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Magitek Machinations (Feldon Reanimator)

Commander / EDH Artifact Dragons Mono-Red Reanimator



Version 2.3 - - - 5/15/20

Feldon doing his thing: cheating in (temporary) fatties and abusing ETB effects.

Trying to make this a pseudo-dragon-tribal but it's not mandatory--dragons happen to be particularly good for Feldon's shtick anyway.

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Audited 3/21/19

Cards with an SL in the Maybeboard are cards I own. Any card with an MP are potential cuts.


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Added Humble Defector, Star Compass, and Thrill of Possibility.

Took out Grimoire of the Dead, Sarkhan's Triumph, and Firestorm

I thought Sarkhan's would be good to find particularly good dragons, like Worldgorger Dragon, but it's not amazing. I still have to cast or bin them. The Grimoire has won me exactly one game, but it's slow and people see it coming a mile away. Nice to discard stuff, but it's nice to draw stuff too. Firestorm seems great but I would usually not have too many cards I wanted to discard.

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