Grunn, the Lonely King

Legendary Creature — Ape Warrior

Kicker 3 (You may pay an additional as you cast this spell.)

If Grunn, the Lonely King was kicked, it enters the battlefield with five +1/+1 counters on it.

Whenever Grunn attacks alone, double its power and toughness until end of turn.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Zaren, Silverback Ironfist

1 month ago

This deck would really want Grunn, the Lonely King and especially Neyith of the Dire Hunt.

FormOverFunction on Cost in Consistency and the …

4 months ago

I think that there isn’t really anything more MtG-ey than building an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine of goblins, elves, artifacts, and a giant world-ending spell. To make that happen you need, in the initial example, a very specific set of lands and spells (in the right order). That’s cool, and I probably played that way at some point. To make that work more than 2% of the time you need tutors and fetches and all that bling. If you throw it all to the wind and hope it works, you’ll spend most of your time losing, which is undesirable to humans. As a lazy slacker-type in this department, playing EDH exclusively, I have found a way to (internally) declare myself a winner of sorts just by bringing out a theme deck. It brings me more enjoyment than I would care to admit when I play an Evil Presence from my haunted house deck and see people’s faces when they realize that they had never thought about that card in the sense of a haunting of one’s island/mountain/etc. I have so much fun playing in the old and dull draw-play-land-cast-spell-pass style because people are basically just watching to see what comes up next. I lose over 90% of my games, I expect, but I have fun literally every night I get to play. So my short answer is: I wouldn’t pay a penny to make my decks more high-speed-low-drag. Now... am I tempted to blow however much it would cost just to get a Deserted Temple for my Skull Island deck, so Grunn, the Lonely King has a place to crash at night? Maybe...

seshiro_of_the_orochi on I said the REAL One Punch Man.

10 months ago

I like this. Iwamori is one of those commanders that I have considered building a dozen times, but still never did because I didn't like resulting list. Yours looks very cool, I like the route you've taken. You should consider some ways to make your Saitama indestructible: Spearbreaker Behemoth , Hammer of Nazahn or something similar. Also, how about Gargos, Vicious Watcher as additional removal off of each Aura and fight spell? Bow of Nylea is a great value card that makes your attacks so much better. Vigor and Rite of Passage are awesome for fight decks. Klothys's Design can be quite a house in a deck with big creatures. And then, there is Return of the Wildspeaker . Oh, and I forgot Karametra's Acolyte and Grunn, the Lonely King .

FormOverFunction on Pursuing Perfection, Part 5: Mono-Green …

11 months ago

I only have one monogreen Commander deck, and it has Grunn, the Lonely King at the helm. I really enjoy the mix of theme and mechanic, and it seems a better King Kong stand-in than Kogla, the Titan Ape . So mark me down for Chonks!

multimedia on Xenagos? More like Xena-gross!

1 year ago

Hey, there's lots of ramp here which makes 39 lands more than you really need. Consider cutting some basic lands for other cards?

Cards to consider adding:

Cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

Joe_Ken_ on Warrior Tribal

2 years ago

I’d add Guardian Project , Beast Whisperer , Lifecrafter's Bestiary , and possibly The Great Henge for some card draw in the deck. The henge being much more optional since it costs a bit.

Harmonize is another good cheap card draw spell to pick up.

Savage Ventmaw will help produce a lot of extra mana for the deck.

I’d cut creatures back down from 43 to 33 since some of the creatures that are just big bodies like Woolly Loxodon and Grunn, the Lonely King aren’t as necessary for the deck when you can add more stuff into the deck to interact with your opponents and draw cards.

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