Arvad the Cursed
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Arvad the Cursed

Legendary Creature — Vampire Knight

Deathtouch, lifelink

Other legendary creatures you control get +2/+2.

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legendofa on What is Gruul to you?

9 months ago

I think I'm not explaining myself well.

My central thought is that + does not equal . Red might not get deathtouch, but green has full access to it. Why should a red/green card not get deathtouch simply because red doesn't get deathtouch?

White doesn't get deathtouch either, but Arvad the Cursed, Spiteful Squad, Wintermoor Commander, and others have deathtouch. This can only be provided by the requirement.

doesn't get first strike. Sky Spirit, Leap of Flame, Deft Duelist, and others all have first strike provided by their other colors.

Ergo, a color can provide one of its abilities to a card, even if another color can't.

can provide first strike to a card, even a card, with Neheb, the Worthy, Stromkirk Captain, and Halana and Alena, Partners.

can provide deathtouch to a card, as shown by Needlethorn Drake, Winged Coatl, and Venomthrope.

So why is unable to provide deathtouch to (and ) cards? Is somehow better at removal than these colors?

I promise I'm not asking these questions rhetorically, or in anger. I genuinely don't fully understand. And as I was writing this response, I realize my position hearkens back to GDS3 and the infamous flying vigilance question. To which I respond that since that question was asked, Warrant / Warden was printed, and still no vigilant flyer.

And I think I've derailed this enough. If anyone wants to help me out, start another thread and I'll respond. With my apologies, let's get this back to the many faces of Gruul in Commander.

Baron_Pretzels on

11 months ago

Not bad but I feel like you're not taking advantage of the legend aspect enough. Here are some Ideas for that: Day of Destiny,Arvad the Cursed,Heroes' Podium,Captain Sisay,Kamahl's Druidic Vow,Reki, the History of Kamigawa,Kolvori, God of Kinship  Flip,Dihada, Binder of Wills, and a few of the Legendary Sorceries (especially Kamahl's Druidic Vow).

ZendikariWol on What to do with Sisay

1 year ago

My Sisay deck runs a politics subtheme, with legends like Arvad the Cursed and Urza's Ruinous Blast (notably not tutorable) to close out the game with. A surprising amount of legends do political things- Edric, Spymaster of Trest, Gahiji, Honored One, Selvala, Explorer Returned, etc.

It's all about finding a theme with a lot of legends and rolling with it in my opinion. That said, I am also a very casual player, favoring fun synergies over actually winning the game. Interpret my opinions with that understanding.

TypicalTimmy on Favorite pulls you've had

1 year ago

I remember, also, that when Ixalan came out, I basically overdosed on excitement with the announcement of a Minotaur Planeswalker, since they are my favorite tribe. Angrath, Minotaur Pirate was the face card for the precon Standard deck of that time.

  • Remember those? The 60 card decks that WOTC use to make? This was before they started doing EDH Precons / Brawl decks.

My friends and I were joking about how awesome would it be if I pulled Angrath, the Flame-Chained from one of the two booster packs that the decks came with.

Sure as shit, in the 2nd pack, the last card was indeed Angrath, the Flame-Chained. To say I lost my freaking mind is an understatement.

I don't know, maybe it's just me being a Timmy. But I get super excited over cards others deem as "hot garbage" all the time. Because for me, it's not about winning. It's about playing the game.

I actually just lost two games in a row, to a coworker who wants to learn the game. And it's not as though I threw the matches, either. He picked up very quickly and was using the Dihada, Binder of Wills precon deck. Though, to be fair, he had a T2 Traxos, Scourge of Kroog the first game thanks to a Sol Ring, and then the second game he got out a T3 Verrak, Warped Sengir. Now Verrak isn't in the decklist, but when he bought the precon this was one of the cards in the little 2-card booster pack. That, along with Dihada and Arvad the Cursed was brutal.

And how could I forget, I pulled FIVE Tiamat! :D haha

multimedia on All hail the Coalition

1 year ago

Hey, good start, still have 25 cards to cut though which is a lot.

Lets start with cutting noncreature spells and then move to cutting creatures? First cuts to consider:

You can afford to cut a couple of the subpar lands for five colors. Ash Barrens is fine if you want to spend one mana to fetch a basic land, but if you have to play it as a land then it could slow down being able to cast Jodah too much. Shamanic Revelation is not good draw here for five mana. You're much more likely to have a higher power creature than the same number of creatures equal or more than the amount of power.

There's 40 creatures here, but if I was building this deck I would play only 20 of them which includes both nonLegendary Elders. Some advice to consider is choose the 20-25 best Legendary creatures and cut the others? Since you're not playing hatebears, what you're looking for with Legends are getting value from other Legends or casting spells from exile. How they support Jodah because he's the best attacking creature when you control other Legends.

Using Legendary creatures you're currently playing here's how I would break down the priority areas from Legends to keep:

Those who draw, ramp or find other Legends.

