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As long as this is in your graveyard and you control an Island, creatures you control have flying.

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multimedia on Zombie

2 days ago

Hey, well done for first deck on a budget, nice Demonic Tutor. You've definitely done research into the better budget cards for Varina and adding win condition combos. Liquimetal Torque + Binding Mummy is interesting tech.

I see Wonder which is great with Varina, but it's going to be difficult to consistently activate Wonder needing an Island land with only 4 Islands + Wilds/Expanse for a total of only 6 Island sources. There's several dual lands here that could be replaced by budget Island dual lands to help Wonder and make Marsh Flats better.

Some budget land upgrades to consider:

Command Tower and Exotic Orchard are two staple rainbow lands. By adding Sunken Hollow and Prairie Stream then Marsh Flats has an Island dual land to search for that can potentially ETB untapped.

Graveborn Muse is amazing repeatable draw with Zombies and the life lose doesn't matter much because of Varina. Muse can repeatedly refill your hand at the beginning of your turn giving you lots of choices for looting with Varina. Vile Entomber can tutor for Wonder or Gravecrawler and put it right into your graveyard. Patriarch's Bidding is another spell for mass reanimation of your Zombies.

Shepherd of Rot can wreck opponents life totals, who don't have life gain and it doesn't hurt you as much because you have a lot of life gain with Varina. If you're trying to win with Rooftop Storm then Lazotep Plating is excellent instant protection. Hordewing Skaab is a Zombie upgrade for Eternal Skylord to give all Zombies you control flying not just tokens.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Dead Girls Don't Cry

1 week ago

Hey, nice budget version, interesting Egyptian theme.

Wonder is excellent evasion when you want to be attacking with Zombies. It has to be discarded which plays well with Varina. Sunken Hollow and Glacial Floodplain are more budget Island lands to help to activate Wonder. Vile Entomber is an upgrade for Corpse Connoisseur to search for an put Wonder into your graveyard. Patriarch's Bidding was just reprinted in Kaldheim making it now a budget card. It's among the most powerful reanimation effects for the mana cost for tribal.

There's a new set releasing Sept. 24, Inistrad Midnight Hunt and in the set are at least two Zombies that are upgrades: Champion of the Perished and Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver. Wilhelt is the Commander of Undead Unleased precon. One of two Commander precons releasing with Midnight Hunt.

Some changes to consider:

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Artifact Commander Turd

2 weeks ago

Hey, for a first deck on a low budget well done. I haven't seen this partner pairing before.

When you're first starting to deck build in Commander it can be helpful to have some guidelines for a casual basic deck structure.

This structure is meant to be a starting point for a deck in Commander. It's just a basic structure to follow, not all areas of your deck are covered and you may end up with different numbers of each area. For example you might have more ramp from mana rocks because artifacts are important cards here. Silas is quite fragile and he wants to attack therefore having some protection and evasion for him such as Zephyr Boots and Swiftfoot Boots would be helpful.

In Commander there's some budget staples to consider adding:

Both your Commanders care about cards in your graveyard, but you don't have very many effects that can get cards into your graveyard or get them out of your graveyard. Here's some budget card suggestions to consider adding to build around to improve synergy with your Commanders.

Baleful Strix is an artifact creature who you want to keep recurring with Silas as a way to draw and more deathtouch. Master of Death can keep returning from your graveyard to your hand for the cost of 1 life at your upkeep. He also has surveil 2 (self-mill) where you look at the top two cards of your library and choose to keep them there in any order or put one or more of them into your graveyard.

Pair Master and Strix with Tortured Existence as a way to discard to then return another creature in your graveyard to your hand (recursion). With Existence you don't ever have to cast Master instead keep discarding it and returning it to your hand which each turn to create a 2/2 Zombie with Tormod for one mana and 1 life.

Riddlesmith is repeatable draw/discard (loot) when you cast an artifact and you choose which card you discard which is helpful. Wonder is a powerful effect when it's in your graveyard, it's a good card to discard, since then if you control just one Island all creatures you control gain flying. Silas has deathtouch which makes it likely he will not be blocked in combat, but flying is actual evasion to make it more consistent that Silas will do combat damage to a player. Wonder can give all 2/2 Zombies flying for big attacks.

