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Hey Multimedia,

Thanks for your reply. I don't really know anything about decks styling, apart from the usual spoilers and panels. I have never worked with CSS before.

Thanks again,


May 17, 2019 2:40 p.m.

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Hey Multimedia,

I recently joined the CSS Deckcoder's Page, and I was wondering if you could teach me how to spruce up my deck, Selesnya Standard Midrange?



May 15, 2019 1:38 p.m.

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scotchtapedsleeves, good point about the brightness and darkness of the background image for readability of text.

You can adjust and control the background image with CSS by applying the background image not in #sitebody which is an id of BODY, but in another DIV with a different id name. Doing it this way gives you freedom to apply filters (blur, fade, etc.), transparency, etc. to the background image without effecting anything else on the page. If you apply opacity (transparency) in #sitebody, the current way the background image is being displayed, it will effect all content you see on the page which is not good. It does this because currently in CSS the background image is being applied to the BODY of the page with #sitebody and all content is in the BODY of the page therefore if you change something in the BODY all content is affected.

HTML example:

<div id="background"></div>

This DIV goes in the HTML, in the deck description, in the deck editor. The id of background is to apply CSS to it. Currently in CSS you're using the #sitebody rule which is an id of BODY to add the background image, but this method you won't do that. Instead just add a dark background color with the #sitebody rule and no image. Using a dark background color lets you adjust the opacity of the background image reducing the brightness because when you add opacity to the background image the dark background color shows through, making the background image transparent.

CSS example:

#sitebody { 

#background {

This CSS #background rule ties the CSS to the DIV with id of background in the HTML. This background image will behave just like the current background image behaves. The image will scale up and or down with the size of the browser window and be in a fixed position so it will not move when you scroll the page. The -1 z-index property puts this DIV behind all other elements on the page thus creating the illusion of it being a background image of the BODY. The 0.5 opacity property is adding transparency to the DIV allowing the dark background to show through and reducing the brightness of the background image for better readability of text. The opacity amount can be adjusted, giving you control over how dark the background image looks.

May 24, 2019 4:12 p.m. Edited.

scotchtapedsleeves good advice about the media rule.

A flashy design especially with a high detailed/resolution background image is less wanted for phone sized screens because the screen is so small. For readability using all the available screen size space for text and content is more important. With the media rule then you can take more advantage of a larger higher resolution background image because the rule is used specially to design for desktop screen sizes. It turns off your custom CSS at smaller screen sizes such as phone size.

1024x768 size background image is too small. That's a comparable size to use when designing for tablet screen such as iPad. Or when adding a background image to a CSS well of a deck page such as a normal width jumbotron or where the deck description goes. Design with desktop screen size in mind. 1920x1080 is the smallest size I would use for a background image for a desktop screen. It's a universal size all current and many older Wizards Magic Art wallpapers you can find online come in this size and many other artworks have a wallpaper of this size too which makes it a convenient size to use for your background image.

May 24, 2019 1:03 a.m.

Hey, saw your forum topic asking for help.

Eladamri's Call and Congregation at Dawn are good instant creature tutors. Dawn is nice because it's budget and it can tutor for three combo creatures and put them on top of your library. Palace Jailer is good with blink. You exile an opponent's creature with Jailer and usually with this exile effect when the creature leaves the battlefield your opponent gets back their creature, but this is not the case with Jailer.

Your opponent only gets back their creature if an opponent becomes the monarch. Even if Jailer dies your opponent doesn't get back their creature and you can blink Jailer to save it from removal. If you have the monarch and blink Jailer you exile another opponents creature and can continue to do this until an opponent becomes the monarch. You become the monarch when you blink Jailer making it difficult for you to lose the monarch. The monarch is powerful in Commander; drawing a card at your end step. It's nice with Stonehorn Dignitary who can help you to keep the monarch thus keeping your opponents creatures exiled.

Yavimaya Coast , Bant Panorama , Opal Palace are good budget lands that can make colorless as well as colored mana. Might be worth it to add a Wastes that way Farhaven and Simulacrum can search for a colorless source. Consider upgrading your land ramp spells? Nature's Lore is a big upgrade of Rampant Growth because Lore can search for a dual land. Because you have Breeding Pool then Lore can get a blue source, but other than Pool there's other lands it can search for such as Vista, Scattered. Adding a Temple Garden would help. As far as land ramp spells Farseek and Lore are the two noncreature spells to play since it's much better using deck spots for creatures who land ramp since then you can blink them.

