Go for the Throat

Go for the Throat


Destroy target nonartifact creature.

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Go for the Throat Discussion

Apollo_Paladin on Death Deck

1 month ago

You've got way, way too many high mana drops in there.

You should focus more on early drops to set up your board rather than being stuck waiting on mana. There's not a single card in this deck you can play on Turn 1, and all of your 2-mana options for Turn 2 are control things like Go for the Throat -- meaning if your opponent doesn't play the right cards, even those can't do anything that turn.

What if they play an enchantment? An artifact? A lot of early plays in decks are along these lines because they help set up the board state for more dramatic combos.

I would look long and hard at your list of big creatures and then find maybe 2 of them who work especially well together and scrap the rest. Fill the rest of the deck out with low-mana cost support cards to help feed into whichever one(s) you opt to keep. That'd help you get a lot more consistent hand draws overall and not leave you so vulnerable.

sleeper_agent007 on The Shadow of (Mono Black Voltron) Death

1 month ago

Hey man, thanks for the mention. I will be back with comments on your list soon, but very happy that you're having fun with big bad Ihsan. As you noted, my deck opted for some suboptimal card choices based on the fact that I wanted to run an old border theme + some iconic black cards like Black Knight. Luckily, black has had access to some very powerful cards throughout the history of magic. Now if I were to break my theme and go more for power? Hmm... I wouldn't change too much because all the ramp, board wipes and card draw are really objectively just powerful and are the backbone of this deck.That's why we could get away with running some more flavor cards cause they don't really matter so long as your backbone of control, ramp and draw is in there.

That said, we can look into the creature section and switch that up. As for instant speed targeted removal, Victim of Night, Go for the Throat, Snuff Out, Doom Blade for flavor. Personally, I would run only Go For the Throat and Victim of Night. And Innocent Blood (not instant and not targeted but 1 mana 3 for 1 in the early game + brutal after everyone replays their commanders after one of your board wipes). Also currently testing Pharika's Libation and it does work.

You may also like Praetor's Grasp to steal Sol Ring or kill a combo and Sadistic Sacrament to pretty much watch someone scoop.

Valengeta on Gain life, lose friends

2 months ago

Hello! For starters I think your land count is a bit low for your average CMC. You should either add more lands or replace some spells with cheaper and more efficient ones. Vampire of the Dire Moon and Gifted Aetherborn are great cheap drops, giving you life and deterring attacks and blocks with deathtouch. Vampire Nighthawk has the same effect, with flying to boot. Exsanguinate might be easier to play than Debt to the Deathless. Another Wrath or the cheaper alternative Day of Judgment should also be easier to cast than Garruk's Wake. Diabolic Tutor is better than Razaketh's Rite.

If you wanna play a 6 CMC spell, how about Beacon of Immortality instead of Winged Shepherd? Even Sunblade Angel is better. Kothophed, Soul Hoarder might be fun as well.

For removal you can use Go for the Throat, Victim of Night, Fatal Push, Tragic Slip, etc. I think you have a lot of 1 of's and you could focus your strategy more with better cards and more copies of them. Still, this looks fun to play in multiplayer with friends

ghughe on Tapped? I think not

2 months ago

Valengeta Thanks for the suggestions, i will add Liliana's Reaver, Dizzy Spell, Spell Pierce, and Go for the Throat.

Valengeta on A Little Off The Top

2 months ago

The deck has potential, but I think it's lacking in answers and the average CMC is a bit high for Modern. If you only focus on Milling you're gonna have a bad time handling the board and you might die before you can do your thing

I recommend Breaking, Thought Scour, Fraying Sanity and Visions of Beyond for Mill and hand refreshment

And also Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Spell Pierce, Remand, Fatal Push, Go for the Throat, Ritual of Soot, Displacement Wave and Ratchet Bomb so you don't be helpless while you Mill

Valengeta on Tapped? I think not

2 months ago

Since you rely so much on the Amulet, I think you need a way to at least increase your odds of getting it every game, as well as always play 4 copies of the artifact itself. Dizzy Spell can tutor for it, Fabricate too. Also I would put some answer spells in here, like Spell Pierce, Vapor Snag, Fatal Push, Go for the Throat, Spell Snare, Stern Dismissal, Remand or Echoing Truth because your creatures are frail and the opponent won't be standing idle waiting for you to complete your board

Liliana's Reaver might also be useful here

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