Enchantment — Aura

Enchant permanent

Enchanted permanent is indestructible. (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy that permanent. An indestructible creature can't be destroyed by damage.)

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Indestructibility Discussion

Sorgol on Divine Hellfire

4 days ago

Hi there.

Since both of your playing partners like playing creature heavy decks and you like the white/black playstyle, why not punish them for playing creature heavy decks? How about choosing Killian, Ink Duelist as your commander? And since you like enchantments and spells you could make it voltron/removal heavy.

He works well also with aura-enchantments, which could also work as removal like Pacifism-type cards. Protect him by making him indestructible with cards like Indestructibility while wiping the board with mass removal spells in case you opponents overwhelm you.

Add other creatures that last like Athreos, Shroud-Veiled that last just by being indestructible by himself, and even give you the chance to steal some big dragon from your opponent maybe (by placing a coin on it, then destroying it).

I think this deck could even be quite budget friendly, since there are a lot of budget removals out there that get even better with Killian as your commander.

And that's it. Hope I could help somehow.

Rook7425 on Legion Helldiver Corps

8 months ago

jadearrow Sculpting Steel is stupidly flexible. A 3 cost copy of Sword of Mind and Body if nothing else is there to copy, and things get bad. Paired with Masterwork and freely swinging through with the ability to mill 60 is one of the wincons I’ve concocted if my commander gets shut down. It isn’t friendly, but it works. The utility to copy an important sword and possibly equip a second (or third) creature as color protected blockers, or to triple the “on player damage” triggers is invaluable. It gives a lot of flexibility, and also helps me keep copies of important pieces that really need to stick around. Throwing 6 damage and drawing 3 cards with copies of Fire and Ice can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing. It’s not nearly as dead a card as it seems with free equip out, and the ability to copy things that just need to be able to stick around. Voltron is only simply stacking a shit ton of damage unless you actually use pieces that help you modify the parameters of combat. The ability to mill, deal poison, or even create a durable pain totem with Pariah's Shield and Indestructibility means a vandalblast isn’t going to be the one thing to wreck my day. The ability to copy it, recur it from the graveyard and protect it means that I don’t have to run spells that protect my commander, or me if I can make him indestructible too. Somehow, Pariah's Shield isn’t a Legendary, so making copies means you can keep your life total for a lot longer and go wide strategies don’t work against you anymore. I’m adding Scroll Rack and Sensei's Divining Top back in as well. I basically built this as a revolving gun cabinet where I can grab the tools I need based on what I’m facing. It’s been a huge juggling act, but I’m actually finally tracking down pieces I knew I still needed to do it the way I want it.

Raging_Squiggle on None

9 months ago

As long as the object it’s enchanting remains legal, an enchantment can swap controllers as many times as you want. Since Indestructibility can enchant any permanent, it will remain on that permanent when your opponent gains control of it.

Now if it said something like Spirit Loop , it would fall off because your opponent’s newly acquired aura is not enchanting a creature they control.

9-lives on Indestructible and Arcbond and damage …

10 months ago
  1. There was an earlier question about how Palisade Giant enchanted with Indestructibility and then targeted with Arcbond would work. Can someone explain that to me how it resolves as an infinite combo?

  2. Would this also work with a combat damage to Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip when I make him indestructible, then using Arcbond , and preventing noncombat damage to my own creatures and self through The Wanderer ?

  3. Or would I have to use Gideon's Sacrifice and Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip when I make him indestructible and cast Arcbond ?

mitcho78 on

1 year ago

protection Hammer of Nazahn Darksteel Plate Shield of the Oversoul Indestructibility Timely Ward Bastion Protector Boros Charm Heroic Intervention Valorous Stance Inspiring Call Flawless Maneuver Deflecting Swat

wipe boad and boost yourself Subterranean Tremors Storm's Wrath Deafening Clarion Hammerfist Giant Fault Line Warmonger Starstorm Scourge of Kher Ridges Pyrohemia Chain Reaction Ryusei, the Falling Star Lavabrink Floodgates Into the Maw of Hell Shivan Meteor Star of Extinction Blasphemous Act Volcanic Offering

other fun card Coalhauler Swine

fighting for exemple Titanic Brawl Dromoka's Command Khalni Ambush  Flip Inscription of Abundance Ulvenwald Tracker

redirection Spitemare Boros Reckoner Rite of Passage Pariah's Shield Pariah

same effect Vigor Retaliator Griffin The Ozolith Phytohydra

get back monarch Soltari Visionary Zealot il-Vec Loyal Apprentice Lieutenant Kirtar Selfless Spirit Blinkmoth Nexus and all flying creature Academy Raider Haunted Cloak Shadowspear get trample Captain's Hook Cobbled Wings Pyreheart Wolf Trailblazer's Boots Frontier Warmonger Court of Ire Regal Behemoth and creature with trigger

boost and finish Pathbreaker Ibex Thunderfoot Baloth

become huge Inquisitor's Flail Solidarity of Heroes Hydra's Growth Invigorating Surge Furnace of Rath Kalonian Hydra Duelist's Heritage on yours creatures and on a creature attacking you

Block more or become blocked Bloodthirsty Blade and all goad Nemesis Mask Lure Brave the Sands can block 2 creatures with your commander Entangler Goblin Diplomats

juste some exemple, make a choice now :)

ellie-is on Tana the Enchantress

1 year ago

king-saproling:Thank you!!

Those are some great suggestions! Definitely gonna try to make room for some of them. Also really excited for the new cards: today they spoiled a 3-mana Indestructibility with Flash!

sanddeviljack on Snapdax, Apex of Hatred

1 year ago

Sweet Mardu list. I can see how Mathas makes for a great choice since he doesn't push you in a particular direction. As for Saskia vs Breya, I'd vote for Saskia. Green gets you more enchantresses and land auras for ramp. I'm noticing there are zero Instants. A conscious choice? I can respect that.

Impact Tremors, maybe? Or Indestructibility? You have other etb effects, and a reasonable number of creatures that would be extra worrisome for your opponents if they suddenly became indestructible. Or Gift of Immortality might even do the trick.

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