Citadel of Pain

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Citadel of Pain


At the end of each player's turn, Citadel of Pain deals X damage to that player, where X is the number of untapped lands he or she controls.

legendofa on Commander recomendation thread

2 months ago

There isn't a rhino-specific commander, but what traits do rhinos have? Bulky bodies, a lot of trample and trample-ish evasion, and some stall with cards like Stonehorn Dignitary and Rhox Meditant.

I would say look for a subtheme and choose a commander based on that. Dragonlord Dromoka and Karametra, God of Harvests are good utility options for protection and ramp, respectively. If you're pumping the Rhinos, Sovereign Okinec Ahau pushes that into overdrive.

I got a lot of these decks in need of commanders. Please send over suggestions for

Enchantments: Citadel of Pain + Manabarbs + Personal Sanctuary sort of thing. I know Go-Shintai of Life's Origin exists, but I'm not interested in adding and/or to this one.

Curses and curse themed Auras: Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor + Eriette of the Charmed Apple. Again, I'm not interested in adding .


"Bleeder" attrition: Value over time. Awakening Zone, Suture Priest, Kambal, Consul of Allocation, that sort of thing.

philsonwilson on Deck of Degeneracy (Purphoros EDH)

11 months ago

Thanks for sharing your deck NV_1980 seems like a great version too!

DreadKhan - there's some wicked suggestions there. Hadn't thought of cards like Citadel of Pain or Rite of the Raging Storm. I love Thieves' Auction too, never seen it before and seems like it would fit thematically... though my play group might not agree! How did you find the playtest? I haven't had much chance to play it in a larger game but rather 1v1 setting.

ThassaUpYo@ssa I do have Solphim, Mayhem Dominus in the maybeboard already but the others are great suggestions too! As I play a relatively casual style I don't often spend much so having cards like Terror of the Peaks was a deep cut, hence why Fiery Emancipation hasn't been added - though if the deck is fun I'll be looking at adding it too.

DreadKhan on Deck of Degeneracy (Purphoros EDH)

1 year ago

Not sure if you're looking for more ideas, but this deck makes me think of one of mine, where I use a few cards that might fit here, one is Citadel of Pain, this is very good in decks that don't use tons of mana on other people's turns, and I think it has good synergy with your Burning Earth for example. Rite of the Raging Storm is a nice source of a creature ETB each turn for no added resources, a 5/1 can matter on some boards, and if it does that player will die extremely quickly if 3 players are piling an extra 15 damage per cycle, the nice thing is it's never going to be you. A really quirky one that drives people up the wall with it's degeneracy is Thieves' Auction, this card is a nightmare to resolve sometimes, but it can easily turn a game on it's head. It's very juicy if your deck features lots of permanents that nobody else wants for various reasons (such as symmetrical effects). Another quirky auction I loved was Illicit Auction, the art is a bit disturbing, but it seems degenerate to pay life to steal a creature, hopefully with your deck you'll be ahead in life and can just steal something important from someone who's deck pays lots of life! Not sure if it actually matters much, but Basilisk Collar is a handy source of Lifelink for Purphoros that works when he's a creature. It is also very good with any creatures that can ping opponent's creatures, and it's hilarious if you have a creature with Trample, such as from Rite of the Raging Storm. I think the last one that might fit in is Gorilla Shaman, this makes a very good mana sink later game while offering a 1 drop creature.

Hope something there will be helpful, I had lots of fun playtesting your deck!

FormOverFunction on Creatures that do Damage Over …

1 year ago

I forgot to mention Carnage Gladiator as another tax effect for blocking. Same for Citadel of Pain with untapped lands. Check out my Torture deck for any other weird non-bos if you get bored ;p

DreadKhan on EDH Rakdos Group Slug

1 year ago

I noticed a few enchantments from my Rakdos deck that might do some work in here, Citadel of Pain makes instants worse and you only run 6 I think, Exquisite Blood is very fun with effects that cause life loss to opponents (you don't need to run it with combo payoff if you don't want, it's independently amazing with Group Slug), and Rite of the Raging Storm is a surprisingly useful effect in a deck that can influence the board, free 5/1s synergize with a lot of stuff and they never come at you technically. Anyone who can't deal with a 5 power trample will very quickly lose once Rite is out as player after player swings at them.

Not sure if you're especially attached to Bottomless Vault (I personally love it), but Subterranean Hangar is probably a much better card. You can run both if you want the ramp, but the Masques one much easier to use if you want only 1.

