Aegis of the Gods

Aegis of the Gods

Enchantment Creature — Human Soldier

You have hexproof. (You can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponent's control.)

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Quest Magic RPG Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal

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Aegis of the Gods Discussion

psionictemplar on Jumanji Aggro || Selesnya Surprise

1 month ago

As far as the land matter goes, I would always suggest switching out tap lands when possible. The mana fixing of many of these lands are convenient, but as an aggro deck you need speed more. With that being said I'll offer these suggestions in line with your thoughts and other thoughts I have in general (keeping budget in mind).

  1. Switching frondland to loxodon heirarch is a change, I can totally get behind. Side note: kaheera doesn't work with some of your currently listed creatures (assuming you intended it as a companion).

  2. Given the choices you listed, birds of paradise would be your best choice. It not only gives you something to do on your first turn, helping you be faster, but the evasion can be real handy for flying over potential blockers when enchanted/equipped.

  3. I don't personally like the idea of working in another shield of the oversoul. If anything consider something like All That Glitters or Daybreak Coronet.

What's next are my personal ideas/suggestions:

  1. Remove the fog effects (fog and ethereal haze specifically): As a creature based deck, these do not progress your plan in any way. I would make an exception for the dawn charm on the reasoning that it can protect your creatures. But even then I would drop 1-2 copies on that as well.

  2. Remove cultivate: Ramp spells are most useful during the early game to allow more powerful spells to be played before their normally intended turn. Casting an early cultivate will use all your mana for a turn slowing you down. The mana upside really isn't something you can make use of since your curve essentially stops at 4.

  3. Ephemerate: I'm not totally sold on this because you could lose any enchantments you have attached to a creature. Not to mention, you really don't have any game changing enter the battlefield abilities to take advantage of this. If you were running something like Skyclave Apparition, it would be a different story (not budget, I know). I suppose keeping a creature alive is good, but it also doesn't progress your plan of attacking or developing your board. Maybe drop this to a couple copies or all together is my suggestion.

Things you could add in place of the above.

  1. Savannah Lions: Has good stats for 1 mana and has synergy with kaheena. Would recommend the full 4.

  2. Aegis of the Gods: Not as good stat wise for 2 mana, but could be a functional creature depending on your meta. (Probably better in the sideboard)

  3. Oversoul of Dusk: This can dodge many of the commonly played removal spells in the format and is a solid creature to boot. Maybe 2-3 copies total, just because it is 5 mana.

  4. Crown of Convergence: Power boost for your creatures and can help keep your deck drawing useful cards instead of things like land #8.

  5. Unbreakable Formation: I don't think this needs explaining.

These are my thoughts for now and I look forward to your decks evolution from here. But remember above all, its your deck and have fun with it however you choose.

Apollo_Paladin on Mill

2 months ago

Nice build, its almost identical card-for-card to one of my friends' decks in our playgroup. I think you want some more control/removal in there though, there's LOTS of shutdowns for mill decks anymore.

I've got a Mono-White Aura/Enchantment deck that just stomps the mill builds due solely to Aegis of the Gods. You've got one or two workarounds in here such as Maddening Cacophony which doesn't actually have to Target but by and large it opens the door for a fairly easy lockdown not running any kind of removal spell.

With Blue and Black, you've got tons more options to choose from for either Target Destroy or Return To Hand than are realistic to mention all in a comment.

Just for a few suggestions/guidelines to recommend: I'd just go for the cheapest (mana cost) options you can so as to keep the mill pressure on w/o devoting too much of your turn or deck to it. Plenty of 1 and 2-mana return-to-hand cards from blue (even just simple Unsummon right on up thru much more niche cards) and then 1 and 2-mana target destroys from Black like Bloodchief's Thirst, Cast Down, Heartless Act, etc.

There's also a whole array of U/B colored dual removal/control cards that might find a home here.

I've basically played against this exact deck IRL though, it's a good one! +1

Arcaneful on Ghen Enchantments

2 months ago


Gravebreaker Lamia: You do get to tutor something to the grave, but you don't really cast from the grave. I'd rather just play Final Parting and also tutor something to hand.

