Dryad Militant

Dryad Militant

Creature — Dryad Soldier

If an instant or sorcery would be put in a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

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Dryad Militant Discussion

RDWDTR on [Modern] Mono Green Stompy 2021

2 months ago

Hey thanks a lot for this deck list, I cobbled together a budget version and had a lot of fun/success with it against my friends. Can I ask why you have one copy of Experiment One though? Seems pointless to me, wouldn't something like Dryad Militant be more useful, despite the inferior scaling?

wallisface on T-Rex with a Tank

2 months ago

My main thought looking through this list was that it feels like you’re creating extra steps for yourself - pretty much all your “cheap cmc vehicles” don’t have any additional power over what green can provide normally in creature form, so you’re creating extra work for yourself with no real gain.

Going down a more traditional (and practical) creature route also lets you run Aspect of Hydra instead of Might of the Masses , which can net you free-wins out of nowhere

TriusMalarky on Budget Mono Green Agro for FNM

4 months ago

You definitely want some more 1 mana creatures -- I'd go with the playset of Dryad Militant . It's a good rate and against some decks it'll have to be killed first before they can care about your other stuff.

Scooze is grindy, so I'd go to 2 copies maindeck. It's okay as a manasink once your main aggro plan is going, but it's better in long games.

I'd honestly not bother with the Loaming Shamans, put two of the Scoozes in there and if four scoozes isn't enough grave hate, then consider adding some more.

Prowling Serpopard is okay, but I'm not sure how relevant the "can't be countered" clause is right now. We just got Counterspell though, so we'll see.

I'd definitely play four Rancor . Also, Ram Through seems pretty meh to me. I wouldn't bother with it.

Mutagenic Growth could be really powerful. At least consider it.

You need at least a copy or two of Weather the Storm in the sideboard for aggro matchups. You already have a decent matchup against things like burn or zoo, but that'll hole it all up.

If you had a LOT more 1 drops, Rhonas's Last Stand could really put in some work. I'd at least test it out after you get a few weeks of experience, maybe it'll be good.

osiczym on $60 Competitive Mono-Green Aggro

10 months ago

Is Dryad Militant’s ability necessary here? I would consider moving it to sideboard in case of some grave spell casting decks, but normally would play Nettle Sentinel, Young Wolf or Wasteland Viper. I have a similar deck - but mostly rely on instants than counters - and Boggart Ram-Gang plays very well. It is fast, costly to block due to wither and gives 3 devotion.

Also for counters Predator Ooze and Hydra's Growth would be a nice add on.

TriusMalarky on Fixing White in EDH

1 year ago

DragonSliver9001 I must have mistyped, I meant to add

in the right situations.

For instance, if you have a white weenie deck, and have a board of ~6 power, your opponent is already low. Less than ten. Now, if they've stabilized, you can't really attack. And you got slightly flooded. Well, now you're able to use Castle Ardenvale every turn to keep the game going and prevent it from getting out of reach. Are the tokens going to do the killing? They might help a bit, but mostly no. But are they making sure your board never gets too small even if you topdeck badly? Oh yes.

It's great in or against control. If the opponent doesn't have evasion or trample on their creatures, Castle makes a chump blocker each turn and can literally act as a repeatable Time Warp. Against control, your whole goal is to always have a creature that can get through to deal damage. Castle helps there, too, even if you topdeck badly. Or if you do topdeck well, sometimes it's correct to use Castle.

I've won entire matches off of Ardenvale's back. And not against bad decks either -- it helped leaps and bounds against a competitive Hardened Scales deck in Pioneer when the format was still new. (I didn't win that match, but it was close)

EleshNornsFs enpc personally, the problem is Wizards STOPPED printing the high quality stax and lock and punishment effects. We've got some in Modern... but Pioneer and Standard lose out hard. I mean, it's trivial to build a white weenie deck that wins on turn 4/5 while most of it's threats can eviscerate entire archetype's strategies. Spirit of the Labyrinth? Yep, the hurts Uro and Control in general, and anything with blue. And it's a 2-mana 3/1 that can pile on the hurt. Leonin Arbiter, Ethersworn Canonist, Dryad Militant, and that's not even going into blue or green splashes for Meddling Mage, Unsettled Mariner, Gaddock Teeg and more. But Standard and Pioneer only get the newer, weirder ones that hit planeswalkers specifically, or hate on Escape/commanders, or one or two others that are okayish but not super relevant to the metas.

zapyourtumor on 1 mana heckticity

1 year ago

Why Ajani's Welcome instead of the Soul Sisters?

Also, instead of stuff like Fanatical Firebrand isn't it better to include mana dorks or 1 mana hate creatures like Dryad Militant, Cabal Therapist (requires black though), Topplegeist, Cursecatcher (I see you have the judges familiar already), Siren Stormtamer, etc.?

Flagellum on New EDH player please Help!

1 year ago

Sounds like a hatebear (small creatures aka "bears" with some sort of detrimental effect) with at least / might be good like Unlife suggested. Just be sure to include a variety of counters to stop the combos. These colors also lend themselves well to stax (resource denial) effects which will slow the game down for everyone. A "Bant" commander () will open up more avenues like Dryad Militant which will prevent him from recurring any instant or sorceries from his GY. Root Maze again will slow things down by at least a turn, ect., ect.

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