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Bought the precon. I wanted to make a Warrior tribal with Saskia but it's too weak of a tribe. I'm just gonna make an aggro deck with a heavy dose of pet cards. Going to make it as monster-free as I can--humanoids only! Not Human-tribal though. 4-color Vorthos goodstuffs. The main reason I made this deck, though, is to play Ankle Shanker . Thinking about making this an actual Legendary Tribal.

One thing to note is this deck was almost entirely built out of cards already in my collection in addition to the precon. That's why the Maybeboard is so full. I'm not opposed to buying cards though! The problem, though, is when you plan is just nebulous "value", upgrades are pretty much just expensive cards that I don't want to buy or can't afford--such as Aura Shards or Captain Sisay . Please let me know if you think there is a good fit for the deck though! It should be fairly obvious what I'm going for by reading the deck list. I don't mind this deck being a little underpowered/flavor-oriented (despite its price tag!). Most of my close friends' decks aren't powerhouses, and neither are mine.

Not quite sure where to go with this deck, if anywhere. Saskia lends herself to combat/aggro but I want to maintain a humanoid theme so getting creatures with evasion isn't the easiest--especially without Blue. Mass evasion ( Levitation , Wonder , Archetype of Imagination , Deepchannel Mentor etc.) isn't as common without Blue and one of the best ( Thunderfoot Baloth ) is out for flavor reasons. Aggressive Mammoth too.

There is an unintentional pseudo-Legendary-theme going on. Many of the best humanoid creatures happen to be legendary humanoids.

I'm trying to include a good amount of graveyard recursion since my deck is weak to board wipes and even targeted removal. Lots of good targets. Would be nice if I had a Meren of Clan Nel Toth !

Cards in the Maybeboard with an SL are cards I own. Cards with an MP are cards on the chopping block.

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