DreadKhan on Mishra's attackers

1 year ago

Berserkers' Onslaught is pretty handy if you've got big attackers, double power and first strike is sweet for 5 mana. Rite of the Raging Storm can help by giving you a 5/1 every turn to swing with, while also giving everyone else one to swing at anyone but you, which helps create some chaos as long as people don't run big blockers, and even if most people do, just someone not having a blocker will make that 5/1 a slow, steady source of damage, and people must hold back a blocker for it or take the 5. I like Onslaught with Rite, and if I can get a Mask of Griselbrand and Exquisite Blood you can do a tremendous amount of work with a 5/1, including drawing 5 cards when it dies. Mask is good in general in my experience, evasion is helpful in Rakdos, as is Lifelink for various 'pay life' effects that you might want to run. Some of those include Phyrexian Purge and Fire Covenant, both very strong old cards in many metas, but they work best with some life gain. 2 more cards that cost life and tend to feel pretty good in EDH are Ashes to Ashes and Reckless Spite, hitting 2 bodies is pretty helpful, and black Exile isn't super-common.

Kyren Negotiations are an interesting option if you have lots of goblins but can't swing through a Propaganda. Make an Example is very good value, you choose what dies (not targeted), and each player loses at least their best creature, maybe more). Volcanic Offering is a really solid card that can deal with 4 things that are bothering you if someone else is feeling helpful, but it can never directly hurt you, this can shut down an archenemy with one spell. If you find yourself troubled by Blue decks, there are Boil, Boiling Seas, Omen of Fire, and Citadel of Pain that are pretty helpful vs Blue and 2 colour Blue decks.

DreadKhan on Sacrifices Must Be Made

1 year ago

If nothing else, Make an Example is a shockingly good card in Rakdos as removal that dodges almost any form of protection, and it hits all opponents at once. Do or Die is also worth a look, but it never hits your opponent's best stuff with any reliability. Final sorcery that's really good in Rakdos is Phyrexian Purge, which is a very one-sided wipe that only costs 4 mana.

I feel repetitive at this point, but Rite of the Raging Storm is very much worth a look in Juri, it gives a sac every turn and it also just generates chaos. It also synergizes with great stuff like Mask of Griselbrand and Exquisite Blood, which also loves Citadel of Pain (and Protection Racket, which is like Phyrexian Arena did a giant bag of steroids as long as you're not on obvious combo).

I feel like Agitator Ant is a solid card here, Ogre Slumlord is also very good with lots of removal/sacrifice effects, Mayhem Devil is probably an auto-include unless I'm missing something, not sure if it's relevant, but Infernal Tribute can both let you sac any non-token and draw cards at the same time, it's like really wonky Necropotence Plus with your Commander, only you pay mana and permanents to draw cards and deal damage. Very weird but Whip of Erebos would let Juri (and everything else) have Lifelink, which can be handy, it can also bring something back if you want.

DreadKhan on Generously Hellbent

1 year ago

You might look at Rite of the Raging Storm and Exquisite Blood, maybe Berserkers' Onslaught, even a Mask of Griselbrand as a backup to your Skullcap idea, paying 3 to draw 5 always feels great in my Pavel build, and the Evasion/Lifelink are often relevant. I run a ton of wipes and removal, perhaps the best of which is Make an Example, which is just backbreaking to any deck reliant on having a specific creature on the board, and it hits each opponent in such a way that it's almost impossible to protect against short of countering it. As my deck hates being interacted with itself (it's full of chonky spells/effects just begging to get countered) I run Boiling Seas and Omen of Fire, alongside a Citadel of Pain, Pavel can soak up a lot of spare mana anyways. Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast might be more reasonable than adding Boil, but the deck loves hosing Islands for some reason. Since I run lots of board wipes, I tossed in Tyrite Sanctum and Daring Fiendbonder to give stuff Indestructible. I mostly run utility creatures like Agitator Ant or token generators like Ophiomancer and Ogre Slumlord, I'm presently at 16 creatures in the 99, so it doesn't usually matter if I'm wiping the board 3 or 4 times in a game. It's not unusual to win off of a timely Thieves' Auction, it's funny when you have a deck full of questionable permanents, some people will just scoop to it as well, it's a salty card to some. I mean if you're already running Omen of Fire, why not throw in Thieves' Auction?

Hope some of these ideas can synergize with your build, Pavel is a great under-utilized Commander, I built him more janky, but the deck is truly a blast to play.

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