Hunter's Insight

Hunter's Insight


Choose target creature you control. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player or planeswalker this turn, draw that many cards.

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Hunter's Insight Discussion

Draknoz on

1 month ago

love the deck but, you need more card draw The Great Henge, Hunter's Insight, Toski, Bearer of Secrets

Quickspell on ATLA OMELETTE

1 month ago

What's the point of Congregation at Dawn?

Also, do you draw enough cards? You could consider Faithless Looting, Cathartic Reunion, and Thrill of Possibility to get rid of your creatures that shuffle back into the library. Valakut Awakening  Flip is also good and versatile. Hunter's Insight, Return of the Wildspeaker and Soul's Majesty let you draw tons of cards once your biggies are out. Idol of Oblivion let's you draw a card each turn you've created an egg. Kazuul's Fury  Flip can be great when you have to sacrifice the creature due to Sneak Attack anyway.

5OhmResistor on Order of Xenagos With a Side of Dragons

3 months ago

Yeah I was considering about cutting it from the deck but I just figured that redundancy is the key when you want some more consistency with achieving no max hand size. During my playtesting, it sucked that I had to discard a lot of cards due to not being able to find a spell that removes the 7 card limit. With Thought Vessel , Spellbook , Reliquary Tower , and Crop Rotation , I have a great chance of keeping the cards I get from casting Life's Legacy , Hunter's Insight , and cards of the like. If I were to remove Spellbook, what card do you recommend I should add? I'll try to do some more playtesting with and without Spellbook. In any case, thanks a bunch for the suggestion, cows5467

Raging_Squiggle on Abilities on noncreature cards

5 months ago

Hunter's Insight does not itself have a triggered ability. It has an effect that sets up a delayed triggered ability, and that ability is not given to the creature. (This is important for effects like Turn to Frog , as you would still draw cards should the creature be frogged).

Rather, it just sits around waiting until the end of the turn to trigger should the targeted creature deal combat damage.

Strionic Resonator can certainly copy the delayed triggered ability should the creature deal combat damage, and it will copy everything about the ability, including the amount of damage dealt. So if 5 damage is dealt, the copy will draw you 5 cards as well.

legendofa on Abilities on noncreature cards

5 months ago

Hunter's Insight does have a triggered ability. Pretty much every instant and sorcery that has a triggered ability also has a time limit for that triggering, usually end of turn--check out the "this turn" note on Hunter's Insight or "Until end of turn" on Warriors' Lesson . Some are triggered from the graveyard, like Spit Flame .

As a little special bonus, the rules can even handle instant and sorceries with activated abilities. As far as I know, that only shows up on Lightning Storm .

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