Viashino Heretic

Viashino Heretic

Creature — Viashino

(1)(Red), Tap: Destroy target artifact. Viashino Heretic deals damage to that artifact's controller equal to the artifact's converted mana cost.

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal

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Viashino Heretic Discussion

Blobby_Bobby on Aurelia's Samurai EDH

6 months ago

Don't know if it's in your inventory, but Viashino Heretic would be a good replacement for Orim's Thunder. Same thing but repeatable.


8 months ago

R1nzl3r thanks for the suggestions! If I have time to look at your list I will, but most of my suggestions would come from this anyway. I've considered Chandra, Acolyte of Flame. She seems like a decent card but not really worth it for me.

Yarok hey thanks! Yeah I agree with everything Driemer84 and R1nzl3r said about all those cards. I will comment on two:

  • Viashino Heretic is neato but just slow for what this deck wants.
  • Angrath's Marauders looks like it would be good, but think about Neheb. Gameplay with Neheb is split into two timezones: BEFORE his trigger on your turn, and AFTER his trigger on your turn. Nothing else matters. So for each card, you have to determine if it's a BEFORE or AFTER card or if it's flexible. Angrath's Marauders is certainly not a before card because of the mana cost, so it has to be an after card. But what does it do after Neheb has been triggered? Nothing, I have to wait a turn, instead of doing any of these things that I want to be doing AFTER: drawing cards, dealing damage, protecting Neheb, drawing cards. Anyway, I've found this to be a helpful way of evaluating cards for Neheb.

Let's take another example. Sundering Stroke is it good BEFORE? Sorta, but only if I have 7 mountains, otherwise it's only okay. Is it good AFTER? Yeah sorta, it can deal 7 to 3 targets, but 7 damage isn't really enough to finish players off, So I'd rather have something that doesn't cap the damage like Rolling Earthquake. Hopefully all that makes sense. When you play a deck long enough you really think too hard about all this haha!


8 months ago

In my Opinion , this deck is looking good. It is high synergy, has good win-cons, combos, and value-makers. The ramp is insane for a mono-red deck, and the message is great.There are a few suggestions I can give though. First of all, the OG burn spell, Lightning Bolt. With the ability to burn your opponents for 3 damage, and only costing , it is already a really strong card. With Neheb’s second ability, you will get back. Second, Viashino Heretic. It can be used as efficient Removal for artifacts, while still being able to burn your opponents for damage. This will trigger Neheb’s second ability, once again giving you mana back equal to the destroyed artifact’s cmc. Next is Angrath's Marauders. It may seem costly, with a cmc of , but it will be easy to get out by the looks of your ramp and Neheb’s second ability. Lastly for now is Obsidian Fireheart. This will supply a constant burn and with Neheb, a constant flow of mana. If more suggestions needed, you can ask me on my page, or on this page:

ShibaWiz on JLK's Obosh | The Command Zone #330

9 months ago

Cool deck. Made one myself based around the same principles yet with God Cow as Commander; [Primer] Mogis' Slaughter House: Murder Made Tasty.

A few cards I'd like to suggest, keeping the theme going:


ShibaWiz on Obosh is oddly powerful

9 months ago

Hi Dj

Cool deck. Made one myself based around the same principles yet with God Cow as Commander; [Primer] Mogis' Slaughter House: Murder Made Tasty.

A few cards I'd like to suggest, keeping the theme going:

Following cards I feel are a straight up upgrade over what's in the deck atm:

  • Rolling Earthquake over Earthquake: Hits every creature. (The foil version is the cheap one.)

  • Basilisk Collar over Gorgon's Head: Same cmc and activation cost, yet comes with LIfelink. What's better than dealing tons of dmg to your opponents? Dealing tons of dmg and healing for the same amount

Keep up the good work!

DreadKhan on Trogdor, The Burninator

1 year ago

A fun alternative to Smash to Smithereens is Viashino Heretic , which is repeatable and can deal serious damage potentially, as well as doing double duty as a blocker. I feel okay running 2 as main deck cards, since they aren't fully dead if the opponent has no artifacts, and they are a back breaker if they are using artifacts. Flame Rift is a very efficient damage dealer, and if you're going to win with a red deck, you're generally in the lead anyways, so the card is 4 damage that isn't targeted (and gets through hexproof players) for 2 mana, a good deal IMO.

Yeah, if your local meta is heavy on first strike, then Ball Lightning is a dead card generally, unless you can sucker them into attacking, or can burn their creatures. Regarding your land base, if it works for you then that's what you should use.

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