Seasons Past

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Dandan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Judge's Tower Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Seasons Past


Return any number of cards with different converted mana costs/mana values from your graveyard to your hand. Put Seasons Past on the bottom of its owner's library

Profet93 on Her Royal Fluffness

1 year ago


Are there budget exclusions for this deck? Meta? General weaknesses you want to address? Was gonna recommend survival of the fittest, mana crpyt etc..... but dont wanna get ahead of myself.

Tooth and Nail - Potential wincon, powerhouse otherwise.

Greater Good - The best card you can add to this deck, handsdown. Another user above suggested it but you did not reply to that card, please do not overlook as it allows you to recover from a wipe, prevent exile, prevent theft and is a discard outlet

Song of the Dryads - Not 100% needed, but nice to have. Good to use on mono red/black commanders as they usually lack enchantment removal. If you wanna be spicy, LD effects can be used in response to their enchantment removal (not necessarily yours even but other opponents/politics).

Sylvan Library - Not 100% needed, but helps set up draws, works well with topdeck effects and is draw in a pinch.

Bane of Progress - Given less than 10% of your deck is artifacts and enchantments, it might be worth considering. Meta dependent for sure, but most playgroups utilize a slew of artifacts.

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth - Not 100% needed, draw and removal. Also acts as a GY Shuffler (for better and worse).

Nissa's Pilgrimage - Albeit off curve, might be worth considering, potentially over cultivate/kodamas.

Life's Legacy - Similar to momentous fall but cheaper to cast but can't be used in response to removal. Also, folds to blue like momentous. Should you feel you need more draw, I would greatly recommend it.

Green Sun's Zenith - Tutor, very useful.

The Great Henge - Ramp, life gain and draw! Seems to synergize pretty well with the deck, don't sleep on it.

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds - Ramp and draw, very powerful.

Sakura-Tribe Elder - Creature form of rampant growth, definitely swap.

Elder Gargaroth - Versatile beater, I use him for draw and tokens mostly.

Sakura Trible Elder > Rampant Growth

Nissa's pilgramige > Kodama's

Tooth and Nail > Shared summmons - For 4 more mana, u get a higher ceiling albeit a lower floor. The higher ceiling more than makes up for it

Primal Order - Dealing damage via non-basics is okay, but it costs a lot of mana and doesn't synergize with the rest of your deck. It also doesn't do much against mono colored decks. Lastly, you're limiting your own non-basics because of this card which I view as a mistake. Given you are mono colored, green at that, you have more flexibility than others to include non-basics in your mana base. Something like Yavimaya hollow for protection, ancient tomb for ramp and more...provide far more value than maybe hurting someone through non-basic land hate.

Apex Altisaur - It fights, its expensive removal. Too much IMO

Bellowing Tanglewurm - Not great evasion, given siege behemoth, I dont think you need the redundancy, do you often find yourself with creature stalemates?

Brooding Saurian - Meta inclusion? If you had more non-basics, Nylea's intervention and crop rotation would be MUCH better. Homeward Path could fix this while providing you with an additional card slow

Kozilek > Desolation twin - Same mana value, with removal draw and GY shuffle.

Elemental Bond > Garruk's Packleader - Cheaper to cast, less susceptible to removal. You have a lot of creatures, 1/4th of your deck. Cutting back 5 - 7 creatures would make your deck less likely to overextend into a wipe.

Spring-Leaf Avenger - 4 or 5 mana for a body and return 1 card, or you can get something like Seasons Past to recur several cards for 1-2 more mana and not reliant upon combat damage which is very helpful.

The Tarrasque - I'm on the fence about this card, seems cool but a bit costly. Why not just get another Eldrazi card like Ulamog Cease Hunger/Infinite Gyre. For 1-2 more mana, you get permanent removal and indestructible which is arguably better than ward

Topiary Stomper - Off curve for early game, low ceiling for late game, low floor. I dont see it's purpose here given green has better ramp. By replacing creatures that provide subpar effects for sorcerries/instant versions which provide a greater level of the effect, you can greatly increase the power and resilience of the deck.

