Spoils of Victory

Spoils of Victory


Search your library for a Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, or Forest card and put that card onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Uncommon
Masters Edition III (ME3) Common
Portal Three Kingdoms (PTK) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pauper Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal

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Spoils of Victory Discussion

Snips500 on [PDH] Tatyova Combo

2 weeks ago

Hi, I just recently brewed up a Tatyova list that is aiming to be competitive and I wanted to ask about a few of your choices. I acknowledge that you have likely tested and played this deck more often but I am mostly curious about some of your card choices and the direction that you took this list. You can find my deck here: ~PDH~ When Lands Came to Value Town (Tatyova)

  1. Why do you include so much card draw? I actually run zero spells or otherwise that draw me cards other than lands through Tatyova. When I first was putting the list together I had a bunch in the form of Ponder, Gush, and so on but ended up cutting them for other cards.

  2. Some of your Land fetchings spells just seem bad. I don't mean to offend but cards like Nature's Lore, Search for Tomorrow, Shoreline Ranger, Spoils of Victory, Farseek, Kodama's Reach and Rampant Growth just don't seem worth it to me. Instead of some of these fetch spells, I run 40 lands. I was also surprised that you are not running Dreamscape Artist (Springbloom Druid just seems like a worse version). It's like a repeatable Harrow and gets you two Tatyova triggers. I would argue that that card is one of the most powerful cards in my deck behind Tatyova ofc and Mystic Sanctuary.

  3. I decided to include more utility lands such as Bojuka Bog, Khalni Garden, and Sejiri Steppe. This decision on my part to include these was in spite of some of them not being in Green Blue but I though their value outweighs that downside. Bojuka Bog for example is better than Relic of Progenitus in this deck because you can flash it in with a creature like Walking Atlas and exile a target players bin and draw a card like relic. The thing is though that Bog is repeatable through your creatures that bounce your lands. Sejiri Steppe is similar in the way that its repeatable protection for Tatyova or another important creature.

  4. I noticed you only ran 1 land bouncing creature. In my deck, these guys power much of the value. With them and Halimar Depths I can basically ponder each turn at least once, it allows me to repeat the ETB effects that I mentioned above, and It also allows me to get a land drop in if I missed one for some reason. Floodbringer, Oboro Breezecaller, Soratami Rainshaper are the ones I run in addition.

  5. Now a few suggestions I have: Whispersilk Cloak, Power Sink, Universal Solvent, Vines of Vastwood, Scaretiller, Explorer's Scope (This works well in conjunction with Adventuring Gear and Aqueous Form), Seat of the Synod and Tree of Tales can be tutored with Trinket Mage, Library of Leng, Stone-Seeder Hierophant/Krosan Restorer, Spidersilk Armor (So the majority of your board doesn't die to Shrivel, Electrickery or something like that and harder for Pestilence and Crypt Rats.) Also Snap can ramp you is you have a land that taps for two and same with Frantic Search if you do want to play cantrips. Another win-con that will win you the game as soon as you combo off is Sage's Row Denizen that is assuming that you are not using Mystic Sanctuary.

Thank you for hearing me out. I am sure that there is a good reason for many of the cards I just questioned and I am excited to hear them to understand your deck better. If you have questions about my choices and reasoning I would be more than happy to explain further. I am trying to make the best Tatyova deck that I can and just wanted to know why a list with a similar end goal is running certain cards that I cut out.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that after looking through your list I am considering running: Lull and Moment's Peace because sometimes this deck has a problem stabilizing early because my playgroup sees my deck as a very large threat. Merchant Scroll, I don't know why I was not running it. Mystic Remora and Rhystic Study are just too good to pass up and I probably should have been running them. I have just one problem and that would be cutting cards. I would apreciate it if you could take a look at my list and tell me what you think.

Mortlocke on The Queen's Egg

1 month ago

abierto, TonyStark9001 your discorse convinced me that there are better options out there than Skyshroud Claim. While yes, it is a great ramp card, within the realm of competetiveness one must prioritize efficient, lower cost spells. Spoils of Victory is a placeholder for when Three Visits sees a reprint. That card is definitely not on the reserved list and will see a reprint at some point. No use in spending $150 on a common that could easily slip in with almost any upcoming supplementary set.

robcastpwnz on Emmara, Queen of Tokens

7 months ago

I think this is an interesting deck. I think an Enlightened Tutor would really help here so you can try to get Cryptolith Rite early and tap Emmarra without attacking. If you get the tutor later it can still be useful by searching for Parallel Lives or Beastmaster Ascension . I think Eternal Witness would be really good as well. It would offer some insurance if one of your important cards gets taken out. Your deck is super enchantment heavy so I also think Hall of Heliod's Generosity would be really good here. I know the tutor might be kind of expensive but this land should be an auto-include in your deck, would work so good. Whispersilk Cloak would also be very good for your commander. It makes it unblockable so you can tap it and get some free damage in without worrying about it getting taken out. The downside is that you can't buff it or put enchantments on it because the cloak gives it shroud.

