Shalai, Voice of Plenty
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Shalai, Voice of Plenty

Legendary Creature — Angel


You, planeswalkers you control, and other creatures you control have hexproof.

: Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.

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Master_J on Laser Beams

4 weeks ago

OUT: Agitator Ant, Orzhov Advokist, Death-Greeter's Champion, Doomskar Warrior

IN: Shalai, Voice of Plenty, Bristly Bill, Spine Sower, Railway Brawler, Rhythm of the Wild

The next round of Improvements. While I like the cards like the Agitator Ant and Orzhov Advokist, they potentially give my opponents a leg up later in the game. Replacing them with things that help my board more is generally better.

Next up will be helping the land base out a little bit more.

Darb_the_Bard on Buttercup: Princess Bride

8 months ago

Cutting Wasteland Viper is less straightforward to me. I like that it can be used at instant speed to surprise someone with deathtouch, which could mean causing your unblocked creature to create two poison counters with Westley, or it could mean surprise-killing a creature that your opponent thought was blocking favorably. You could even give deathtouch to an opposing creature, taking out a threat when you're not even involved in the combat. And I like that, in a pinch, the Viper could be used to buff Buttercup's power by 1, which could sometimes be the difference between tutoring for the creature you want or not. Of course, all of those are somewhat niche situations and you have to be holding up the one green mana. And if I had one green mana available, I wonder if I would truly choose to hold it up or to simply put the Viper on the board...

As for Spark Double, it's a generically powerful card so it would never be bad. It would be useful to double up on Reki, the History of Kamigawa for more card draw or Jodah, the Unifier to double his buff, or get a second copy of Shalai, Voice of Plenty so they give each other hexproof. It doesn't do anything for the keyword soup strategy since we only need 1 of each keyword on board, but it could copy Westley to double the poison counter we create, or copy Jegantha for even more mana. There's a lot you could with it. Having two copies of Halana and Alena, Partners could also get crazy, as they could buff each other on each of your combats.

And I like that it even gives itself a +1/+1 counter to synergize with Max! That's probably my favorite part. If it dies while Max is on the battlefield, then it comes back at the next end step and can copy something else (or the same thing if it's still around), and it even enters with another +1/+1 counter so it creates a slow loop that can potentially happen over and over. This one might be too good to pass up, so I'll have to find room for it...

I think it has even come down in price as I swear it used to cost more money. Still not "budget" necessarily but it's a reasonable price for what it does. Thanks for the suggestion!

DreadKhan on Sisay's Horny Spaceship

10 months ago

Well, as I was saying, if you use Sisay to fetch Maralen on the end step before your turn, you'll get Maralen's trigger first, meaning you can find Opposition Agent right away, cast it, and then only worry about stopping interaction people have in hand. Most decks (depends on meta for sure! some are crazy heavy on removal, some run almost none and go fast) don't run very much removal these days, so odds are reasonable that people won't have any. If they do you just move on to plan #2 I figure, not sure if that's worth it! TBH you can also run Shalai, Voice of Plenty as the follow up to Maralen, you do need 8 mana total but you can have Sisay fetch out Shalai the turn you cast Opposition Agent, Shalai means people will need 2 solid removal spells, so you might be safe and nobody draws another card while you steal their best cards for you each turn, which is even better if you get out the Puzzle Box, at that point you are 'drawing' a card off of each opponent's draw step, so you'll have plenty of cards even if you can't draw anymore yourself. I'm actually very fond of Stax, but a strong lock is a good way to win as any IMHO.

I'm not yet on discord, but I'll keep it in mind!

kouzios on Token Time

11 months ago

Going to list a bunch of cards you probably don't want in your deck for fun

Shalai, Voice of Plenty, decent protection and mana sink

Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea, you only have like 3-4 hits for the untap so meh

Akroma's Will killer card, and it's instant speed

The Weatherseed Treaty is... cute? one less land than kodama's reach, but it then makes a token, then it gives a creature like +2/+2... Ok not amazing, but it does give trample too?

Congregation at Dawn cute tutor

Angel of Grace is a lot of mana to hold up when your opponent will likely just combo for an alt win con but it's also based

Rosie Cotton of South Lane doesn't do a ton for you but it's cute. And it combos with Herd Baloth or Scurry Oak if you're into that.

Farmer Cotton not flash unfortunately, but it is an X token creator and it makes food too which is cute?

