Flamerush Rider


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2019 (C19) Rare
Fate Reforged (FRF) Rare

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Flamerush Rider

Creature — Human Warrior

Whenever Flamerush Rider attacks, create a token that's tapped and attacking that is a copy of another target attacking creature. Exile the token at end of combat.

Dash (You may cast this spell for its dash cost. If you do, it gains haste, and it's returned from the battlefield to its owner's hand at the beginning of the next end step.)

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Flamerush Rider Discussion

Nasser_inside1 on All About EDH

1 month ago

What about a mono red combo of mine, Flameshadow Conjuring + Flamerush Rider

The combo goes like this, you cast conjuring, and on your next turn you cast rider for its dash, then copy it. The two copies have haste, so the copy attacks and copies the other copy and so on.

This is my first combo that I made

Sirgupp on Exiled Forces Muster

1 month ago

hello mr. durtee i just wanted too say hey cool nice deck but your playing too many creatures like what if you get field swiped dude?? haha wouldnt that be crazy any way you should make it a landless stacks control prison combo storm deck with blue i herd those were good okay thanks you john bye

I'm going to try to order these from my most to least recommended.

Mirror March: I get making token copies, even if it's only nontoken creatures. What I can't get behind is costing 6 and STILL HAVING A 50% CHANCE OF DOING NOTHING.

Spirit Bonds: Ignoring the weak payoff of the spirit token (at least by edh standards), paying five mana and sacrificing a specific creature to protect one guy for one turn is pretty lame. You can't even protect your seance tokens because they're spirits.

Mercy Killing: If you choose an opponent's creature, they get the tokens. If you choose your own guys, you're going wide at the cost of two cards.

Eyes of the Wisent:


Emrakul's Evangel: I can't see what he does other than act like a one-time sac outlet that you have to wait for. 3/2 is going to be pretty close to what you're usually sacrificing anyway.

Huatli, Warrior Poet: Her token is cool, but her other abilities are really weak for the cost. Also she got a tiny booty.

Caller of the Claw: He'd be like a backup Fresh Meat if he counted the tokens too. 1 less mana for 1 less p/t would have been alright. Too bad.

Summoner's Pact: Kind of a weak creature tutor since you aren't playing toolbox or gunning for combo. Only green too.

Hornet Nest: Deathtouch flyers are good, but you don't have a way to damage it yourself and you probably have bigger threats than getting hit by birds.

Hoofprints of the Stag: Unless you add a lot more draw, these stags take forever to come out.

Godsire: Nice token, but he's got no haste or protection, which means you have to wait for the token while this dumbass sits there waiting to see if anyone around the table wants to remove him. Could be alright if you cheat him out reliably.

Regisaur Alpha: Neat to make a token copy of, but just under the bar on his own.

This is all in no particular order.

Precon artifacts ( Idol of Oblivion , Mimic Vat , Soul Foundry , Lightning Greaves ): Look at them. They do everything your deck wants to do.

Precon creatures:

Precon enchantments ( Song of the Worldsoul , Intangible Virtue ): The best populate and the best token anthem.

Precon Garruks ( Garruk, Primal Hunter ): Garruk.

Precon Sorceries ( Farseek , Hate Mirage ): Cheap ramp. Token copy maker, but for other people's creatures.

Assemble the Legion : So I heard you run doubling season. But really, you know what this does to games.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker : Splinter Twin backup. Makes infinite tapped kikis with helm, in case you needed that.

Huatli, Radiant Champion : Easy to gun for the emblem, with an alright mid ability

Nacatl War-Pride : Forcing blocks means the rest of your creatures get through, or that you can divvy up the copies to other players. Gets really crazy the next turn when you populate one of the tokens. Absolutely insane if you get an additional combat.

Heroic Intervention : Boring, but necessary

Teferi's Protection : Extra boring, but even more necessary since it's the only answer to biff out there that isn't countering it.

Selfless Spirit : Not as boring since you can make a token copy of it for repeat use.

Baloth Cage Trap : Wow, when does anyone play an artifact in edh?!?! stupid card

Sneak Attack : Cheats creatures out with haste at instant speed for one mana and puts them in the grave to seance afterwards.

Gate to the Afterlife / God-Pharaoh's Gift : Kind of an investment, but a permanent Seance with haste is no joke.

Survival of the Fittest : Puts big boys in grave, and any creature you want in hand.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite : :)

ok thanks for coming to my ted talk bye

TypicalTimmy on Ordering ETB effects correctly between ...

2 months ago

In playtesting my Ghired, Conclave Exile deck to fine tune it a bit more, I happened upon a boardstate I wasn't really planning. I literally only had three spells that had been cast thus far:

The number of pre-existing Rhino tokens are not really important; What is important is what I chose to do when I attacked.

I decided I wanted Flamerush Rider to make a copy token of Ghired, Conclave Exile . In doing so, I realized that the token copy of Ghired would fizzle out into the aether due to the Legendary Rule. However, this didn't matter to me because I wanted to get the free additional Rhino token that comes along for the ride (Pun wholly intended). I knew with Parallel Lives , I'd actually get 2x Rhino tokens :D

But... that's when I realized the juxtaposition of problems I created.

