Gift of Immortality

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Gift of Immortality

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

When enchanted creature dies, return that card to the battlefield under it’s owner’s control. Return Gift of Immortality to the battlefield attached to that creature at the beginning of the next end step.

TheOfficialCreator on Heliods army

1 week ago


Aegis Angel is a good card, don't get me wrong, but currently given the low number of Angels in the deck as a whole and with no Angel tribal, it might be worth looking into Avacyn, Angel of Hope or, some more budget options, Indestructibility, Gift of Immortality, Kindred Boon, Shielded by Faith, Spirit Bonds, or Timely Ward. All of these grant a single creature indestructible for a lower cost, albeit they are not attached to a big flier.

Nothing for Ajani's Pridemate. It's just a good card. If you're interested in other similar cards, Light of Promise, Archangel of Thune, Gideon's Company, Cleric Class, Heliod, Sun-Crowned, Cradle of Vitality, Celestial Unicorn, and Nykthos Paragon are some good ones.

Archetype of Courage seems a bit weak to me personally. Enchantment creature cards with the same mana value that are white and better for your deck (at least from my POV) include Eidolon of Countless Battles and Heliod, Sun-Crowned.

Banisher Priest is good.

Blinding Souleater could easily be replaced by Law-Rune Enforcer, or, if you'd prefer an artifact creature, Burnished Hart is just better in general.

Captain of the Watch and Cataclysmic Gearhulk are both good cards, though the latter doesn't seem to work too awfully well with your deck. I would consider putting in another destroy boardwipe such as Wrath of God or Fumigate.

Chardalyn Dragon is pretty bad, even for an artifact flier. Other fliers with the same mana value include Adarkar Valkyrie, Admonition Angel, Ancestor Dragon, Angelic Skirmisher, Archon of Coronation, Aven Brigadier, Empyrial Storm, et cetera... white is ton of amazing fliers! Put 'em to good use! XD If you specifically want an artifact creature to replace it, Wurmcoil Engine is a good one.

Consul's Shieldguard... see the Aegis Angel comments.

Court Street Denizen... see the Blinding Souleater comments, though this one is better so it's definitely worth keeping around if you want.

Drillworks Mole is a cool card. Basri Ket, Felidar Retreat, and Cathars' Crusade are good too.

Eldrazi Devastator is actually a card I used to run in my decks as a finisher. I would recommend something like Finale of Glory as an alternative that you can really sink your mana into.

Felidar Cub is nice, but War Priest of Thune is strictly better.

Glint-Sleeve Artisan is interesting, and I see how it plays into a bit of your artifact synergies, but if you want that, just use an artifact creature like Adaptive Automaton, Cloudsteel Kirin, or Etched Champion.

Heliod's Pilgrim has a good effect and it's flavorful, just keep in mind you only have two Auras in the deck.

Inspiring Overseer and Knight of the White Orchid are good.

Kozilek's Channeler is a decent card, but given you like small creatures I'm not sure that paying extra for a big body is a great benefit. Worn Powerstone, Thran Dynamo, Arcane Signet, and if you want to splurge Pearl Medallion are all good ramp in white.

Lagonna-Band Elder can be replaced by one of the cards I told you about in my previous comment.

From there, all your cards are great until Soulmender, which again can be replaced by one of the cards in my previous comment, or even Fountain of Renewal. Same with Stone Haven Medic and Sungrace Pegasus.

Toolcraft Exemplar is a really cool card that I have NEVER seen before. If it's working well for you, you should try out Serra Ascendant as well. It runs in a similar vein.

Welcoming Vampire is good too.

Celestial Flare could be replaced by Silence.

Dauntless Onslaught could be replaced by Charge, Bastion Protector, Benalish Marshal, Ethereal Guidance, Glorious Anthem, Guardians' Pledge, or Path of Bravery.

Divine Verdict could just be replaced by plain removal, like Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Journey to Nowhere, Cast Out, Conclave Tribunal, or Oblivion Ring.

Feat of Resistance is nice.

Gideon's Reproach - see Divine Verdict's feedback.

Gods Willing is good.

Kill Shot - see Divine Verdict's feedback. Actually, for the rest of these cards see that and Dauntless Onslaught's feedback.

Aligned Hedron Network is good.

Cloak of the Bat and Hero's Blade - see Dauntless Onslaught's feedback, but also Commander's Plate.

Spidersilk Net doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you want another 0-mana artifact, look no further than Mishra's Bauble.

Font of Vigor - see previous comment

Siegecraft - Eldrazi Conscription is one of the best auras in the game, but Battle Mastery is nice too

Not Forgotten - Rest in Peace, Ashnod's Altar

Sunlance - any other removal that I've mentioned

Also consider Sphere of Safety.

I hope all this helps! ^^" it took a bit to write up but I think it'll help introduce you to some staples and ways about thinking about deckbuilding and power level. I sent you a friend request so that we can keep in touch and so that I can see and help you with your future decks!

SnowGryph on Killian's C.A.L.V.E.S

4 weeks ago

Look into creatures with the "Bestow" keyword. They're a good answer to removal since they hit the field as creatures afterward. Unfortunately very few fit into the mana cost you've set out but here are a few I think would be good

Nighthowler, Eidolon of Countless Battles & Ghostblade Eidolon - more damage, rather straightforward

Herald of Torment & Cavern Lampad - extra sources of evasion since Arbiter won't always show up.