Whiptongue Hydra - Is this a meta call?

Ulvenwald Oddity - I noticed you mentioned you use it as a haste outlet primarily. If that's the case, why not consider Concordant Crossroads or Akroma's Memorial? The former is cheap to cast but a double edged sword. The latter is more expensive but provides a myriad of benefits.

Looking forward to your response and thought process :)

Murrow on Wolf n’ Whale

1 year ago

Grind Thanks! I haven’t considered Seasons Past but I certainly will now. This version of the deck hasn’t been tested yet so I’m going to try it with Holistic Wisdom first just to see how I like it. I thought it may be useful to “cycle” through cards that may be less useful in the moment for one’s already used that I could use in the moment lol. But yeah it’s a tentative inclusion.

Swiftfoot Boots is in my physical maybe pile and Fireshrieker is in there. Honestly I should just put Fireshrieker in. The double strike damage would just be glorious!! Haha

I’m not entirely sold on Lotus Petal either. I may trade it for some ramp in the future or a different mana rock perhaps.

I appreciate the suggestions. Gotta get my hands on a Seasons Past now haha.

Have a good one!

Grind on Wolf n’ Whale

1 year ago

Cool deck!!
Would you consider Seasons Past over holistic wisdom? Wisdom takes 2 cards and 5 mana to return 1 card. Seasons past returns lots of cards for just 6 mana and 1 card.
Also, not convinced on lotus petal here. I would lean towards Crop Rotation or Nature's Lore.
Have you considered Swiftfoot Boots or Fireshrieker?
Jusy some thoughts, cheers and have fun!

Ashcashcash on Titania EDH

1 year ago

Hey Profet93! I've been looking to speed up the deck lately and get the cost lower to the ground. Seasons Past was also helpful, but I opted to replace the card with Noxious Revival since getting one impact card that can win the game for just 2 life is a little better than 6 mana. Seasons Past is better when I played in slower play groups. As for Turntimber Sower, I could never get enough enough value out it. Most of the time, it's just generating a couple blockers.

I apologize for no response yet to your previous comment! I wish I played as much Magic as I used to. It's been a busy life, but hoping to get back in more over the next few months.

I ran Rishkar's Expertise up until end of 2017 and ended up cutting it for more search cards because I had shifted the deck towards a Food Chain combo deck. At this point, there are no combos in the deck anymore. I still prefer the ability to search for what I need rather than drawing in the hopes of get a card I need. Doesn't change the fact that Rishkar's Expertise gave a guaranteed 5 cards most of the time isn't nothing. :)

Profet93 on Titania EDH

1 year ago


How did Turntimber Sower and Seasons Past work for you, or rather, why it didn't? Turntimber in particular seems very helpful, was it just unimpactful?

CEO_of_Piss on

1 year ago

I like Massacre Girl because each other creature dying buffs sarulf, so they survive the wipe and get a lot of counters

because you have green/black and a ton of spells consider Seasons Past with any tutor

Treacherous Blessing is a cute draw option here

Wave of Vitriol puts a lot of things in the graveyard and can really screw over people with greedy mana bases

Tainted Strike can surprise people with infect

BioProfDude on BG Past

2 years ago

I get that you're trying to build around Seasons Past, but I really don't see any cohesiveness to the deck. There are so many singletons that I think the consistency of the deck must be quite low, including the namesake card, with only 3 tutors to find the card. I think this deck will be very inconsistent. I mean, it might be a blast to play because every game will be different because of the large card variation, but I'm not sure of the win condition (beatdown with creatures? but there aren't very many?).

Could you explain a bit more-- perhaps I'm missing something obvious? You have a lot of cool cards in the deck, but I'm not sure how they're all supposed to function together outside of some hand control (Thoughtseize, Go Blank, etc...).

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