Those who make Jodah a better attacker.

Those who help for recovery from removal.

Those who are support, but don't fit into the other areas.

In place of two of the lesser Legends consider Legend tutors, Time of Need and Search for Glory?

Some Legends within the budget to consider adding:

Good luck with your deck.

TheoryCrafter on Dominaria United Spoilers

1 year ago

Here's my take:

Glad to finally see an Alt win Card in a new color scheme. Ajani, Sleeper Agent should be a boon to anyone looking to a Selesnya infect deck. If built right Abzan Infect Storm with Hand of the Praetors could be a possibility.

While Karn, Living Legacy doesn't add anything new to Tron or animate noncreature artifacts, it should be a help in Karn Tribal decks. The first ability can either help cast Karn Liberated sooner or be a support for the constructs made by by Karn, Scion of Urza. Plus it's ult can get around the Karn, the Great Creator/Mycosynth Lattice combo. KLL's power may be in its subtlety, but there's more to it. And I can't figure it out.

I'm liking the enlist mechanic. It should mesh well with exalted and other abilities and mechanics that give creatures a bonus for attacking alone.

The read ahead mechanic on the new sagas is a brilliant idea. You can farm the lore counters with Power Conduit, move them onto non-saga cards like Mind Unbound or speed up other Sagas through Nesting Grounds.

No new slivers or thrulls. Disappointing, but not unexpected.

As happy as I am about Liliana making an appearance, why reprint Liliana of the Veil, but not Arvad the Cursed? I don't know, maybe I'm being ridiculous.

Shivan Devastator is the kind of card I'd like to put in a monored Dragon deck. Now if the price can only come down a lot.

Tear Asunder is a huge upgrade from Revoke Existence.

While playable in 1v1 games, Ramses, Assassin Lord's alternate win ability is meant for multi-player. Unless of course you build a deck where everyone loses and Ramses prevents that.

Overall, we got a good set.

DixietheGod on Witcher EDH

1 year ago

Hey there!

Love the idea and what you've done with this! All of the thoughts I've seen have been either Chevill, Bane of Monsters as Geralt thus Golgari which limits you in terms of colors, or 5-color something as a catch-all. This is very interesting and as I said, I love what you've done with it.

I am not in love with your Dijkstra pick but understand that he is probably ideally Dimir which is not possible. That being said, I do definitely think of him more from the books as someone who somehow knows everything and is involved, more like a spy than a stereotypical government official, though all of his work is for Redania and not exactly personal gain.

I also don't love your Regis pick, I think he has a lot more to him than the thoughtful partier, Yahenni. Especially since Yahenni is really doing what he is doing to extend his life, though he has and had some conflicting thoughts about what he does and must do. I am not sure if there is a reluctant vampire card, it kind of goes against the whole idea of being a vampire, but that is Regis to a certain extent. Something I found that is not legendary is Oathsworn Vampire, which works well with Mathas in terms of gaining life. It also works well in terms of flavor as Regis does not drink blood because of the oath he swore to himself, and he was believed to be dead for a while. Another option is Arvad the Cursed due to how his lack of blood-drinking is a pseudo-curse as it makes him weaker and suffer.

Orianna could definitely be one of the Olivias: Olivia Voldaren or Olivia, Mobilized for War (not so much Olivia, Crimson Bride). The red hair and being a vampire is very fitting, especially that they both party and run those parties.

Detlaff could be Sengir, the Dark Baron; he likes and benefits when things die and when people fail. Transformed Detlaff does look a bit more like The Haunt of Hightower but I know you are already thinking of that.

All in all, thank you for this!! Sorry for the long and late message, just got into Witcher in the past year-ish :).

TheoryCrafter on Liesa or Ravos?

1 year ago

Ranking your choices:

At #3 Ravos: a reusable Gravedigger with flying. On the upside though, unlike Liesa, your opponents won't get back their creatures if you somehow get control of them. And with that boost and toughness yer better off playing Arvad the Cursed which would at least make your Commander harder to kill

At #2 Vona: While destroying nonland permanents feeds well into your strategy, I'm just not sure paying 7 life is justifiable when half the time firing a Vindicate at the same permanent would do better. Especially when you don't have Font of Agonies in your deck.

At #1 Liesa: A stronger flyer than Ravos but unless you have Leyline of Anticipation you're still in the same boat as you do with Ravos in terms of getting creatures back on the battlefield.

My Suggestions: While Athreos, God of Passage isn't a flyer, its indestructibility makes it a better mainstay and hits at your opponents' life if they refuse to allow you to put your creatures back in your hand.

Another to consider is Circu, Dimir Lobotomist if you can keep him on the battlefield the mill into exile will eventually pay for itself. Granted, his 2nd ability is useless in Commander unless the card says multiple copies are allowed including, but not limited to, Shadowborn Apostle. However of the five listed here this is the closest to what you are doing with your deck.

Thank you for reading me out. I hope this helps. Happy Hunting!

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