The Birth of Meletis is kinda meh. It's an early enchanment yes but I feel it doesn't do much. I'd rather play an Luminarch Ascension or just a mana rock.

Mythos of Snapdax seems too restrictive. Another boardwipe sounds much better. Still a low costing one such as Wrath of God, or the new one from commander legends that's mono white and 5 mana Slash the Ranks.

Merciless Eviction should go in for most boardwipes as it's so good. Perhaps for Ruinous Ultimatum as that is very color restrictive and merciless is less mana.

Aphemia, the Cacophony isn't that good.

With your low curve and many rocks I'd cut a land or cut the two Diamonds as they're kinda bad. Sadly. They're acceptable in mono colored but not really here.


Ghostly Prison/Sphere of Safety is necessary pillowfort. There's a black version too with cumulative upkeep as well. Might be good in our meta against many of David's decks, as well as mine.

Alseid of Life's Bounty is just great. Protects either Ghen or an enchantment you don't want dying at that time.

Agent of Erebos: Some much needed gravehate.

Aegis of the Gods is good for protection against direct burn.

Spirit of the Labyrinth is good if you're leaning into the staxxy parts of cards like Eidolon of Rhetoric. Along the same lines Stony Silence and Aura of Silence are nice picks.

I have many more recommendations but these are the start. I don't want to particularly overwhelm or change the deck.

GL my guy.

Vlasiax on Kathril Keyword Soup

3 months ago

I see. What I've found as countermeasures to common removal options that I try to squeeze in are:

And I like your take on 'Hexproof on player' but I guess I'd stick to Leyline and Aegis of the Gods. And maybe something cheap to shuffle back some cards like Wand of Vertebrae.

MahBoi100 on Kathril Keyword Soup

3 months ago


You and I think quite alike, it seems. Seeing how our peers have designed their decks has helped me a lot as well. :)

I've been sharing your sentiments regarding sacrifice and discard outlets. That is actually the prime reason I've added Fauna Shaman, Tortured Existence, Bontu the Glorified and Greater Good, although their effects are good on their own as well.

Targeted graveyard hate is definitely the most glaring weakness of this type of deck. I have also ruminated a lot on how to solve the Bojuka Bog problem. Like you suggest, among the most prominent inclusions are Aegis of the Gods and Leyline of Sanctity. In addition, I've also considered running Orbs of Warding, Shalai, Voice of Plenty and Sigarda, Heron's Grace. Out of these, Aegis of the Gods is the one I'm the most likely to add. I find them all a bit difficult to add to my list, however. The angels don't give you hexproof in the graveyard. They, and Leyline all cost 4 mana which is a little too pricy. Aegis has the upside of being only two mana, but I really want to try and limit the amount of creatures without keywords. I may refrain from adding it until after that time I get completely blown out by a Bojuka Bog lol.

My official Plan B is Oketra the True, either Kunoros, Hound of Athreos or Akroma, Angel of Wrath and either Sporeweb Weaver or Carnage Tyrant which add up to 7 or 8 counters.

Oh, and my favourite secret weapon is equipping Lord of Extinction with Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots and place all the keyword counters on it with Kathril. Not so subtle, but very effective. People tend to hyperfocus on the fact that Kathril is in the command zone. :)

Vlasiax on Kathril Keyword Soup

3 months ago

Thanks for answers, I'm recently trying to figure out Kathril myself so it's very educational to learn others point of view :)

With what you said in mind I've been thinking about adding some discard fodders or ways to sacrifice creatures so even those subpar ones might become more useful.

Besides that, during my theorycrafting I found out one glaring weakness of this kind of deck: TARGETED Grave-hate. So I'd like to ask what is your opinion on cards like Aegis of the Gods or Leyline of Sanctity to prevent effects like Bojuka Bog?

DragonSliver9001 on Does Unsettled Mariner counter Grave …

6 months ago

the only effects that every target, are cards that specifically use the word "target", or an aura that is being cast. an aura that is being put into play without being cast does not target. therefore, Grave Pact does not target. thus, neither Unsettled Mariner nor Aegis of the Gods help protect against Grave Pact.

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