Price of Glory

Price of Glory


Whenever a player taps a land for mana, if it's not that player's turn, destroy that land.

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Price of Glory Discussion

RiotRunner789 on Unique Commanders

1 month ago

I built an Oloro deck that was mono black discard, though not sure it that fits off-theme enough. Also, Oloro is popular, I just choose a theme not associated with him.

You could go super janky and go ball/sphere tribal. Anything with a ball in the art like Doomsday or Winter Orb.

Commanders like Zendru and Blim could also be good choices. You would be on theme with gift giving but your gifts could be just odd world enchantments like Concordant Crossroads or Price of Glory. They could be good just based on their range since you could gift anything.

Not sure if I hit any nails on the head but those are my first thoughts.

Gideon2059 on Budget Godo

2 months ago

zaneanderman I think that would be fair. Gamble is very good and I liked Price of Glory as sort of a way to deter people from interacting. I guess it can kinda both ways. They both add different things to the deck. I think the correct move would be to sub in Gamble and when going for a win to have things like Burnout Red Elemental Blast or Pyroblast .

zaneanderman on Budget Godo

2 months ago

Wow, that's really well thought out! That said, Gamble is incredibly good here, especially with all the other combos. Could Price of Glory be cut? I also notice there's a bunch of foils in the deck that might be driving up the price.

Peoyogon on Boros Land/artifact Hate

3 months ago

Price of Glory might be a good fit in this type of deck

plakjekaas on Win Con for Gruul Enchantress?

4 months ago

I'm dabbling with an idea for a Gruul group slug enchantress deck led by Klothys, God of Destiny , to flood the board with staxy and punishing enchantments like Price of Glory , Titania's Song and Citadel of Pain , but the reason I'm dabbling and not building is because I'm not completely sure how viable it is, mostly due to the points Caerwyn already mentioned in the first response.

discipleofgary73 on ⋖⋄ Tyrannus Primævo 2.6 ⋄⋗

5 months ago

Other land things to consider: Ancient Ziggurat , Thran Quarry , and Unclaimed Territory - just to have more options for the color-intensive dragons. There is also Bonders' Enclave , which could be useful if you feel the need for more card draw. Finally, if lands end up becoming too frequent end- to late-game, Tectonic Reformation might help get more dragons in hand.
I'm a huge fan of enchantments, and I think Curse of Opulence , Valakut Exploration and Mayael's Aria could do work for you here. And, if you wanted to cut instants out (and not activate anything during other players' turns), you could add in a Price of Glory . Though, alternatively, Lure of Prey could also be a very effective instant in this deck.
And lastly, mostly for the art, Grave Betrayal .

Massacar on

6 months ago

Power Surge is a great punishment card for Yurlok, as it forces your opponents into no-win scenarios where they take damage either from tapping or not.

Pair that with Awakening and Price of Glory / Manabarbs and your opponents are not going to be having a good time.

If you want any more ideas feel free to check out my own list.

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