Okay, that's simple enough... until I realized the ORIGINAL Ghired, Conclave Exile was actually declared as an attacker. Okay, so I could copy a Rhino token...

... or could I copy one of the Ghired tokens? Thus making 2x more Ghired tokens, with each making 2x more Rhino tokens?

So here is the issue:

  • Flamerush Rider attacks at the same time Ghired is attacking
  • Both of these creatures ask me to create a token
  • Can Flamerush Rider make a token of Ghired, and before the Legendary Rule fizzles that token out, can the original Ghired populates it?

If I am correct on this, I would have created 4x Ghired tokens with 8x Rhino tokens.

  • 1.) FRR copies Ghired
  • 2.) PL triggers, making a copy of Ghired
  • 3.) Both Ghired tokens have their ETB trigger
  • 4.) Both tokens create a single 4/4 Rhino
  • 5A.) PL triggers, creating a duplicate Rhino on each
  • 5B.) A total of 4x Rhinos now exist
  • 6A.) Before Legendary Rule vanishes the Ghired tokens...
  • 6B.) Original GCE Populates since he is attacking
  • 7.) GCE Populates one of the Ghired tokens
  • 8.) PL triggers, creating a second Ghired token
  • 9.) Each of these two new Ghired tokens have their ETB trigger happen
  • 10.) 2x Rhinos are created; One for each Ghired
  • 11) PL triggers, making a copy of each Rhino
  • 12.) 4x total Rhinos enter
  • 13.) Legendary Rule finally kicks in
  • 14.) All Ghired tokens vanish
  • 15.) Leaving behind 8x total Rhino tokens

Is this correct? I know the Legendary Rule doesn't "use the stack", but I also know triggers / state based actions are allowed to resolve. I learned this when I asked about a year ago what happens if I make a copy of Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and the consensus was that for the very brief moment in time when both exist on the board together, all creatures get -4/-4 and +4/+4 depending who controls them. Then the token vanishes and it reverts back to the -2/-2 and +2/+2.

So does the same thing apply to the tokens being generated?

PhoenixNest on R/G Aggro, turn 3 win

4 months ago

Flamerush Rider is pretty expensive at 5 mana, and even with Dash, 4 mana is expensive for an aggro deck. Goblin Guide would be a nice aggressive card, too.

tabox on Ilharg Aggro

5 months ago

What are your thoughts on Flamerush Rider ? My worry is that you won't often have a target for it, and it doesn't trigger if you cheat it out with your commander.

livingrock on Tun'Kai's Horde

6 months ago

Needs Paragon of Fierce Defiance . I think you left it out because it gives other creatures haste and you found it redundant, but with him out your warriors are +3/+3. Flamerush Rider . Cyclops Gladiator is more or less a /6 that fights every turn in this deck.

Falkenrath Marauders is a good stand-in for Ruttley and Taunton's hot-guy characters.

Hamletback Goliath .

Skulloelegy on Radhical Dudette [Radha Budget Aggro]

1 year ago


Cheers for the recommendations, you hit the nail on the head that I need something with a bit of extra oomph to get the deck to that next level.

Vigor is one of my big go-to cards in aggro decks, usually -- Here I was more worried I wouldn't be able to use my enrage effects, but I have two in the deck, it's not something to worry about really, and I would probably remove the Silverclad Ferocidons to get Vigor in anyway, the Ranging Raptors would be useful in the early game anyways.

With Combat Celebrant, I just had a thought -- Would you be able to copy it's effect with Flamerush Rider? Since the token it makes comes in attacking and you exert CC as it attacks, or would it narrowly miss the timing?

Hellkite Charger is a creature I'd already been thinking about, but you're right about needing that redundancy.

Also wow, last time I looked Dolmen Gate was close to $12, absolutely an option now.

The land destruction spells you mentioned with Vigor are something to think about too -- Especially as you point out that Radha, Ventmaw and DD can get a butt-ton of mana going with extra combat steps.

woolleyh on Come Out and Playyyyyy

1 year ago

@seshiro_of_the_orochi Thanks! I did consider Zurgo Bellstriker and I think you're right that I should get them in there so that a turn 2 Mindblade Render could start drawing me cards. I considered Brighthearth Banneret too and originally decided cost reduction wasn't as important in a deck that effectively tops out at 5 CMC, but the cost reduction would help me play multiple small creatures in a turn and use up the extra cards that I'll draw. I think that's a good idea and I'll probably try to get them in there. Flamerush Rider doesn't do much, you're right, it's gone! Ignition Team is in there because Alesha, Who Smiles at Death can bring it back, and it would be quite large in a multiplayer setting (and scary with Double Strike) but I think you're right that it should be cut. Cutting Zurgo Helmsmasher I could see, basically all he does is whack really hard but he'd die to removal real quick; he does hit really hard though. Garna, the Bloodflame is the one I'm most reluctant to cut, she can save all my dudes when someone board wipes, and she's great as a follow up to Last One Standing. Thanks again for your suggestions, I think they'll make the deck quicker and better!

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Flamerush Rider occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%