War's Toll

War's Toll


Whenever an opponent taps a land for mana, tap all lands that player controls.

If a creature an opponent controls attacks, all creatures that opponent controls attack if able.

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War's Toll Discussion

ElijahCallahan64 on please die

1 month ago

War's Toll would be meeeeeann in this deck. Like the concept.

Caerwyn on I miss mana burn

4 months ago

Mcat1999 - That's part of the reason it was removed--one could easily play around it by being careful in their mana generation. However, there are plenty of times where that mana burn would be an opportunity cost. Running Tron Lands and going to go a point of mana over for the spell you want to cast? That's one life there. Tapping your lands in response to War's Toll or Mana Short ? Suddenly that decision has consequences. Running Braid of Fire so you can shoot off powerful instants? That card becomes a liability rather quickly.

Mana burn was easy to avoid, but it was something you still needed to take into account often enough that I think it was beneficial to the game. It rewarded preplanning and punished cavalier play, all while providing a penalty that was not so great that the opportunity cost of taking damage was prohibitive if a greedy play was necessary.

Caerwyn on Does Red/White Need to Have …

5 months ago

I do not think Red or White need their identity expanded - just for Wizards to explore under utilised aspects of their identity. Take ramp, something White is supposed to be bad at, and Red should be erratic with. Players often complain that these colours should have their identity modified to provide more consistent ramp, but there is another in-identity path Wizards could explore.

You don’t need to match someone else’s ramp to make the playing field even; you can also drag others down to your level or punish people for their dominance over you. White has asymmetrical taxes to drag others down to its nonexistent ramp; Red has land destruction to do the same and various effects that hinder mana generation like Blood Moon or War's Toll. Red also has burn effects related to opponent’ mana generation.

There are solutions to these colours problems in-identity; Wizards just doesn’t really like to do them.

Heavy-Metal on The Chaotic Coward ($100)

5 months ago

War's Toll could be good in decks like this

Heavy-Metal on Coin Flipping

5 months ago

War's Toll is one of my favorites for decks like this.

Michigone on Catch-22: Damned if You Tap, Damned if You Don't

7 months ago

NoSoyYucateco: Hey, thanks for all the great input! I was just having a conversation with a friend today about cutting down to 37 lands by removing a basic and putting in another creature for the slot anyway! And you're right, War's Toll needs to be in the deck.

I think the reason I slotted in higher end cmc spells is because my commander has ramp inherently built in, and usually I find the deck is able to hit 8-9 cmc by turn 5, so I thought, why not up my big bomb counts with the aim of winning sooner? However, I do feel that lurking predators and guardian project with the low creature count aren't really getting me as much value as War's Toll or Return of the Wildspeaker can, so I made those changes too!

I'm going to try the Heroic Intervention in for Soul of New Phyrexia change, because earlier today I ran into a situation where Soul was in my hand, but it took me two turns to get it out and then set it up so that I had indestructible online for my permanents and by that time I had already lost some permanents that I wanted. I guess I just like the repeatable aspect of its ability coupled with the fact that it's a way to dump mana if I need it.

NoSoyYucateco on Catch-22: Damned if You Tap, Damned if You Don't

7 months ago

Michigone: I'm glad you liked it! I love that card. And people don't get too mad about it because they have a choice not to sacrifice lands. Still mean, though.

I also like Manabarbs and War's Toll in here. I think you have a lot of cards that don't synergize much with the deck theme, or just cost too much for what they do, and they should be cut to make the deck more focused. plainsrunner made a lot of good suggestions for cuts.

I think a lot of the stuff at the top end of your mana curve may not be worth keeping. Like Hellkite Overlord, Worst Fears, Lurking Predators (your creature count is actually kind of low, Asceticism for the same reason.

In fact, even Soul of New Phyrexia could be swapped with Heroic Intervention and I think you'd be happy with the switch.

Your land count is also a little on the high side. I think you could cut one or two and be fine. You're playing green and you have lots of land ramp.

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