Dolmen Gate

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Dolmen Gate


Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to attacking creatures you control.

CharTheRac on It's About Mushrooms

1 week ago

carpecanum, thank you so much for your feedback!

I'm completely new to commander (besides playing 2 games), and after a hiatus from MTG I thought I'd make a commander deck to join into the hype ^^

I got rid of some cards that didn't have anything special (Blood Artist), didn't fit the commander's color (Nahiri's Machinations), or were being replaced by others abilities (Engineered Might and Lunarch Mantle); to add Dolmen Gate, Contagion Clasp (for good measure), Contagion Engine, and Pollenbright Wings.

Thank you again for the comment!

carpecanum on It's About Mushrooms

2 weeks ago

Pollenbright Wings and Contagion Engine (you have more than a dozen cards that would benefit from any Proliferate)

Nahiri's Machinations has a Red mana symbol and is illegal with this commander (but deck shows as legal? Did they change that rule while I wasn't looking?)

If you find yourself getting a big numerical superiority you can take advantage of that with The Great Aurora. You will end up with a huge land advantage and a full hand of cards. Dolmen Gate (or Bubble Matrix) is also a strong choice, so your little guys can attack without dying but they aren't as budget friendly as the other cards

Crow-Umbra on Isshin, Two Triggers as One

2 weeks ago

Your deck is off to a pretty solid start. I see that you copied another Isshin list to play-test it, but is there a specific build avenue you are most interested in for Isshin? The plethora of attack triggers out there lend themselves to a few different theme possibilities for him: Token Go-Wide, Exalted/Voltron, Dungeon Venturing and Party, and Pillowfort/Goad/Forced combat control.

The deck you have here has a lot of the main staples, but isn't leaning into one avenue or another quite yet. A lot of what I see in your list currently leans a bit more towards a token build. Regardless of your choice, I have some recommendations that work well with most variations:

  • Reconnaissance - Pseudo-Vigilance and also protects your board by removing creatures from combat after they've dealt damage, but before combat ends. Not the most budget option, but an all-star card in Isshin.

  • Scapegoat - Especially helpful and cheap board protection, especially if you are leaning towards tokens. Basically return any number of creatures to hand

  • Dolmen Gate - Very helpful board protection, and helps round things out with the Iroas you already have in board. Also not the most budget option, but a great card in this deck.

  • Plumb the Forbidden - Awesome draw spell that you can hold up in response to boardwipes. This has helped my Isshin deck stay fueled up after board wipes that set everyone else back.

  • Slaughter the Strong and Promise of Loyalty are both cool boardwipe options that Isshin can dodge, and also can help get around Indestructible.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. I'd be happy to give some additional feedback if you have a more specific build or budget in mind.

Crow-Umbra on Twicebitten

3 weeks ago

Solid deck! You've got some attack triggers I haven't seen yet, or must have overlooked. I have a few suggestions if you're interested:

Happy brewing!

carpecanum on Isshin, the bearded beauty!

3 weeks ago

Utvara Hellkite would give you a dragon army pretty fast. Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin would give you goblins pretty fast.

Dolmen Gate, Iroas, God of Victory or even Bubble Matrix would let you attack with impunity

carpecanum on Dwarven Uprising

4 weeks ago

Aerial Responder and Duergar Cave-Guard can attack without as much fear of being blocked as some other dwarves. Dolmen Gate would let you attack with impunity.

I guess your mana problem is because you have more cards than you can cast every round? There's not an easy fix for that but you could trade out a couple artifacts for more mana rocks. Cultivator's Caravan, Spinning Wheel etc

Crow-Umbra on Demon Slayer Corps

1 month ago

Cool to see an Exalted Voltron Isshin build. I don't see those as often as some of the go-wide strats. It looks like you have 2 copies of Akrasan Squire in your mainboard.

Although they aren't Samurai, Knight of Glory and Knight of Infamy can help round out your Exalted creatures.

I know they also aren't Samurai, but there are a handful of creatures with Myriad that work well with Isshin. Because of how Myriad and Exalted both work, you can technically have a Myriad-creature attacking solo. The Myriad tokens are created after the Declare Attackers step, so they don't count as declared attackers.

Some cool Myriad creatures:

Lastly, Dolmen Gate and Reconnaissance can help round out your board protection for attacks.

Last_Laugh on My first magic deck Kaalia

1 month ago

4.37 is a really high avg. cmc. I would recommend a lot more 2 and under drop ramp to offset this a little.

Talisman of Indulgence, Talisman of Hierarchy, Talisman of Conviction, and Fellwar Stone are all good options. Cut Commander Sphere and Darksteel Ingot though... 3 drop ramp won't actually ramp you into a 4 drop commander.

The other thing I'm noticing is a severe lack of card draw. Esper Sentinel, Plumb the Forbidden (use in response to boardwipes), Necropotence, Black Market Connections, Battle Angels of Tyr, Twilight Prophet, Jeska's Will, Smuggler's Share, and Court of Grace, are all options here.

Dolmen Gate, Iroas, God of Victory, and Spirit Mantle will all help you attack safely like Reconnaissance.

I have 2 mardu decks you could check for more ideas. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Edgar's Dega Vampires and Isshin - Army of Darkness

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