Additionally Gift of Immortality can help avoid having to re-cast your commander.

Mthibodeau on From Dusk Till Dawn

1 month ago

Thank you very much for the suggestions. Good call on Sadistic Hypnotist. I actually own a copy, but didn't consider it because like you said, very mean. For the same reason, I am staying away from Captivating Vampire. My playgroup hates having their stuff stolen. Supernatural Stamina as well as Gift of Immortality seem like no-brainers, but I am struggling with what to cut. Have you tried Dark Prophecy? How does it stack up against Morbid Opportunist? I am on the fence about Massacre Wurm because I don't play many token or elf ball decks, so I am not sure it would have the impact I want. That said, I think the deck needs more removal.

Btw, love your inclusion of Coffin Queen. Nostalgic card for me and I actually have her playmat. Always loved the art.

GizmoTurtulez on From Dusk Till Dawn

1 month ago

Cruel Celebrant, Gift of Immortality, High Market, Supernatural Stamina, Phyrexian Reclamation, Captivating Vampire, Massacre Wurm, Morbid Opportunist have all been great in my list, i try to focus more on simply sacrificing Elenda rather than protect her, as the biggest worries are mass bounce and exile. Sadistic Hypnotist is great if you're feeling mean

Yogei on Beyond the Grave (Abzan)

1 month ago

lhetrick13 - Yes I agree, a second pair of eyes really helps sometimes. One of the good things about TappedOut I suppose, there are plenty of people to lend you their eyes.

I see your point on Aether Vial, and that’s totally fair. When you play the Mardu deck you might feel that you have enough ways to get Haakon on the battlefield without the need of Aether Vial. I looked up some other Haakon decks and Aether Vial seems to be a common way of “cheating him in”.

Knight Exemplar is definitely an amazing card, my own knight deck wouldn’t work without her. My thinking is, that if you manage to get a reliable way of reanimating knights indestructible might get in the way as Breathless Knight especially would benefit from creatures traveling back and forth between battlefield and graveyard. If you do Impact Tremors or other Enter the Battlefield or On Death abilities could be good replacements for her. But again, that depends reliable reanimation, and of course what you want yourself. Another silly combo for Breathless Knight is Gift of Immortality. Imagine if you could kill of a knight with Gift of Immortality attached to it while Breathless Knight is on the field!

I’ve had Changeling Outcast recommended to me a few times by others, that’s why i mention it. Yes it, and other shapeshifters are good cards but I’m always a bit on the fence regarding them. Maybe I’m being silly but it feels like “fake tribal” to me.

I’m glad that I could be of help! Vampires are pretty fun, and they are pretty versatile too with many types of abilities. And I know what you mean when you say that you have too many things to work on. I used to be the same way xD But I’ve managed to sort out my deck building. Right now I’m only maintaining my main decks and building just one new one.

You might already know this, but if you want to playtest without having to buy the cards first I could recommend both Cockatrice and Tabletop Simulator. The first is a free program where you can play MtG online, and you have all cards available. The second you need to buy, and you need a little bit of preparation, but it feels much more like real magic.

Gadianten on Never Doubt the Pilgrim

2 months ago

Some considerations for your deck, first being Lifeline for turning your commander into an exile and life gain machine and Ayli exile limits your opponents benefit greatly. Second is Gift of Immortality with Heliod's Pilgrim and or Moon-Blessed Cleric to search it up while being in tribe. Gift essentially gives you a free creature for Ayli to use once on every players turn, and it makes Sun Titan usable for sacrifice costs an unlimited times a turn, like perhaps with Ashnod's Altar.

1empyrean on Fascinating Cards from New Capenna

3 months ago

Guerric: It's more like Pattern of Rebirth and Gift of Immortality got combined, but yeah.

legendofa on Pattern Recognition #237 - A …

3 months ago

Peanut gallery reporting in! I've been waiting for this, and I hope I'm not being obnoxious about it.

This note isn't a criticism, but just an observation. Erosion is the only common ever printed that needs three mana of the same color, and that was back in 1995. I don't know if there's some special reason why it doesn't happen, but Fisher of the Bog caught my eye for that reason. I don't know if it needs to be power-adjusted, but maybe reduce the color density? I leave this in your capable hands.

Undying Endurance feels to me more like a variant Gift of Immortality or Fool's Demise than Undying Rage. This feels like an uncommon, since it can keeps recurring itself and the creature it was attached to. I would suggest either pushing this up to uncommon as-is or adding an additional cost to the enchantment's self-recursion.

I love the design of Warning from Beyond, and it fits with Duelist very nicely.

Cruel Lessons takes the low cost of Sign in Blood and the speed of Blood Pact and puts them together. Probably not too powerful, but worth keeping an eye on, in my opinion.

I agree that Bog-Mad Warlock's spectacle cost should be . That would make it a decent side-grade to Elderfang Disciple, Liliana's Specter, and similar cards.

Thanks for posting these articles. It's a lot of fun watching the creative process, and I hope my thoughts are helpful in some small way.

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