Aura Shards

Aura Shards


Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Aura Shards Discussion

Spacebeest on Doom Plane Enchantress

3 months ago

Heya, nice (shiny) list! Maybe you can look into your enchantment count though, 30 seems a bit on the low side to keep your enchantresses running. I’d suggest cutting some creatures. In working on enchantress myself and I noticed en people are hardly running mana dorks in these lists, so maybe you could cut those.

With the creature count u have i’m surprised not to see Aura Shards in there? Especialy since you do run some enchantment/artifact removal.

Abzkaban on Ghave That Bitch an Infinite Combo [Primer]

3 months ago


So it sounds like you’re wanting to build Ghave for cEDH in which case I’d point you to the Ghave discord server. That being said, this deck can win by turn 3 or 4 but not as consistently as a cEDH build. Turn 4 or 5 is common, though.

As for survivability, You’d be surprised how grindy the deck can actually be. Before actually going infinite we can make good use of our counter sources and persist/undying creatures to reuse our resources each turn. Not to mention KarmicSaffiLark is pretty abusable even outside the hulk combo. Removal pieces like Aura Shards and Grave Pact can help control the board as well.

Lanzo493 on None

4 months ago

The best comparison would be Aura Shards which repeatedly mows down artifacts and enchantments and is also a may ability. Harmonic Sliver is another good comparison.

KayneMarco on

4 months ago

Agitator Ant will give you more goad options. Adding a Mirage Mirror to copy your geode rager for a turn would mean you could goad 2 players per land rather than just one. Throw in a Sculpting Steel to copy the mirror and you could goad 3 players per land. If you had to choose to add only one of the 3 though I would go with Mirage Mirror because you can copy almost anything for a turn. Someone have a Aura Shards out that you can’t get rid of? Copy the shards for a turn then play a creature and get rid of it. The mirror is extremely versatile.

Doombeard1984 on Slivers

4 months ago

Hi there. So having a look at your deck, I would first say there is a lack of interaction with other decks. I get the want to get as much value as possible off of Primal Surge , but a single Counterspell could ruin your day. Have you thought about running your own interaction for this? Pact of Negation , Fierce Guardianship and Force of Negation could all help your plans come to fruition.

I also thought could you make more use of things like enchantment, as these are permanents also. Things like Aura Shards can help with selective removal of problem artifacts and enchantments, Mirari's Wake gives you an anthem and mana doubler, and Shared Animosity could really pump your board in damage if you are on a go wide attack strategy.

As a fellow sliver player (check my profile if you want to see my deck), a word of warning Harmonic Sliver is not optional. You could end up wiping out your artifacts and enchantments lol. Just as a piece of advice, asbi have had to start blowing up my own stuff in the past.

+1 for your hive though. Always good to have more in the collective

Halflingz on

5 months ago

Raining Cats and Dogs Nice work bdodds, I think you have selected a handful of great cards but I'd think you could benefit from an earlier CatDog play and cheaper creatures to really start raining cats and dogs. Even without Aluren, every creature coming in with an extra token produces insane value. Especially considering your general's ability.

Below, I would like to outline 4 core concepts and considerations. Ramp, Creatures, Protection, Draw.

Ramp - Prioritizing cards that help you play Rin & Seri turn 3! Nature's Lore Rampant Growth Three Visits Boros Signet Selesnya Signet Gruul Signet Talisman of Conviction Talisman of Unity Talisman of Impulse Fellwar Stone This should be easy to replace the ramp packaging you already have. Look to cut cards like Explosive Vegetation, Chromatic Lantern, Obelisk of Naya, etc.

Creatures - Prioritizing 3CMC or less and upping your creature count to closer to 30! Think about adding creatures that fullfill multiple roles and allow you to run less other stuff. Qasali Pridemage is a great example cause it can pump a swinger +1/+1 as well as remove a pesky enchant or artifact.

Cheap Utility Kitties- Adorned Pouncer Brimaz, King of Oreskos Bronzehide Lion Initiate's Companion King of the Pride Leonin Relic-Warder Oreskos Explorer Pride Sovereign Qasali Ambusher I like the returners you have for multiple cast triggers too! Can get stupid with Aluren... Whitemane Lion Temur Sabertooth Fleetfoot Panther ? Snow Hound

Cheap Utility Doggos- Abzan Beastmaster Ainok Guide Bolt Hound Resolute Watchdog Selfless Savior

Some real cheap beefers could be nice considering they make a token, but could also see not making the cut- Wild Nacatl Loam Lion Leonin Vanguard Isamaru, Hound of Konda Sacred Cat

Protection/Return - Build a huge board and keep it protected! Unbreakable Formation Rootborn Defenses Heroic Intervention Teferi's Protection Asceticism Marshal's Anthem Kindred Boon Akroma's Will Flawless Maneuver

Draw(ish) - The cheaper the cards in hand the more you gonna empty and wanna draw! Skullclamp Colossal Majesty Elemental Bond Beast Whisperer Fecundity Garruk's Uprising Descendants' Path Realmwalker Hunter's Insight Snake Umbra Lifecrafter's Bestiary Mentor of the Meek Guardian Project Return of the Wildspeaker Shamanic Revelation Slate of Ancestry Collective Unconscious Camaraderie

General good cards for Cat/Dog: Maskwood Nexus Mirror Entity Crib Swap Felidar Retreat Basilisk Collar Thousand-Year Elixir Rings of Brighthearth Seht's Tiger Shields of Velis Vel Naya Charm Kindred Summons Volatile Claws Beastmaster Ascension Titanic Ultimatum Hour of Reckoning Triumph of the Hordes Finale of Devastation Idyllic Tutor Winds of Abandon Lightning Greaves (secret lair dog art!) Coat of Arms Swiftfoot Boots Impact Tremors Rhythm of the Wild Aura Shards Shared Animosity Mirari's Wake Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip Any Cheap Changelings really...

Lands to love: Slayers' Stronghold Kessig Wolf Run Hanweir Garrison Flamekin Village Gavony Township Mosswort Bridge Spinerock Knoll Windbrisk Heights Castle Embereth

Daedalus19876 on Selvala Combo Toolbox

5 months ago

I'm surprised to not see Umbral Mantle and friends to go infinite with Selvala's effect. There's a couple really good tutors you're missing -- such as Finale of Devastation, which is also a wincon with your infinite mana combos. I'm never a fan of Temple of the False God, I'd always rather run Ancient Tomb :) I'd usually prefer Sylvan Library over Harmonize, if you have the money to acquire it. Have you considered Aura Shards here? It's one of the best cards in Selesnya colors, since it crushes a lot of other decks singlehandedly ;)

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