The Battle of Bywater is also cute, although you don't care about food, and your alternatives give you other benefit like having a side castable in the graveyard

Broodhatch Nantuko cute blocker, otherwise trash. Same with similar card Druid's Call

Mosswort Bridge feels decent when you know for sure your commander has that 10 power condition satisfied.

Traverse the Outlands based card, can be sad when your big creature is removed in response, but it's based so...

Strionic Resonator is honestly decent, you have a decent number of triggered abilities. I guess Lithoform Engine is also valid there

darkmus on Ang-Hellic

1 year ago

BotaNickill It's true that Giada, Font of Hope has made t2 a pretty important turn for this deck, if we have both her and Bishop of Wings what you play will pretty much determine our strategy for your next few turns. But overall we want bishop first. Think that every angel you cast with Bishop still in hand, is a bishop trigger you miss.

Of course this is not a rule, and there are many exception depending on the match up and mainly which one opens more plays with the rest of your hand. But I'll say that most exceptions normally involve ramping:

1- If we need her to ramp in t3 a t4 play. For example, in my build Giver of Runes, into Giada, Font of Hope into Shalai, Voice of Plenty or Sigarda, Font of Blessings is almost as good or even better depending on the matchup than Resplendent Angel online on t3. Or if we have both Giada and bishop, but also Youthful Valkyrie we may want to go Giada first so we can play the other 2 on t3 for a way more aggressive play.

2- If you kept a 2 lander without an Aether Vial or the vial has been removed, specially on the draw. We can't afford to miss our first landrops.

Overall, I'll say that if you don't need ramping next turn, Bishop is the best first option more often than not.

darkmus on Serra's Descendants, competitive Angel Tribal

1 year ago

Khoaemon Hi! as soon as a card that may fit is printed I give it a try, Minas Tirith is next as soon as my copy arrives, xD.

As a creature deck in a removal heavy format we can have a hard time, so I try to have our stuff protected as much as possible.Giver of Runes, Sigarda, Font of Blessings and Shalai, Voice of Plenty are amazing at protecting our stuff from targeted removal, and any 2 of them combo amongst themselves very neatly to have everything protected from everything but boardwipes.Heroic Intervention helps with that. Selfless Spirit is also a great card to consider in that spot, is not as good saving our stuff, but it gives us a fairly aggressive body with evasion that still synergizes with Righteous Valkyrie and is easier to cast. Pros and cons.

About Sigarda, Font of Blessings and Shalai, Voice of Plenty with vial they can even be used as short of "counter spells". I Love them. Don't worry, we all have learned brewing and deck building by "stealing decks". Just play it, see what you like and what you don't, and tweak those things to make it your own.

I want angels to be a thing, so I'll happily answer any question or doubt you have about the deck interactions, budget friendlier versions of cards or whatever if you have any!

BotaNickill on Ang-Hellic

1 year ago

darkmus, thank you again for taking point on this and for all of your help honing my decks! Khoaemon, thank you for the upvote and interest! darkmus is definitely better at explaining all of the interactions of the deck and far more in depth in their explanations. So if you are truly interested in learning the ins and outs of Angel tribal than check out their builds.

I personally love the Angel tribe most of any in MTG history, and I would always encourage anyone else to love them as well! I will offer my two cents on gameplay of this deck for posterity sake. I am a big fan of the white/black vs of the Modern Angel Deck as it offers us a variety of kill/exile/tutor spells if we desire them, Vindicate or Anguished Unmaking, Doom Blade, or Damn, etc. That plus the flavor of the Godless Shrine has always spoken to the heretic in me.

All that being said, I am a big fan of Selesnya and darkmus sure provides good arguments for those colors as well. i.e. Sigarda, Font of Blessings and Shalai, Voice of Plenty, also, hexproof rules! And, Heroic Intervention.

An Ideal first turn would be a Godless Shrine or Temple Garden, followed by Speaker of the Heavens, Esper Sentinel or Giver of Runes, though you could also do Segovian Angel or Aether Vial. ( I feel like we still need a better first turn play, but these are the best options A.T.M)

turn two is Bishop of Wings or Giada, Font of Hope

turn three, Righteous Valkyrie if you have it, or more of the same from T1, T2. or maybe removal.

turn 4, Resplendent Angel. and boom! More angels, more life than your opponent can handle, and With no interaction, you have most likely won the game by your next turn.

If you have not overpowered the opponent by then, you will hopefully keep spawning more angels via Resplendent Angel or boosting other angels via Giada, Font of Hope or your finisher angels Archangel of Thune or Lyra Dawnbringer.

I hope this helps, and let us know if you need any more assistance! That's why we are all here!

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