Soul's Majesty

Soul's Majesty


Draw cards equal to the power of target creature you control.

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Soul's Majesty Discussion

Optimator on CatDog Musings

2 months ago

Soul's Majesty is a good draw spell that would be worth noting in the maybeboard. Collective Unconscious and Rishkar's Expertise would be decent for the maybeboard too. Rishkar's just got reprinted and is cheaper than ever. Also consider Three Visits and Nature's Lore to find Canopy Vista and Cinder Glade. Ranger's Path is decent too.

Quickspell on ATLA OMELETTE

2 months ago

What's the point of Congregation at Dawn?

Also, do you draw enough cards? You could consider Faithless Looting, Cathartic Reunion, and Thrill of Possibility to get rid of your creatures that shuffle back into the library. Valakut Awakening  Flip is also good and versatile. Hunter's Insight, Return of the Wildspeaker and Soul's Majesty let you draw tons of cards once your biggies are out. Idol of Oblivion let's you draw a card each turn you've created an egg. Kazuul's Fury  Flip can be great when you have to sacrifice the creature due to Sneak Attack anyway.

sagramore on Arahbo's Kitted-Out Kitties [Primer]

3 months ago

Hey Spirits, thanks for the comment!

You're right about Return of the Wildspeaker - I think I have been running Soul's Majesty because I only had one copy of RotW but it looks like I've had some more come in some precons so I will probably do the swap. Thanks.

As for Shadowspear , I agree. I think it's a good card in this deck, but I don't have one yet! I'd probably swap Behemoth Sledge for it if I can get hold of one.

Spirits on Arahbo's Kitted-Out Kitties [Primer]

3 months ago

Return of the Wildspeaker is a better Soul's Majesty . It's instant instead of sorcery. It doesn't target so gets around shroud, and assuming you have more than 1 creature, a creature removal doesn't counter it. It's also modal.

I won't mention Puresteel Paladin again cause he's not a cat! :)

Shadowspear does a ton of work for me for such a low play value, the lifelink stabilizes and the trample is fantastic.

Quickspell on Non-Creature Naya Card Draw?

6 months ago

I'm looking for Naya colored card draw in a few-creatures-deck.

My Atla Palani, Nest Tender contains only 10 selected creatures, most of them huge like Avacyn, Angel of Hope , Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger , and Blightsteel Colossus .

Since there are so few creatures, most green card draw engines like Beast Whisperer , Guardian Project , Greater Good , or even The Great Henge is pointless and will barely trigger.

I am running one cantrip ( Explore ), Harmonize , and also Sylvan Library . The best card is probably Skullclamp with Atla's tokens and I am running Steelshaper's Gift specifically to fetch it.

Otherwise I'm running Garruk, Primal Hunter (for it's -3), Hunter's Insight , Momentous Fall , and Soul's Majesty that can draw a huge amount of cards once the huge creatures are out. But unless I get to that point, I won't be drawing cards.

How can I access more card draw/ card advantage under these circumstances?

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