Because of Displacer the exception for noncreature ramp spells are mana rocks that can make colorless mana. Talisman of Unity and Talisman of Progress are two drop mana rocks that can make colorless or colored mana. Mystic Remora is one of the best sources of repeatable no mana cost draw in multiplayer Commander and it's good with blink to reset it's upkeep cost. There's cards here especially Brago that can blink any permanent.

Cards to consider cutting:

  • 2x Forest
  • 1x Plains
  • 1x Island
  • Rampant Growth
  • Grow from Ashes
  • Displace
  • Stalking Leonin
  • Sunblast Angel
  • Elite Guardmage: already have Blazer and Muldrifter.
  • Reclamation Sage: already have Autumn.
  • Spell Swindle: too much mana for a counterspell.
May 24, 2019 12:48 a.m.

Said on Welcome to Machine...


Smothering Tithe is a very good card in multiplayer Commander, with Akiri and with the artifact strategies since treasures are artifact tokens. Treasure Mage can tutor for one of many different artifacts here. Eladamri's Call can tutor for one of many different creatures. Trinket Mage can tutor for one of Ring, Key or an artifact land. Fauna Shaman is a repeatable creature tutor/artifact creature discard and with Daretti, Scrap Savant can expand on the graveyard strategies with artifacts. By adding these tutors you can decrease the amount of high CMC artifact creatures instead play the better ones since these cards can tutor for them.

Do you own the cards in the maybeboard? If you like some of these suggestions I offer help to make cuts.

May 23, 2019 8:34 a.m.

Hey everyone, here's some advice about the background :)

When choosing a background image for your deck page higher resolution images are better since CSS will scale the image to fit whatever the size of your browser window is. If you use a small image, CSS will scale the image up distorting/pixelation the image; making the resolution of the image very low thus the image looks bad. If using a large image with high resolution then distorting/pixelation doesn't happen, the quality of resolution doesn't change thus the image looks much better.

I believe it's best to always start out with a large high resolution image and then you can apply certain filters to it to change it like blur, fading, gradation, etc. It's much easier to work with a high res image than a low res one. When increased a high res image looks good and it also looks good when you decrease it, doesn't lose quality. A low res image is different because can't increase it without losing quality and it starts out at low quality which makes it difficult to use.

May 23, 2019 5:48 a.m. Edited.

You can use either one, Chromebook or a PC for CSS coding. Chromebook will be more difficult than using a PC, but it's an option. I don't have a Chromebook, I use a PC with Windows, but Chrome is the main browser I use to code and develop websites. I say Chromebook is more difficult because you'll want an editor to write CSS code in and there's more steps involved to getting an editor with Chromebook than with a PC.

Using a code editor to code is very helpful because it will color parts of the code for you. For instance when you open a CSS rule you have to close the rule and the editor helps to make sure you have done this. Getting a code editor for a PC is easy, there's many free programs. With Chromebook you'll use the Chrome browser's "Developer Tools" console as your code editor and this requires more steps to use. Whatever you decide I'll accommodate.

After you decide we can get started :)

May 22, 2019 8:32 p.m. Edited.

Said on A Smile a ......


Hey, your deck is great, but where's Command Tower ? Nice primer lots of work went into, it's well organized and written :)

Upgrades to consider:

Enlightened Tutor has many powerful cards that it can tutor for especially a sac outlet, Skullclamp or Reconnaissance . Cruel Celebrant is another aristocrat. Selfless Spirit is a nice support creature with Alesha and Lark. Palace Jailer can be reanimated by Alesha, gives you the monarch (your end step draw) and can exile an opponent's creature; that's a lot of interaction for a four drop. Yahenni, Undying Partisan is a fantastic sac outlet in Commander because board wipes are going to happen with multiple opponents. He's also a another creature sac outlet which is important with Alesha. Only currently having Seer as the only creature sac outlet is risky.

I don't think Ravos, Soultender is worth playing he's another five drop and his recursion is worse compared to Lark and Guide's reanimation who are also five drops. Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord is lackluster compared to all the other reanimation here because many creatures you want to reanimate have high CMCs which doesn't play well with his -X ability. Out of all the four drops Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice doesn't do much. It's nice that she can be reanimated by Alesha, but why would you choose to reanimate her out of all the other creatures? I don't think she's worth playing for that reason. Twilight Prophet has a powerful ability, but only if you have the city's blessing which without a token strategy is slow. I'm not a fan of Phyrexian Arena in Commander it's too slow. I think you're much better off getting draw from creatures with Alesha especially with Skullclamp . Good luck with your deck.

May 22, 2019 5:14 a.m.

