Quietus Spike

Quietus Spike

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has deathtouch.

Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, that player loses half his or her life, rounded up.


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Quietus Spike Discussion

multimedia on Deadshot

5 days ago

Hey, Changeling Outcast, one drop party member who can be any type of party member you choose. Since it's unblockable that gives it good interaction with Robber of the Rich, Azra Oddsmaker, Mindblade Render, Quietus Spike and Scytheclaw.

griffstick on Deadshot

1 week ago

I've decided to add Mirage Mirror because I feel the deck could use more of the similar effects its looking for like another pinger, or another Quietus Spike, or another Inferno Titan, or another Wound Reflection, or another Cabal Coffers, or whatever juicy target you want. Its Just good utility

greyninja on How would you build Rakdos …

1 month ago

I built a big-mana artifacts deck with Olivia Voldaren at the helm.

We've all run into situations where you have oodles of mana rocks and no where to dump the mana into. Maybe your hand got discarded or you're just running out of answers. Olivia Voldaren is pretty scary once you have 7 mana available to steal any creature at instant speed. Yes, you do have to give them back if she dies, but she's still a good outlet and control piece.

She can burn away creatures and buff herself for commander damage wins. Basilisk Collar and Quietus Spike get a lot scarier in her hands.

I ultimately took her apart to build something more silly with Etali, Primal Storm; but had a blast while she was at the table.


ilovemydoghisnameistuna on Kaseto

1 month ago

I only ask because it appears you have several cards that all want to be strapped onto the same dude and have that one snake swing in with Kaseto's ability (Quietus Spike, Blade of Selves, Blackblade Reforged, etc.) whereas it would make more sense to me in a go-wide deck to have stuff like Gaea's Anthem or whatever.

Other than that, I think Kaseto lends him/herself to a Voltron or Voltron-by-proxy very well; some of those pieces should definitely stay as a backup plan.

Subzero6977 on JLK's Judith | Game Knights #23

1 month ago

I forgot to mention another big one that should be in your list in my not professional opinion and that is Quietus Spike

TypicalTimmy on You ever win under the …

1 month ago

Ever pull out a win out of the blue because nobody thought you were a threat? I totally just did that last night with my Riku of Two Reflections deck.

I was playing with my deck on here. My friends are cool with me using the playtest feature while I tune it up a bit more. Anyway, things were going well for everyone but obviously Riku needs a ton of mana to kick off appropriately and I was falling behind.

Well one player got out Quietus Spike and hit with double strike. This dropped the opponent from 35 down to like 6 or 7.

  • 35 - 3 combat damage = 32.
  • 32 / 2 = 16
  • 16 - 3 doublestrike combat damage = 13
  • 13 / 2 rounded up = 6 or 7

After this, it turned into a blood feud where all out war broke.

And since I was not a threat, nobody paid attention to me. So I casually just copied a Rampaging Baloths and played a Terramorphic Expanse when it was down to just me and the last player.

I was at like 31 life and he was at like 11 with nothing left. Lol GG mate

Orange+ on Edric's Home for Evasive Weenies

1 month ago

Very cool to see small weird dudes like Bayou Dragonfly being put to good use :)

I see you run Explorer's Scope. If you think equipments that triggers when their creature hits an opponent is interesting, there are several more that could be good / fun. These include:

Mask of Memory, Quietus Spike, Dowsing Dagger  Flip, Scytheclaw, Rogue's Gloves, and Specter's Shroud.

Also, there are Skeleton Key and Spellbinder, but I think these would bring less value.

thijmnesoy on Thousand Cuts: Tetsuko EDH [PRIMER]

2 months ago

how about Scytheclaw in addition to Quietus Spike? it immediately gives you a 1/1

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