Ambition's Cost

Ambition's Cost


You draw three cards and you lose 3 life.

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Ambition's Cost Discussion

bushido_man96 on Tribal Vampires Help Wanted

2 weeks ago

I would consider some different card draw options. Simple ones like Night's Whisper, Read the Bones, and Ambition's Cost are effective. I really like a card like Plumb the Forbidden, especially in response to a board wipe. Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip is an underplayed card in my opinion. It's not as good as Greed, but it might be better than Phyrexian Arena.

If I were looking for cuts, I'd be curious about the performance you've gotten out of Skeletal Scrying, Soul Foundry, and Well of Lost Dreams. The well seems like it's really good in any lifegain deck, but to get a big bang out of it, you've got to always keep a lot of mana open, and be gaining life. Perhaps you've made it work well for you, though. Let me know your thoughts on these.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Innistrad: Crimson Vow

2 months ago

Persistent Specimen is disappointing sadly. It's amazing how a difference of 1 mana can change a card from being very strong (Reassembling Skeleton) to forgettable. Ashnod's Altar + Pitiless Plunderer is still an option though.

I think Pointed Discussion is actually a very strong card draw spell in black. A total of 4 mana for 2.5 cards spread over time puts it at least on par Ambition's Cost, if not better than.

king-saproling on orzhov life gain

4 months ago

You might like these: Marauding Blight-Priest, Vampire of the Dire Moon, Vampire Cutthroat, Speaker of the Heavens, Griffin Aerie, Indulging Patrician, Witch of the Moors, Light of Promise, Vizkopa Guildmage. These cards are neat because they weaponize your life gaining effects. Some card-draw effects might help too: Greed, Ambition's Cost, Ancient Craving.

Personally I would cut out these to make room for better cards: Soul Shepherd, Serrated Scorpion, Lone Missionary, Loxodon Restorer, Revered Unicorn, Vampire Neonate, Sunspring Expedition, Font of Vigor, Healing Salve, Alabaster Potion, Drudge Skeletons, Child of Night, Bloodhunter Bat, Blood Glutton

Stardragon on Board state getting you down? Try Nukes!

4 months ago

griffstick why all the sacrifice creature spells draw a card spells? this deck doesn't have a lot of recursion (actually i don't it any) nor a great number of token generation and a lot of the creatures are high mana cost creatures so you'll be losing more tempo than you gain from the card draw. Though Natural Order is good one since roughly half my creatures are green. Why not instead Ambition's Cost, Ancient Craving, Abzan Charm, Blood Pact, Crushing Disappointment or Night's Whisper. Just wondering why your so set on me sacrificing my creatures

Peoyogon on Rat Club (No Colonies Allowed)

4 months ago

Balaam__ that would be so cool! What kind of format were you thinking of building it in? You are so right though - it would surely be super expensive! I'm sad I don't have many cards from that era too. I only have that Zodiac Rat and a well-loved Japanese Ambition's Cost I got for my EDH deck. Luckily, I found the Zodiac Rat when I first got into the game like 10 years ago. It was only a couple bucks! I would have got more but they are hard to find, even back then.

Zaakar on Chainer

5 months ago


Looks like a fun deck to play :) I agree with KaptnK that more card draw would be good, a lot of what you've got in there adds to your graveyard (thrill of possibility) but doesn't actually net you cards in hand. To add to the suggestions they made, consider Skeletal Scrying, you might end up with a decent number of land cards in your yard. I'd also take a look at Ambition's Cost, Corpse Augur and Harvester of Souls.

I disagree with KaptnK about your mana, though :) Counting more than just rocks, I think I see 12 pieces of ramp and 38 lands in the deck, and I approve. I think commander is a format that requires you to get to a higher mana count more consistently than most other formats (which lend themselves to shorter games), and I generally see more card draw as the solution to having a large part of your deck being focused on mana rather than decreasing this share. It'll let you get not just mana on board, but also cards to use this mana with. And the fact that you rummage pretty well helps out too.

Unfortunately I've yet to play a reanimate deck, so I can't give you input there.

Have fun playing!

Metroid_Hybrid on How do you create card-draw …

5 months ago

I’ll echo what DrukenReaps & griffstick said about the draw engines.

I’ll add that in particular also has a myriad of Brute Force Draw spells, such as Sign in Blood , Read the Bones , & Ambition's Cost ... just to name a few. Most of them are Pauper-legal too, if that means anything to you..

Metroid_Hybrid on Yargle Voltron Infect

6 months ago

I have a foiled out Yargle deck too! It's been through several revisions, and it is as powerful as it is meme-able..

Lt. Yar-Kul and the Swamp Monsters *F*

Commander / EDH Metroid_Hybrid


But as far as my advice... There are several things in your Maybeboard that should already be in the main list, as well as cards that should be added back in. I am also thoroughly disappointed in the lack of Grafted Exoskeleton & Inkmoth Nexus . I could go on, but instead I'll let you know what you can comfortably cut in favor of much better cards. First, Aetherflux Reservoir doesn't make much sense here.. Also, if you're going to be running a full suite of Fetch-lands & the best-of-the-best Mana Rocks in the game (in a Mono-colored deck too), then you can comfortably cut the budget Mana Rocks: Arcane Signet , Charcoal Diamond , Fellwar Stone , Gilded Lotus , Guardian Idol , Prismatic Lens , Star Compass .. Finally, if you're going to be running ALL the best Tutors, then the 4-CMC draw spells are going to be as redundant as they as they are expensive ( Ambition's Cost / Ancient Craving )..

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