Brave the Sands

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Brave the Sands


Creatures you control have vigilance.

Each creature you control can block an additional creature.

DreadKhan on Zur The Enchanter - casual stax

20 hours ago

Have you thought about Dance of Many? In a more casual Zur list, duplicating the best creature on the table with Zur seems pretty good. The Restoration of Eiganjo  Flip can be ramp or recursion, both of which can be worth fetching up. I think you've got enough useful bodies to look at Mother of Runes, she can make stuff hard to block or protect stuff, both are useful I find. Out of Time and Vanishing feels pretty good if there are lots of creatures in the decks you play against. Dreadhorde Invasion is a nice cheap source of bodies, and it can get big if you've slowed the game down, great to find if you've found your Ertai. I also love Luminarch Ascension to generate 4/4 flyers if I can lock the board down.

It's not very casual I suppose, but Stasis is really good in Zur Stax, especially with Smothering Tithe or Black Market Connections. You'd probably want either Reconnaissance or Brave the Sands if you use Stasis.

DreadKhan on Iroas Said, "The Lannisters Send Their Regards."

2 weeks ago

Tenza, Godo's Maul is an equipment that you might want to check whenever you have a Red Commander, with Iroas I think you gain plenty to justify it. Inquisitor's Flail is good for your Commander at least, but you don't have Trample built in, so it might not actually work unless you can count on having Vigilance. Maybe Brave the Sands would help? Drumbellower also exists.

True Conviction, Berserkers' Onslaught, and Blade Historian are Double Strike sources that seem decent and global. I find Gisela, Blade of Goldnight is a great damage doubler since she also halves it vs your stuff.

Crow-Umbra on

2 weeks ago

I think you have the beginnings of a decent Isshin deck here, but could make some minor & inexpensive adjustments to help focus it a bit more.

When making adjustments to your creature base, I'd recommend generally removing anything like Cliffhaven Sell-Sword that doesn't really have any abilities, or Sky-Blessed Samurai, which doesn't really fit with your theme.

Isshin lives primarily in combat, so you'll want to focus on attack triggers if possible. Here are a few relatively inexpensive attack trigger creatures that I like, some of which I run in my Isshin deck:

Vigilance Anthems are also super helpful for keeping your board swinging aggressively, but staying untapped for blocks. A few I really like:

Hope this helps!

Crow-Umbra on Isshin, Two Combats are Better than One - EDH

3 weeks ago

If you are running Extra Combats, I highly recommend running Vigilance anthems to ensure that all of your creatures will be untapped and ready to attack in each extra combat. A few to consider:

  • Reconnaissance - the most expensive budget wise, but also protects your creatures.

  • Brave the Sands - One of my favorite budget options. I really like it in my Isshin deck, especially for the extra blocks. I've found that it also helps to make my board "wider" as I rebuild after board wipes.

  • Serra's Blessing

  • Always Watching - A bit more narrow, since it only cares about nontoken creatures.

  • Intangible Virtue - Opposite of Always Watching, since it only cares about token creatures

Aside from helping with Extra Combats, Vigilance anthems are generally helpful for keeping your board solid against crack backs

wisegreenbean on Defender 2.0

1 month ago

Decisive Denial works based on power, not effective power, so you're only really using the counterspell mode. In that case, I'd suggest Dovin's Veto or Disdainful Stroke or Bant Charm.

Archetype of Courage and Archetype of Endurance aren't super good value for the mana you put in. If you want increased combat effectiveness, there are toughness buffs, and if you want protection, that are counterspells or targeted protections like Ephemerate or Dive Down or Simic Charm or Resolute Watchdog

Turn to Frog is not a very exciting removal effect if you're in white and could just be running Swords to Plowshares. Same for the tapdown of Winterthorn Blessing, or the delayed value of Fall of the Impostor. Beast Within or Generous Gift are also premier removal.

You have a few off-theme creatures I think you won't much like: Disciplined Duelist works off power, Horizon Chimera gains a little life which is pretty low value overall, same for Lunarch Veteran  Flip. Rootcoil Creeper and Llanowar Scout aren't too bad, but I think there are probably better ramp effects for you.

Into the Wilds is kind of a slow and unreliable card advantage effect. I would usually prefer something like Shamanic Revelation or Collective Unconscious or Lifecrafter's Bestiary.

Aqueous Form and Staggering Insight are best on little creatures that attack a lot. You will often struggle to let your creatures attack at all, so I don't recommend them.

Cathar's Shield and Spidersilk Net are pretty low impact buffs. If you really want this effect, there's Slagwurm Armor.

Traveler's Amulet or Dromoka Monument aren't too exciting when you're in green and could have Vine Trellis or Wall of Roots or Rampant Growth.

Pledge of Unity and Brave the Sands are okish team buffs, but you can do better. Bar the Door and Solidarity are a little more on synergistic for your deck.

Slaughter the Strong is crazy strong in your deck!

thefiresoflurve on Boros Legion Of Mil

1 month ago

Are your wincons meant to be infinite combos?

I was confused at Altar of the Brood being tied to "burn", since it doesn't actually deal damage itself.

Reveillark + Karmic Guide + any sacrifice outlet, such as Altar of Dementia (although there are plenty cheaper ones) will give you infinite ETB, and thus let Purphoros / Altar of the Brood instantly win.

On tokens: Brave the Sands gives Vigilance and blocking power.

Intangible Virtue is another option.

Harmonious Archon buffs all your tokens.

Inspiring Leader

Martial Coup - serves double duty as board wipe and token maker.

Prava of the Steel Legion - now your tokens can attack with reckless abandon.

Rabble Rousing - even if your 1/1s die when they attack, they replace themselves now! Combos great with Purphoros / other ETB effects.

Twilight Drover - basically awesome for tokens.

Also, make sure to pick up Boros Signet and Arcane Signet to help with ramp.

Reynan on Just Some Turtles

2 months ago

PS: you can exchange Mana Geodes for Brave the Sands, Always Watching or High Alert

lhetrick13 on Immortal Knights

3 months ago

Yogei - I apologize for the short message earlier. I was at work :)

My pleasure on the feed back. If it is not to self-serving, I would love to have your thoughts on any of my three knight themed decks (For Honor and Glory!!!, Beyond the Grave (Abzan), Beyond the Grave (Mardu)). I would appreciate another knight enthusiast insights!

Sigiled Sword of Valeron is an expensive card for vigilance, especially given you are running Brave the Sands for a fraction of the cost to play/equip Sigiled Sword. Hopefully History of Benalia meets expectations. I love that card but actually just removed it in For Honor and Glory!!! for Guardian of Faith based on some input from Lankhmar. Have not done enough playtesting to comment on that yet though.

I really like the play of Knight of Malice and Knight of Grace for your deck. Provide some evasion from popular removal colors, first-strike, and they pump each other a little. Very nice! I think you would not be disappointed with running either Knight of the White Orchid or Acclaimed Contender. Orchid's ability is so good that I try to get him into anything knight related as I love that ramp. Contender is also nice as it pretty much gives you a knight card back into your hand. I have found with knights I often struggle keeping enough cards in my hand so Acclaimed Contender helps with that a bit. I also think you will like Kinsbaile Cavalier over Kwende, Pride of Femeref. Kwende swings wider as he does not discriminate by creature type but since you are running tribal knights, can not beat Kinsbaile.

I also feel you on the protection from a color. It is so satisfying when it works out but so annoying when it is useless...Makes a good sideboard option though :)

Anyways, I like the deck and appreciate the thought and effort that went into it. Happy brewing and good luck!

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