Hey, nice version, lots of good cards here. So great to see Luminarch Ascension , one of my favorite cards in Commander, it's so underrated :)

Scattered Groves is another Forest dual land and it's an upgrade for Selesnya Guildgate. Nature's Lore and Farseek are upgrades for Kodama's Reach and Cultivate since they can tutor for and put onto the battlefield a dual land (Garden, Vista, Scattered). Krosan Verge is an upgrade for Evolving Wilds. Brushland and Sungrass Prairie could replace two basic lands. Talisman of Unity is another Selesnya mana rock; could replace Explosive Vegetation for faster ramp.

Smothering Tithe is a powerful card in multiplayer Commander especially with Anointed Procession and Doubling Season since treasures are tokens; it could replace Collective Blessing. Mimic Vat is a nice repeatable ability with Trostani since it makes a token. You can populate the token before the next end step and the populated copy is not exiled. Its also good in multiplayer Commander where there's up to four players with potential creatures to imprint; it could replace Druid's Deliverance. Good luck with your deck.

May 21, 2019 3:16 a.m.

Do you use a PC or Apple Mac for your computer?

May 21, 2019 2:15 a.m.

Said on Hexaflexagon...


Hexaflexagon - Selesnya Standard Midrange

To begin your new deck page I created a copy of your original deck minus the deck description. Feel free to add the full description whenever you like. What we will do is make the new design at this copy of your deck, separate from your original deck. Then when the design of the copy is done we will replace the old design of your original deck with the new design. We do this so nothing is changed in your original deck until everything is done and looks right at the copy.

Doing it this way will also give us a place, the comments, to talk about CSS and the new design that's completely separate from your original deck. I will now leave comments at the deck for all communication about the new design and CSS; all in one convenient place. I added you as a friend, please add me as a friend too. I also added you to the Share list of the deck allowing both of us to edit the deck. This will also allow us to make the deck private, only we can see it.

May 21, 2019 1:30 a.m.

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Hey, saw your forum topic asking for help. If one of your first Commander decks well done.

Consider more cards that can help blue devotion, give you value when your creatures are unblockable or be upgrades for cards here? Budget cards ($4 or less each) to consider adding:

If you like some of these suggestions I offer more help to make cuts. Good luck with your deck.

May 20, 2019 10:16 p.m.

Said on All Will Be ......


You cut Tezzeret's Gambit out of spite? There's no other reason that you did that while keeping terrible Wanderer's Strike ?

There's mana efficient budget staple Commander cards that can replace many of the very cards you think you should keep. Start with staples that are within your budget, include them first, then add "two for ones". Your right two for ones are good, but the card must be worth the mana cost for the two for one to matter. None of the cards you're explaining to me about are worth the mana cost. Over mana costed cards that have proliferate slapped on them as a one time effect are not worth it when you can play many repeatable sources of proliferate and can also get the very same one time effect from much lower cost mana efficient cards.

Dovin has a good ultimate, but that's it. Best not to play Planeswalkers just for their ultimate because it's too likely that you will not get it. Dovin's other abilities are lackluster, not worth playing. In any game you would much rather play four drop Atraxa, Tamiyo, Field Researcher or Ajani Steadfast than Dovin. Dovin is just getting in the way of other much more powerful four drops. Can't count on having Doubling Season every game to ultimate your Planeswalkers especially since you're not playing any mana efficient tutors that can get Season.

Mer-Ek Nightblade and Abzan Battle Priest are more four drops and there's too many four drops here especially since Atraxa is the four drop you want to consistently cast or a Planeswalker. Nightblade and Priest are lackluster four drops compared to the rest of the four drops; they require other cards (creatures to have a counter on them) to be decent and that's not good compared to the other four drops.

True Conviction and Plasm Capture are fine cards, but the manabase here can't support them. Their difficult mana costs are not costs you want to have to worry about in a four color deck. They aren't powerful enough as singletons to want to change your manabase or mana sources to play them.

May 19, 2019 3:23 a.m.

Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest is a much better Commander than Savra.

If you have Mazirek I would make the switch. Five mana for Mazirek shouldn't be a problem since you're playing green which has many ramp options including many creature ramp options who are good to after ramping then sac to Mazirek. You can play Savra in a deck with Mazirek as Commander since Mazirek also cares about sacing creatures, but not just creatures any permanents which can bring a whole other fun strategy. Mazirek has flying and she can grow herself along with the rest of your creatures when you or your opponents sac a permanent this makes her a threat with Commander damage. Savra doesn't have evasion and can't grow; she will not attack unless it's completely safe which is a drawback.

You can always let your Commander go to your graveyard and not back into the Command Zone when it dies. This is a huge help for Golgari since playing black you can play recursion (to hand) or reanimation (to battlefield) spells. These effects get around Commander tax. When your Commander dies you can choose to put it into your graveyard.

