one and will swap it out for Unsummon. Thanks again for all your help!

Balaam__ on

2 months ago

Deck is coming along. It’s probably a good idea to run a suite of counterspells particularly if you’re running spirits that don’t have exile effects built in. I’d run 4 Mana Leak without question, but that’s me. If you feel confident running fewer, by all means do so. Not trying to take over your deck.

A quick idea though is to replace Unsummon with Vapor Snag; it’s strictly better and just as inexpensive.

Gattison on U.S.S. Deathstar: NCC-1701-FU (Paunza)

2 months ago

taylorfisdboss: Had some time to fiddle with this deck some more, and this is where I'm at currently. I could only find 1x Contaminated Ground, 1x Destroy the Evidence and 3x Psychic Venom in my collection. So I'm using 4x Singing Bell Strike and 3x Ninja of the Deep Hours as placeholders. I like the ninja's ability to let me re-use Balustrade Spy, so he may stay.

(My LGS isn't good for pauper singles, so next time I buy cards online... I'ma spend like 80 bucks on 10 cent singles. At least I'll get my money's worth lol)

Beyond that, Duress and Dark Ritual didn't work out as well as I thought in "playtesting", I felt like I needed to be more of a dick and have some legit removal, so Vapor Snag is back. Preordain is back because this is turning out to rely heavily on a few key cards, which makes it combo in my mind, which in turn means I either need to find redundancies to use as backups, or add draw power to find my pieces on time. Since there are no redundancies for Balustrade Spy and Destroy the Evidence in pauper, I went with draw. It's not enough though, so I'm back to brainstorming. Not using Brainstorm the card, just you know, using my brain.

My bad for the wait for a response. Also, I assume you're last sentence that got cut off was something along the lines of "love what you've done with the place." To which I say, thanks!

James13 on UR 101st Airburn

3 months ago

Add more burn to justify the land base, otherwise go mono blue. Swap Unsummon for Vapor Snag.

Valengeta on The Empire

3 months ago

Personally I think you have good options in both mono and multi colored so try both. Here's more useful Blues:

About Jace, I don't think he's helpful at all. I would much rather try Strixhaven Stadium here. Pandeem is good as a single. Another thing that might be good, especially if you follow the stadium idea, is Blinkmoth Nexus

Grubbernaut on Mono-Boo-hoo

3 months ago

I like Vapor Snag a lot for low-curve delver decks like this. I'd also definitely sub out Deprive for Counterspell. You'll almost never kick Into the Roil in a low-land-count deck, so it's worth the switch.

Also: regarding your description, just wanted to point out that Test of Talents cannot, in fact, counter an un-counterable spell.

I also think Pteramander is better than Serpent, especially if you swap to Consider over Opt once it's released and legal.

I also like a few cards for actual advantage, like Chart a Course or even Hieroglyphic Illumination. You could also consider Disrupting Shoal as a budget "force."

Another good consideration is Spellstutter Sprite.


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