Infiltration Lens

Infiltration Lens

Artifact — Equipment

Whenever equipped creature becomes blocked by a creature, you may draw two cards.

Equip {{1}}

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Infiltration Lens Discussion

Vessiliana on Gwyn Knight Commander

1 day ago

Have you considered Rogue's Gloves and Infiltration Lens?

Guaranteed card draw if they're both on the same creature.

yxelir on There Can Be Only “One”

3 weeks ago

The one thing that i fear with running this deck is that you have virtually no carddraw, Skullclamp being the frand exception. I recommend the cards Glimpse of Nature and Infiltration Lens!

griffstick on What is your pet tech …

3 weeks ago

Infiltration Lens.

For each creature blocking it you draw 2 cards so if the creature has menace you draw 4 cards or if you play Shinen of Life's Roar and attach Infiltration Lens to it you'll draw tons of cards.

Shout out to libraryjoy because Spirit en-Dal is also one of my pet cards

McToters on School of Rocks

2 months ago

This is a fantastic Boros pairing and brew. If you’re deliberately picking budget options then please ignore these recs, but off first glance I’d advise Inventors' Fair , Sigarda's Aid , Shadowspear , Auramancer , Steelshaper's Gift (I see your Open the Armory )... Janky recs? Hot Soup , Blight Sickle , Quietus Spike , Infiltration Lens , Saheeli's Directive , and Prowler's Helm .

You have probably thought of these before and I’m not suggesting all should be added. I’m a Boros guy at heart and like to get the back of other Boros players! I have a Jor-Kadeen deck I love and uses most of te aforementioned pieces.

By the way, how does your ramp do?

Again sweet deck! Cheers

NicodaPico on Zurgo, Last Man Standing

6 months ago

oh you already know what im gonna say lol RAMP RAMP RAMP, look that beefy mana curve, 4 drops, 5 drops, 6 drops galore! if you wanna be able to cast those expensive boardwipes at a reasonable time you're gonna want some ramp. you can take a look at my queen marchesa (long may she reign) deck for some artifact ramp ideas.

Other than that i think the deck is pretty decent for the most part, maybe include a couple Mask of Memory , Rogue's Gloves , Infiltration Lens type cards and you're golden

StopShot on Modern Horizons 2 Wish List

6 months ago

@shadow63, No I specifically mean provoke found on cards like Deftblade Elite and Hunter Sliver . I know the effect has largely shifted to green for cards like Prized Unicorn and Turntimber Basilisk , but I want to see provoke return on some non-green cards as the effect hasn’t been completely scrubbed off of white and red cards such as Odric, Master Tactician and Impetuous Devils . Provoke also has this cool rules interaction when it’s put on a creature with Menace. If a creature with provoke and menace provokes a creature an opponent controls one of two things happens depending on their boardstate. If the opponent only has one creature to block with, that being the provoked creature, the creature doesn’t block the creature with provoke and menace but instead loses the ability to block for the turn. If the opponent has two or more creatures that can block the opponent must block the creature with menace and provoke with their provoked creature along with another creature of the opponent’s choice. I love how this interaction works out and I’d love to see a creature or even an equipment that lists provoke and menace on the same card. I have this custom card dedicated to the idea actually, it’s a 0/1 artifact creature with menace, provoke and the text line, “As long as this creature’s power is 0 it has indestructible.” And if that last effect makes it too strong I could put some drawback on top of all that like giving it prowess or some line of text that boosts it’s power off of something an opponent does just to make it vulnerable to removal/combat. I like the concept of provoke so much that I use Deftblade Elite and Infiltration Lens in one of my commander decks as a draw engine and I’d love to see a new/better creature to replace the deftblade, preferably one with menace or haste along with its protection ability, but at this point I think I’m making too specific of a wish to have happen. Regardless I seriously want to see provoke get a shoutout in some creative way in Modern Horizons 2, or at the very least give me some cooler art by reprinting Deftblade Elite in the set!

Monomanamaniac on Balan, one-punch woman

6 months ago

Omniscience_is_life thank you for the suggestions. Sword of Vengeance isn't the best weapon in Balan's arsenal, but those key words aren't the least relevant. Vigilance for blocking, trample for getting through blockers, and haste so she can go to town the turn she lands. Add to that a +2 power boost and it's not too shabby. I do like Infiltration Lens , but tbh it doesn't offer a power boost and I'm trying everything in my power to get Balan through unblocked lol. I do actually have Cartographer's Hawk , Verge Rangers , Burnished Hart , Endless Horizons and a few other rampy dudes in my list of considerations. Tbh though, blackblade puts in some real work, it only ever needs to get to +8/+8 but even at +5/+5 I'm only 2 away from lethal. I know my land is much lower than it needs to be, but that's why I pay close attention to the average cmc of the deck, it's currently sitting at a comfortable 2.18, which is probably going to get lower once i cut Batterskull (something of a pet card lol). I'm definitely investing in an Ancient Tomb asap, as well as a Conqueror's Flail , Champion's Helm , Sword of Sinew and Steel , as well as a few other things to help get the deck to it's highest potential. I'm even looking at some of the mdfc lands to help spice it up

Omniscience_is_life on Balan, one-punch woman

6 months ago

Sword of Vengeance sure looks like a powerful card, but I don't love it for a few reasons: it costs a lot to play and equip, and it doesn't do much besides add more words to Balan. I'd consider replacing it with Infiltration Lens --discourages blocks, and rewards you if they do.

Blackblade Reforged would be best if you added more land-based ramp ( Cartographer's Hawk , Stoic Farmer , etc.), thus I'd suggest either cutting (maybe for a land? 33's a bit low) it or switching your ramp package to more of that sort.

If you want some expensive suggestions, Ancient Tomb is unparalleled in mana production for a land.

But overall, this deck looks great!

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