When your Commander is in your graveyard and an opponent exiles your graveyard your Commander isn't exiled it goes back to the Command Zone. As long as your Commander is in your graveyard you have free reign to interact with it using cards that interact with your graveyard. However don't put your Commander into your graveyard unless you have cards that can get it back :)

May 18, 2019 6:12 a.m.

Said on All Will Be ......


Cards that give you one time proliferate effect are ones to consider cutting in favor of better support. In my opinion the only one time proliferate effect spell here that's worth playing is Tezzeret's Gambit ; three mana/2 life to draw two cards and proliferate is good. The rest are not worth playing because you just don't need them or there's better repeatable proliferate options ( Thrummingbird , Evolution Sage ).

You want to make some room for other color fixing; only having Cornucopia and Lantern is not enough. Don't just rely on the manabase when playing four colors especially when needing to cast Atraxa and playing 24 basic lands with no Fetch lands.

Cards to consider cutting:

  • Wanderer's Strike
  • Fuel for the Cause
  • Grim Affliction
  • Steady Progress
  • Plasm Capture
  • Privileged Position
  • True Conviction
  • Abzan Battle Priest
  • Mer-Ek Nightblade
  • Dovin Baan
May 18, 2019 5:10 a.m. Edited.

Hey, lots of good cards here, but I think you're taking the Eldrazi theme too far; so far that it's hindering the rest of your deck.

You don't need 45 creatures who are all Eldrazi. The Eldrazi plan is good with Animar since they're colorless creatures, but before you can consistently play good Eldrazi creatures you need a lot of counters on Animar. This is where mana dorks can shine because they can put a counter on Animar and also be used as ramp for Eldrazi. It's also beneficial to play a few low mana cost support creatures who are excellent when you can bounce them or because they give you repeatable value.

Ancestral Statue is an engine with Animar since it can bounce itself back to your hand and if you have four or more counters on Animar it can be a loop of casting Statue for free and putting a counter on Animar each time, that's good with Eldrazi Titans. Fierce Empath is a very good Eldrazi tutor since most of the best Eldrazi have six CMC or higher. Being able to bounce Empath to then play it again can give you a repeatable Eldrazi tutor.

When casting a lot of creatures then Beast Whisperer is good repeatable draw. Fauna Shaman can be a repeatable creature tutor; discard an Eldrazi Titan who you can't cast yet, shuffle your library and then tutor for any other creature. Eternal Witness is an not Eldrazi, but she's and upgrade for a few cards here and is very good when you can bounce her. Thespian's Stage is another source of colorless mana that can potentially be another Eldrazi Temple .

Eldrazi to consider cutting:

  • Eldrazi Devastator
  • Wretched Gryff
  • Vile Aggregate
  • Tide Drifter
  • Ruination Guide
  • Nettle Drone
  • Kozilek's Channeler
  • Eldrazi Obligator
  • Deepfathom Skulker
  • Brood Monitor
  • Breaker of Armies
  • Vexing Scuttler
  • Mockery of Nature
May 17, 2019 8:07 a.m.

Hey, really well made Commander deck, but it's only 94 cards :)

Thalakos Seer is quite good with Ninjutsu, getting value with Yuriko. Ninja of the Deep Hours , Higure, the Still Wind and Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni are good Ninjas, worth playing with Yuriko. Higure is great with Arcane Adaptation because then it can tutor for any creature in your library since all creatures are considered Ninjas.

All the low mana cost unblockable creatures and flying creatures are good to get a fast Yuriko onto the battlefield. Unblockable: Slither Blade , Triton Shorestalker , Mist-Cloaked Herald , Gudul Lurker , Dimir Infiltrator , Tormented Soul . Flying: Mausoleum Wanderer , Pteramander , Jace's Phantasm . Thada Adel, Acquisitor has a good ability for multiplayer Commander since most opponents decks have artifacts. Fabricate or Trinket Mage are worth playing just to tutor for Top. Good luck with your deck.

May 17, 2019 6:43 a.m. Edited.

Hey, saw your forum topic asking for help. Looks nice, good start and a budget of less than $100, well done :)

Lovisa is all about attacking because her ability pumps your creatures therefore you want to have a well established army of creatures before you play Lovisa. You've done a good job with including many two drop and three drop creatures, but 18 four drops and 13 five drops is too much. I also don't think any of the six and seven drops are good enough to risk having one of them stuck in your hand in the early and mid game. My advice is cut a large amount of these cards for more one, two and three drops.

