Thaumatic Compass


, : Search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

At the beginning of your end step, if you control seven or more lands, transform Thaumatic Compass.

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Thaumatic Compass Discussion

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Ragavan, Boatswain of the Dragon's Smile

3 weeks ago

So what is the goal of this deck? Is this sort of a chaos/token deck? I can see the skeleton of the strategy, but I also see theft, pirates, and burn. My main suggestion would be try to trim some of the out of place cards. Thoughts on things to include/remove regarding the token/chaos strategy:

Possible additions:

Trailblazer's Boots or Prowler's Helm - low mana investments that let Ragavan be nearly unblockable. I currently don't see that many ways that allow Ragavan to get through late game.

You run enough pirates that Breeches, Brazen Plunderer might be worth it

Ardent Elementalist is a new card that is the red version of Archaeomancer

Curse of Opulence - easy tokens and mana

There are a fair number of goblins that come with tokens so I would look into some of those

Rionya, Fire Dancer for temporary token copies for your best creatures

I see very little in the form of card advantage so you might consider things like Light Up the Stage, Ignite the Future, Faithless Looting, Mask of Memory, etc.

Some utility lands like: Treasure Vault, Geier Reach Sanitarium, Myriad Landscape, Kher Keep, Buried Ruin, Dormant Volcano, and Maze of Ith or Thaumatic Compass  Flip/Spires of Orazca

Possible cuts (most of these are odd fits or just inefficient cards that have better alternatives):

Pillardrop Warden, Cogwork Archivist, Witch's Oven, Tavern Scoundrel, Mishra's Self-Replicator, Delina, Wild Mage, Avarice Totem, Chandra's Ignition (great card, but not at it's best in this deck).

Overall I like the deck idea, I just feel it needs a little more focus. +1 from me.

Gleeock on The Brown Spider

2 months ago

Rasaru there are a couple more ramp pieces or mana base fixing listed under different purposes that usually play well. Shiny Impetus, Culling Ritual, Binding the Old Gods, Klothys, God of Destiny & Thaumatic Compass  Flip are examples of additional pieces that help mana base but weren't categorized expressly as ramp. I also added one of my tutors back in but haven't updated the list I believe. All that added with the large land total & it usually plays well.

Housegheist on Windgrace Real Estate

2 months ago

What about Thaumatic Compass  Flip instead of Maze of Ith. Early-Game it can provite you with land tutoring and in mid-game it has the Maze of Ith-Effect with the bonus to tap for colourless.

Housegheist on Killian's C.A.L.V.E.S

4 months ago

What about replacing Maze of Ith for Thaumatic Compass  Flip?

It can tutor up some lands - which is always needed in BW - and once it flipped it has the same effect as the maze plus it taps for one colorless.

Beta323 on Ur-Dragon

5 months ago

Hi multimedia,

First of all thanks for the input and sorry for the delay in the reply; I have been testing with proxies.

Again, thanks for the input!

YourNeighborhoodGhost on

7 months ago

hey nice deck mate, had a very similiar some time ago. some suggestions: Collective Restraint , Illusionist's Gambit , Reins of Power , Domineering Will , Edric, Spymaster of Trest , Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist , Thaumatic Compass  Flip, Dawnbreak Reclaimer . i think thats enough :) good luck with your deck

MapPsycho on Morophon Eldrazi Update

8 months ago

I'm not personally too familiar with playing Eldrazi, but I think your combo of Fists + Jodah is genius. I do agree you're gonna want to go all-in with some ramp due to the overall CMC of the deck. Doombeard1984 made a good point of looking into pain lands such as Yavimaya Coast and Llanowar Wastes so you have more ways to tap for colorless while still having access to multiple colors. Adding in a few Wastes would also bring your basic land count up a bit and open up other options like Myriad Landscape and Blighted Woodland that still tap for colorless but can snag more basics. Thaumatic Compass  Flip is a bit slow, so I'm not sure if it would really help here, but it can be useful especially if you can transform it. And some other colorless lands I'd recommend are Emergence Zone , Foundry of the Consuls , and Ghost Quarter just for more options. Otherwise you're doing good. Seeing you already running many cards I would've recommended like the Talismans was great. I was wondering if you're using Morophon as an Eldrazi Lord? Cause that's awesome! Lastly, another card that might be fun to run in here(although overkill to the max, lol)would be Reflections of Littjara that just launched in Kaldheim. Basically double up your Eldrazi, though that might be WAY too oppressive. XD Hope I was able to help, if only a little. :3 And good luck with your deck!

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