Odric, Lunarch Marshal

Odric, Lunarch Marshal

Legendary Creature — Human Soldier

At the beginning of each combat, creatures you control gain first strike until end of turn if a creature you control has first strike. The same is true for flying, deathtouch, double strike, haste, hexproof, indestructible, lifelink, menace, reach, skulk, trample, and vigilance.

Odric, Lunarch Marshal Discussion

orderlyLizard on Kathril, EDH Voltron

2 months ago

Glad I could help a bit :). The MVP in my similar deck usually is Zetalpa. Once she is in the graveyard it's pretty much always good to cast your Commander (it will make you pretty much 100% of the time archenemy on the table, though). I'd swap Izoni, Thousand-Eyed for Odric, Lunarch Marshal in your sideboard, though. He's usally a beast in the deck.

CommanderNeyo on My Leading Lady

2 months ago

Blood Mist does work with Odric, Lunarch Marshal if you stack the triggers properly while Duelist's Heritage does not unless you have a second combat step. However, both will trigger in the extra combat steps ( Blood Mist triggers once you start your first and then second combat step, while Duelist's Heritage triggers when you declare your first attackers in your first combat step and again when you declare your creatures as attackers a second time in the second combat step). Duelist's Heritage also has the benefit of allowing you to give other people's creatures double strike (which you would probably only do if they are attacking another one of your opponents).

plakjekaas on Fun Commander

2 months ago

Odric, Lunarch Marshal is very cool to build around, and has lots of budget options to gather every keyword you could get your hands on in mono white. All you need is ways to make a lot of tokens, creatures and equipment with all important keywords, and Odric can share them to everyone. What's your opponent going to do when there's 10 tokens coming their way with Haste, Vigilance, Indestructible, Hexproof, Double Strike, Deathtouch, Flying, Trample and Lifelink?

Hardhitta7 on What are Fun Non-Legendary Cards …

3 months ago

griffstick would Odric, Lunarch Marshal plus some double strike and deathtouch creatures work? I know the there’s at least one other creature with that ability. It would take a few pieces to get what you’re wanting but it could work.

DevoMelvminster on Bounce and Ye Shall Be Healed

4 months ago

Lots of changes in this revision:

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is out for Heliod, Sun-Crowned . Heliod will make things bigger and bigger as we gain life, which may help us with a combat win, which is all Elesh norn really did, but also can stack a ton of counters on one creature to sac to Altar of Dementia . Yay mill wins!

Cavalier of Dawn is out for Skyclave Apparition . Apparition was a great suggestion by muddbones and is more abusable than Cavalier. Lowers the cmc curve, and I am not going to miss the possible enchantment recurral. We got that covered.

Odric, Lunarch Marshal is out for Mardu Woe-Reaper . Odric helps with combat wins, but Akroma's Will does it better, and doubles as protection. I hardly ever swing for the win anyways, and the reaper is another cheap creature, and it’s ability will be triggered by ever zombie God-Eternal Oketra makes. Should keep graveyards nice and empty and help against decks that rely on them being filled. Did I mention it gains us LIFE too? Sweet card.

Return to Dust was dropped for Suture Priest . I keep going back and forth with Return... I’ll probably find another spot for it, since I’m a but light on non-creature removal anyways, but for now I wanted more Soul Warden effects. The bonus damage to opponents is nice too.

Austere Command and a Plains were dropped for Ancient Den and Flagstones of Trokair . Den is mostly for turning on Inventors' Fair to tutor out a win, and flagstones synergizes really well with Lotus Field .

Still thinking about adding Test of Endurance or Felidar Sovereign but not sure where. Let me know what y’all think of the changes.

Arcangelo on The Battalion - Soldier Tribal Deck

4 months ago

Thank you TheVectornaut, the suggestions are good and I've grabbed already Odric, Lunarch Marshal and Aerial Responder .

The Preeminent Captain is indeed a very strong card, but I can't get past the Kitkin creature type and the card look. I'll try it out and see how it goes.

TheVectornaut on The Battalion - Soldier Tribal Deck

4 months ago

Preeminent Captain is a strong soldier staple since it can get in big threats like Captain of the Watch early. Odric, Lunarch Marshal could be one of those threats seeing as you have so much first strike and vigilance naturally. That could free up slots since he'd make Archetype of Courage and Brave the Sands potentially redundant. If you do go that route, some useful inclusions might be Aerial Responder , Fencing Ace , Adanto Vanguard , and Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip. Otherwise, Brimaz, King of Oreskos is a very efficient soldier, if a bit pricey, with some degree of lore connection to Elspeth. Finally, I'd probably include at least a singleton copy of Sunlit Hoplite for your walker to grab. It's not a remarkable creature, but then, Elspeth, Undaunted Hero isn't a remarkable planeswalker when compared to Elspeth, Knight-Errant or Elspeth, Sun's Champion . You may as well at least have the flexibility of recurring a Hoplite when your board state has been diminished and you don't have the luxury of going for the ultimate.

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