Budget cards $3 or less each to consider adding:

Others to consider:

Can add all these cards for about $18. Also consider adding a few more Mountains as 26 lands is a low total amount. Try 30 Mountains, Ghitu Encampment and Rogues Passage for a total of 32 lands. Temple of the False God is not worth playing in a deck that doesn't have any land ramp. Can't afford to have a land that can't make mana, does nothing, to cast early game two and three drop creatures.

There's a lot of red cards that can give you repeatable pseudo draw each turn; key word here is repeatable. Not draw, but can exile the top card of your library and you may play that card until end of turn. These cards are helpful because mono red has a tendency to run out of cards in your hand fast.

Many of these cards are four drops which means if I was building this deck I would reserve the four drop spots for some of these cards. Experimental Frenzy is good with many low mana cost creatures allowing you to play them from the top of your library. Lovisa gives your creatures haste meaning when you play them from the top of your library you can attack with them. You can potentially chain play a lot of creatures with Frenzy and attack with all of them, that's good with Lovisa.

Countryside Crusher can help to take away a drawback of Frenzy as well as help to not draw so many lands which can happen when playing 30 basic lands. With Frenzy if you hit two lands in a row on the top of your library then you're done playing spells from the top for your turn. Since you can't play more than one land per turn. You're able to play the first land you see on the top of your library, but not the second.

At your upkeep if Crusher sees a land on the top of your library you put it into your graveyard and you can do this as many times in a row as lands you have on top of your library each time Crusher gets bigger. Crusher also can get bigger when you discard land cards such as from Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion or Tormenting Voice, etc.

Good luck with your deck.

May 16, 2019 4:29 a.m.

Said on All Will Be ......


Hey, I think if you already have all the Shock lands that they can replace the Tri lands.

Play all six Shock lands especially Forest ones, the three Check lands and include cards that can tutor for Shock lands while also being helpful ramp. Fetches of course are best, but if don't have them then Farseek, Lore, Wood Elves , Skyshroud Claim . Birds of Paradise , Incubation Druid and Paradise Druid won't break the bank and they're good for color fixing and early game ramp. Incubation is good with proliferate and with Rainbow lands. Crystalline Crawler is four mana, but it can make colored mana the turn you play it which is very good. Can also be a constant source of any color of mana with proliferate.

Crop Rotation and Sylvan Scrying are helpful to tutor for any one land. Opal Palace and Guildmages' Forum are good lands with Atraxa since either can put a counter on her letting her then proliferate herself. It's worth playing five mana to cast Atraxa with one of these lands.

Grim Backwoods isn't a good land even with token strategies. Five mana, four and tap Backwoods as well as sac a creature to draw one card is not a good investment, not worth it. Any land that can't originally make colored mana better be great if you're playing it in a four color manabase. Out of those three options you mentioned, Gavony Township is the only one to consider because of it's interaction with proliferate.

As far as proliferation goes Evolution Sage and Flux Channeler are high end since they're three drops who can be repeatable proliferate for no mana cost. With Atraxa and one of these proliferating twice a turn for no mana cost seems very good especially with Doubling Season and if you can get a counter on Atraxa.

May 15, 2019 11:51 p.m.

Said on Scarab's Army...


Hey, nice first Commander deck, lots of good cards here :)

My advice is to improve the manabase. 10x Island is a lot when the majority of the early game Zombies you want to play are black especially one drops. Instead of 10 Islands add more Dimir dual lands to have more black sources while also having blue sources. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth would also help.

I see Command Tower in the maybeboard; it's the number one card to add to your deck. Thankfully it's not expensive :) Because of budget concerns if you have to cut some cards to clear enough price for dual lands than I would do that. Cards such as Phenax, God of Deception , Rite of Replication , Coat of Arms . These expensive cards are good, but they aren't vital to the Zombie strategy. Other lands to consider adding:

Other ways to help to get blue mana are by adding some mana rocks:

Buried Alive is good with Scarab tutoring for three creatures and putting them into your graveyard to then exile with Scarab or reanimate. Wonder is good with Buried giving Scarab and all your other creatures flying. Gravecrawler and Prized Amalgam are also good with Buried because they can be reanimated.

Cards with mana costs are going to be problematic to cast because there's so many Swamps in the manabase. The exception is God-Eternal Kefnet because it's a powerful Zombie. My advice is to cut the other double blue cards such as Cancel and replace them with alternative single blue mana cost cards or all black cards. For example, Arcane Denial or Negate can replace Cancel. Good luck with your deck.

May 15, 2019 9:04 p.m.

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Hey Hex, sure I will help you out with the CSS for your deck page :)

Before we begin, tell me a little about what you already know about styling a deck page? Are you brand new to CSS or have you used it before?

May 15, 2019 7:38 p.m.


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