I can continue with more advice in another comment. Would you like me to continue?

Good luck with your deck.

DrukenReaps on Are there any other cards …

1 month ago

Dethrone is an attack trigger so you don't really need evasion. Anything that dies will be back at the end step including Marchesa if she got a counter.

Some of the best card draw with her in my experience was Grim Haruspex, River Kelpie, Baleful Strix, Sage of Fables, and Mulldrifter.

If it was less about the card draw and more about the evasion Herald of Secret Streams, Archetype of Imagination, and Wonder are solid options. Even Archetype of Aggression has good uses here. I don't know any cards that do both of these things...

Sparko on Liliana Zombie deck

1 month ago

I play a commander deck built around The Scarab God, and I have a ton of great recommendations. There's a few really fun directions you can take this, but flooding the board with zombie tokens and making them really beefy is a good bet. Here's some decent budget options, since you say you don't buy many cards:

  • Undead Augur is also cheap to cast, and gets you drawing a lot of cards very quickly.
  • Zombie Lords like Diregraf Captain, Lord of the Accursed, Death Baron, and many more are staples for zombie decks, though getting more than a few can get expensive.
  • Wonder gives you a zombie air force whenever it's in the graveyard.
  • Liliana's Mastery gets you two tokens and buffs your zombies.
  • Necromancer's Stockpile is a good way to draw cards and get tokens on the board, and if you pitch anything that can recur it's doesn't even have much of a downside.

For some cards that aren't budget, if you want to eventually buy/trade for some really good zombie cards, I've got you covered there too:

Best of luck in your future zombie-fueled games!

multimedia on varina. resurrectile disfunction.

2 months ago

The effects of Orcus seems like they could be powerful with Zombies, but 3 equip cost is high. It's worth playtesting for sure, but not sure if you should cut another card for another artifact that's not a sac outlet...

Honestly, I don't think you need Orcus since you have other more mana efficient ways to give all Zombies deathtouch and other ways that are easier to make lots of 2/2 Zombie tokens. Being a three drop gives Orcus less impact the turn you play it because there's plays to make already for three mana that are similar to Orcus. Death Baron is a Zombie play for deathtouch while also making Varina 5/5. A nonZombie play is Buried Alive to get Wonder for true evasion.

multimedia on varina budget? 100$

2 months ago

Hey, well done on a budget. Missing a few budget staples ( Sol Ring ), but overall interesting version of Varina. If your goal is to have fun then also include your opponents having fun...

Do you want to be become the archenemy every game you play this deck? A Box + Narset lock is not fun. Narset and wheels is not fun. Cut all the ridiculous stax cards for more Zombie synergy ( Undead Augur )?

Instead of stax, build around Wonder and Psychosis Crawler with Zombies and wheels? Include more ways to get Wonder and Crawler into your graveyard ( Vile Entomber ) and more ways to reanimate Crawler ( Victimize )?

Cut Hullbreacher to fix the manabase? Black is the primary color, you need it a lot more than the rest, but there's just as many basic Plains and Islands than Swamps. You risk with this manabase not consistently having black mana. Zombies are black, wheels are blue or black thus build around black and blue and splash white for Varina?

multimedia on varina. resurrectile disfunction.

2 months ago

Hey, well done on a budget so far for a first tribal deck. You have a nice tribal concept going and your card sense is good especially if you're a beginner.

You have 19 cards too many, some cards to consider cutting to make 100 cards:

42 lands is a lot and there's also six ramp sources. You could cut 5-6 lands and be fine. I don't think adding Snow-Covered basic lands is worth it just for Narfi, Betrayer King . There's much better five drops and three drops here than Narfi to have to worry about having three Snow lands to cast him from your graveyard. The Snow duals that are an Island are good to keep because they help to activate Wonder . The other cards to consider cutting are simply not as good as other cards or Zombies at the same mana cost or have similar effects.

I offer more advice. Would you like more advice? Good luck with your deck.

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