Shield of the Oversoul


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadowmoor (SHM) Common

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Shield of the Oversoul

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

As long as enchanted creature is green, it gets +1/+1 and is indestructible. (Lethal damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy it. If its toughness is 0 or less, it's still put into its owner's graveyard.)

As long as enchanted creature is white, it gets +1/+1 and has flying.

Shield of the Oversoul Discussion

griffstick on Marisi's Twinclaws Voltron

2 weeks ago

Righteous Aura will protect you from crack back and Aura Fracture will keep the anoying auras like Pacifism off your cmdr. Broken Fall will keep your cmdr safe from removal. Heliod's Pilgrim to grab the most needed Enchantment for the given situation. Like Armadillo Cloak or Shield of the Oversoul or Righteous Aura .

graycattt on Cats Company

1 month ago

SynergyBuild: I'm running Lightning Helix over bolt for the life gain, which the deck otherwise doesn't really have (I've rarely found a chance to actually exert Sovereign). In theory the Birds makes the extra mana cost less of a down side, though I'm sure from time to time I'll regret it when I just have a stomping ground up and a Helix in hand.

Dragaan: Adversary of Tyrants does seem awesome here, getting the lord above 1 toughness would be great in the current W6 filled meta! trying out 1 Adversary and 1 Vengeant for now. Shield of the Oversoul is a cool idea, and I can see the indestructible upside making the chance of a 2-for-1 low enough to play 1 or 2. Not sure how I'd fit it though! Perhaps in the SB in place of the Rancor ...

Dromoka's Command is intriguing, though I think having Veil of Summer now covers some of the uses better, and there's not very many enchantment decks kicking around right now. I'll give it a spin though and see how it fits in here.

The red splash is mainly there for Wild Nacatl . I started with just 1 Stomping Ground , but added a second after I started liking Ajani Vengeant and moved it into the main. I often run 1 Forge-Tender and 1 Firewalker in other decks, not sure why I didn't here but I'll probably make that change.

I really like the idea of Blessed Alliance here - the Sovereign synergy is awesome and would make it a lot safer to exert. And I think I have been seeing some more Bogles.

Dragaan on Cats Company

1 month ago

I've seen Qasali Ambusher do some crazy stuff before. The card is better than most would give it credit for, even in a format like modern (especially now, when the format is much more creature-centric and a bit slower).

Anyway, one thing I wanted to point out is that I used to play fair GW aggro/company lists a few years back (when the format was kinda in a similar spot, just without stoneforge and wrenn&sixx..) and I always found this little card - Shield of the Oversoul - to actually be good much of the time. I went from playing 1 just for shits to nearly always having one in those types of decks. I am well aware of the reasons against playing such cards (2-for-1's etc), but I dunno...THAT card always impressed me, esp in GW decks with lords like Wilt-Leaf Liege . I really loved putting it on a Voice of Resurgence or Liege. :)

Dromoka's Command is another card I always tried to fit in as a 1-of, but that's a more replace-able effect I guess (although it's versatility in these decks is great, esp when you consider it's a "counterspell" vs targeted or even aoe burn spells, w/ upside). Burrenton Forge-Tender is also nice to have in the board for those pesky red spells/decks.

Btw, may I ask why you are not using Noble Hierarch instead of the Birds? I find Hierarch to be one of the best creatures in the game, with that exalted ability being more meaningful on her than any other exalted creature. I realize she adds a huge amount to the cost of the deck, though. Cavern of Souls is another obvious one to me, but it poses the same problem as Hierarch...

hkhssweiss on Tuvasa of the Eternal Aeon | Primer

1 month ago

DivineKhaos No problem!

To also answer your question, I purposely made Tuvasa have no counterspells, for my own reasoning, it's 1. Dilutes the deck when you want to draw more enchantments and 2. I'm usually the threat and therefore it's more of a answer this now rather than I'm answering other people. I play in a degenerate meta so I'm often prone to having my board answered quite often, it's mostly play by ear and see what's on the field. If you know that there is a person playing a lot of boardwipes than go grab Shield of the Oversoul , Flickerform , or Hyena Umbra , same with targeted removal. Situations are always conditional and go to move is always to protect Tuvasa, against targeted removal I usually try to go for Shielding Plax or Vanishing . The more you play the more you can kinda expect what to happen but that's also the fun of it! I tuned my deck based on my meta and it reflects on how I play, if you feel like you need to add in counterspells or more protection, go for it! This is just my take on my Tuvasa deck and your free to adjust it as you see fit (major advocate of building your deck to suit your taste and personal preference!).

ClockworkSwordfish on Uril, The Miststalker

2 months ago

No Shield of the Oversoul ? Hexproof is all well and good, but I think the more ways you can get to protect Uril from boardwipes, the better.

Since auras themselves are often vulnerable, you might appreciate Monk Idealist and Nomad Mythmaker as ways to recycle lost goodies. Kor Spiritdancer , Verduran Enchantress , Mesa Enchantress and Eidolon of Blossoms are likewise ways to help combat card disadvantage from auras - or even earn card advantage from them, if you're lucky!

Quicksilver on Abzan War-heroes

3 months ago

Replace the myrs with signets, outside of myr tribal they're not good mana sources. I always recommend Shield of the Oversoul with this commander, really powerful on Anafenza.

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Shield of the Oversoul occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%