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- - - Version 1.9 - - - 7/30/23

Legendary creature tribal. Going for aggro/value and plenty of pet legendary-creature cards. Converted an older pseudo-legendary-tribal deck, Ankle-Shanking, over to this new one. I'm trying to put in as many legendary cards in as possible but skirting a fine line of playability and staying on-theme.

There is a somewhat accidental +1/+1 counter theme which I want to play up. Helps my creatures survive, be threats, and boosts Sisay, Weatherlight Captain's power for better tutoring. There is also a lot of card advantage and graveyard recursion to help my threats stay on board. Ideally the tutoring will get me to a value engine.

I'm also trying to have a toolbox thing going on. For instance, I can bring in Anafenza, the Foremost for graveyard strategies, Thalia, Heretic Cathar for hasty decks, Shadowspear if my life total is getting low, etc.

Many of my legendary creatures are humanoid, which was not intentional for this deck but a relic of the old deck. Almost all the new legends I wanted to include ended up being humanoids anyway, so here we are. Most are bad bitches too.

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All my basics are from Invasion since that's where the original Captain Sisay is from. My only lament is that the deck is five colors so I can't run very many basics without sacrificing consistency.

One of my current quandaries is whether I should run Scuttlemutt, Prismatic Lace, and/or Dream Coat. I bought all three but can't really find the slots. I suppose I could change out a mana rock for Scuttlemutt but I worry about losing it to board wipes (the deck certainly draws them out!). Dream Coat (and Scuttlemutt) can be recurred with Hanna, Ship's Navigator, which in nice.

I feel like I need a bit more interaction/removal but I am loath to cut too many creatures. I think I could cut two or so but can't decide. Some of the weaker ones are definitely in for flavor so it's hard.

I could certainly add more +1/+1 synergies but my free utility slots are quite few in number and most aren't legendary. I feel I have a bunch of the good ones already. There are only a few more legendary creatures with strong +1/+1 abilities that I have my eye on--particularly Drana, Liberator of Malakir. So far things are in a good place but the +1/+1 counters are certainly more of a strong subtheme than an overarching strategy. The ability of my commander to fetch out key cards goes a long way for consistency in that department so I don't feel the need to add too many more support cards for the subtheme.

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