Prison Term

Prison Term

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block and its activated abilities can't be played.

Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under an opponent's control, you may attach Prison Term to that creature.

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Prison Term Discussion

Apollo_Paladin on Angels* tons of Angel Tokens & Lifegain

4 weeks ago

Right on.

You might give Prison Term a look instead of Prison Realm too if you want to stick with similar functionality for the card slot. Prison Term is great since you can just basically toss it onto any old weenie-creature as soon as you can where it can just sit until a real threat enters play. Also, creature abilities are becoming more and more common, so at the very least having a shutdown beyond just simple Attacking/Blocking isn't an awful idea either.

I think you could easily drop this down to a 22-mana build and just toss a couple in too if you don't feel like making another swap. You've got a pretty low mana curve here, plus somewhat reliable card draw with all that lifegain and Dawn of Hope.

Apollo_Paladin on Heroes of War V0.1

2 months ago

I think Phalanx Leader is one of the all-around best Heroic cards if you're looking to go that route. You should certainly run 4 of him.

I also recommended Prison Term recently on another build, and I think it'd suit you better here than Pillory of the Sleepless. I like how with Prison Term you can throw it onto any old critter and just let it sit there until a real threat comes along. Plus, a lot of builds seem to run off activated abilities which Pillory may not save you from.

Just my 2 cents though, nice job either way (I love Orzhov color decks in general) +1

TheVectornaut on Menacing Detainment

2 months ago

As far as menace creatures go, I like Dreamstealer or Kheru Mind-Eater to deny the opponent of additional creatures. Red is also well known for menace since you gain access to Labyrinth Raptor, Sonorous Howlbonder, and the odd Sin Prodder. It also has a bomb in Master of Cruelties that benefits from a lack of blockers. Silent Arbiter can accomplish a similar goal to your auras when attacking if you don't mind embracing an exalted style, possibly via Sublime Archangel.

Another option could be to embrace the large number of auras with synergetic cards like Eidolon of Countless Battles, Kor Spiritdancer, and Sage's Reverie. Some other Arrest options I like are Pillory of the Sleepless, Prison Term, or the cheap Demotion.

Apollo_Paladin on Mono White Contol

2 months ago

Also, I prefer Prison Term to the Pacifism you've got on your Sideboard there.

I feel the extra 1 mana casting cost is worth it to hit activated abilities as well, plus the option to toss it out on a lowbie creature and just let it sit there until a real threat comes out to slap it on mana-free.

If you want, take a peek at a couple of my Control-type decks with White too:

Lockdown Combos on Mono-White: Intense Aura Beatdown (Fun to Play!)

Mass Exile build: Exile Everything! (Triple Teysas)


Apollo_Paladin on Lieutenant Worf, Set Phasers To Stun.

3 months ago

Hey, I'm glad you found the suggestions helpful! I took another quick look at the deck to see if there was anything else I could point out. I hope you don't take it as criticism, your existing build is already quite interesting imo. Nevertheless, here goes:

  • It's at least a few bucks per card since they're one of the more useful Vintage/Legacy uncommons for control decks (which I'd definitely consider yours), but Ghostly Prison achieves a similar - but better - effect to the Aura of Silence option you mentioned in the description. I find this card works amazingly well as attrition in a variety of deck builds and against a wide array of opponents' deck types, so I had no qualms about dropping a bit of cash on 3x of them myself. Not sure if they'd find a home in this deck for you or not, but it seems worth a mention at least.

  • I'm not sure if the extra casting cost would be a factor for you, but Prison Term is infinitely more useful than Pacifism since you can just lay it out on any creature and then opt to move it if a bigger threat comes out.

  • Also, Knight of the White Orchid can be extremely useful in decks where you want to drop 3 or 4-mana cards as early as possible. He can be a fantastic Turn 2 play when you've already got a land card in-hand...just play him out against your opponent's 3 mana, fish out a Plains, and then lay one down from in-hand. He also keeps with your Knight/First Strike theme that you have going on.

  • Selfless Savior is a fairly new-release card, and is a mana-free way to give any other creature you've got Indestructible (would be nice to have something survive your own Wrath of Gods on occasion perhaps)...

  • The only other suggestion I can think to offer would be perhaps some protection for your existing Artifacts/Enchantments in play since that seems to be a key theme. Cards like Rebuff the Wicked and Mana Tithe can really help out, particularly since Counterspell effects are almost exclusively for Blue decks & so opponents generally don't see them coming. It seems like keeping those in play once you get them out is fairly important to your build.

KeJaHo on White Soldier Onslaught

5 months ago

I really like the Prison Term And Sage's Reverie cards. I feel they fit the theme and compliment the strategy well. Definitely two cards to experiment with. I’m not as sold with the Spirit Mantle at this point since I’m trying (for better or worse) to overwhelm with numbers rather than building up individual creatures. But I like the feedback.

Apollo_Paladin on White Soldier Onslaught

5 months ago

Nice Build! +1

Just looking initially, it seems this deck would benefit amazingly from some of the cards I use in my mono-white decks.

Springing to mind immediately are:

  1. Spirit Mantle (makes them unblockable)

  2. Prison Term (probably the best defense you can find for 3 mana since you can play it out early & wait for a real threat)

  3. Sage's Reverie is a great way to draw a massive amount of cards with Mono-white during midrange games.

If you want some other suggestions, you can take a peek at my mono-white builds for inspiration:


Apollo_Paladin on Tie-Breaker

6 months ago

You might also look into some more advanced control options like Anguished Unmaking and/or Prison Term. I use Reverent Mantra to pretty decent effect in a couple of my Black/White builds where I've got important creatures to protect.

You could further augment some of those big attackers with things like Flickering Ward (to make them variably unblockable) or Spirit Mantle (which makes them TRULY unblockable).

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