Goblin Guide

Goblin Guide

Creature — Goblin Scout


Whenever this attacks, defending player reveals the top card of their library. If it's a land card, that player puts it into their hand.

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Goblin Guide Discussion

zapyourtumor on Angry burn

2 days ago

Vexing Devil is a deceptively bad card in burn: your opponent will always choose the option that's worse for you. Early game they will remove it, late game they will just let you keep the creature.

The elementals are similarly bad, basically worse versions of Lava Spike.

For the creature suite, I recommend:

Goblin Guide: Does almost as much damage as the elementals in one turn, and then keeps swinging each turn after that. Giving opponents possible card advantage doesn't matter when you're going to be ending the game by turn 3.

Monastery Swiftspear: Has the potential to do even more damage than Guide, given that we want to be slinging as many burn spells as we can each turn.

Eidolon of the Great Revel: It hurts us a lot, but it probably hurts our opponent more. Even if they try to remove it (which they usually do) they take 2 damage anyways.

The_Acid_Drip on Angry burn

3 days ago

some mid game plays would be ok maybe Shrine of Burning Rage

add maybe 1 Sacred Foundry for 2 Wear / Tear in the SB since you have so many fetches. Also maybe run 3 Skullcrack

Some other budget-ish options include Grim Lavamancer since you have soooo many fetches and Monastery Swiftspear to proc off of the spells your casting. Cut the Elementals for the lavamancer and Swiftspears. Maybe some Goblin Guide if you can afford them.

And I'm assuming b/c you have fetches you could maybe run a few other things maybe Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer?

Some non-budget hits include Leyline of Punishment and Blood Moon.

ShiningEyes on Ragavan Gobos

4 days ago

Does the green splash get you anything but ignoble hierarch?

Is the hierarch worth the headache?

Are there other red or black 1-drops worth considering in its place? Legion Loyalist, Perhaps? or even Knucklebone Witch? I Know Goblin Guide has fallen out of favor?

Maybe the acceleration really is that critical for this deck, but I'd be inclined to see if I could make a board presence and cut the third color for my own life total and consistency's sake.

wallisface on Spell that s**t!

2 weeks ago

I think your deck lacks some clarity/direction:

  • you have super-aggro in Goblin Guide, but then a lot of slower creatures outside of that

  • you have a lot of prowess creatures, but then mostly countermagic spells (which the creatures won’t benefit from)

  • I don’t see how you benefit from running Upheaval.

  • Your sideboard just appears to be more cards you’d want to include in the deck, as opposed to being cards that will help your bad matchups.

I think you need to figure out what you want this deck to do, and then focus more on building this list with that goal in mind.

Some other, more generic thoughts:

  • Shock and Pillar of Flame just don’t do enough. Typically modern requires its bolt-cards do at least 3 damage to be viable.

  • There’s a reason Jace, Architect of Thought is a $0.79 card.

  • imo it’s better to run basics than lands that come in tapped. You’re only running 2 colours so the deck should be able to get-by fine with all-basics, whereas taplands are going to slow your plays down considerably

Chasmolinker on 101% Mono Black Burn

2 months ago

I'm really liking this deck. How about Bond of Agony for a surprise finisher. As for the Land destruction that HobbyMan5000 mentioned above. Contaminated Ground or Pooling Venom could do some work. Vampire Lacerator could be an pseudo Goblin Guide. Or Bloodghast if budget is not an issue.

Gingerbrute or Banehound might actually be better T1 creatures

coe98 on RG Thrasta Zoo

5 months ago

A list that i'm trying out right now is a bit different. I have 2 Chatterstorm 18 lands (no Copperline Gorge or Bloodstained Mire and 3 forest 1 mountain 2 Prismatic Vista ) plus 1 Dryad Arbor . I'm also trying it out with 4 Arbor Elf and Utopia Sprawl w/o Goblin Guide Memnite or Mishra's Bauble I have 3 Atarka's Command instead. Lmk how this plays out i'm gonna be doing some testing on it later this week

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