This is just my opinion but if this was my deck I would remove like 4-5 cards from the 3-4-5 cmc slots to add some ramp cards. I think this deck could really benefit from a few spells like Nature's Lore , Rampant Growth , Kodama's Reach , and Spoils of Victory . I would remove Harmonize because I think you already have plenty of card draw but you have very little ramp. Yes, you have cryptolith rite and ashnod's altar but those are situational and rely on you having creatures to use them. I'm not sure how good Harvest Season is either. I feel like if you get it early it can be weak or even useless and if you get it late and it gets you a ton of lands you are probably about to win anyways. I even feel like Paradise Druid or Birds of Paradise would be pretty good here.

That's just my opinion, I have no idea what your meta is like. These are just some of the things i would probably do. I think ramp is one of green's strengths and to not see the classic green ramp spells in selesnya feels kinda weird to me. Good luck!!

MtG-Crash on [PDH] Tatyova Combo

9 months ago

1) Yeah, you really gotta know the combo and all of its ins and outs. Every version of it. The deck is a straight combo deck and tries to combo off as fast as possible and as reliable as possible. There is no grind, even though in 1v1 you can put your opponent into a softlock with Deprive + Mystic Sanctuary. So grindy things have no place in this deck. It is a combo deck in a controlish shell and Tatyova is the key card.

2) Reap&Sow has been in the deck in the past until I replaced it with Spoils of Victory , which puts Sanctuary in play untapped for 3 mana. If you feel like you need more tutors for Sanctuary, then go for Reap&Sow, but Sanctuary is actually the combo piece that is the easiest to find.

3) The card-selection cards you are talking about are not good in my opinion. Only Pieces of the Puzzle is something that I like and I have that card in my mind for a few weeks now. I do not think that you always have a land in hand and I do not think this deck is "pretty graveyard based anyway". Yes, the combo only works through the graveyard, and yes, sometimes you get back an important piece from your graveyard. But in no way do we rely on having a lot of things in the graveyard nor do we have a lot of ways to take an advantage from that. Treasuire Cruise and Far Wanderings are the only cards that profit from that. About the having a card in hand thing: When you play against players who know how your deck works and they have interaction and everything (counterspells, removal, ...), then you cannot just slam Tatyova on like Turn4. You will always lose these games. You only do that if your hand tells you that you wont have any other plays for the next turns if you dont slam Tatyova. But in general you want to ramp until like 7 mana in teamgames, so you can protect Tatyova at least one turn and untap with her. And when you do that, you wont have lands left in your hand. Having lands in hand because you have cast Tatyova on like Turn3/4 without any protection up is more kind of a goldfish thing. In pratice you'll hope to hit like 7 lands or more before slamming Tatyova. So if you get stuck on like 5 mana and have no lands in hand anymore and no ramp spells in hand, than you usually lose. Btw the card I did not try out but have considered to do so for quite a while now is Spy Network . That card looks 4 cards deep, tells you against which cards of your opponent you gotta have to play, and is super cheap. I think that card is the best not self replacing card selection. And I still couldnt find a slot for it. But its close, because I value the knowledge of the opponent's hand very high.

4) At start I also thought that it gets better the earlier I drop Tatyova. And in 1v1 that is actually kind of true. But in teamgames you gotta play the whole way around. In teamgames you have to slam Tatyova as late as possible but still getting value from it. People wont focus you that hard, and people will start to tap out for their own stuff. The earlier you drop Tatyova in a team game, the more interaction you will draw to you, because people want to slow you down and dont have anything else important to do nontheless, so they like to spend their turn to remove Tatyova. Grazer and Pioneer have been in my very first iterations, and yes, they actually delivered Turn3 Tatyova more often, whereas my list almost never casts Tatyova on Turn3, but rather on like Turn4, or Turn 5 with a counterspell up. And this is the way to go. I also thought that Grazer and Pioneer might be solid FLicker targets as well, but then again, you are thinking about grinding and gaining a few values here and there, but thats not what a fast combo deck is what it wants to do. You dont want to cast Ghostly Flicker on a Grazer. You want to keep up Flicker to protect Tatyova and basically try to kill next turn.

5) Cloud of Faeries is a strange one. Mainly it is just redundancy to High Tide / Peregrine Drake. The absolut main combo line is to get Tatyova, Sanctuary, Ghostly Flicker and either High Tide / Peregrine Drake or Cloud of Faeries + Growth Chamber. This is the most important thing about this deck. From there on you can find a lot of different ways to find into the full combo or replacing parts of it. For instance, Tatyova + Sanctuary + Ghostly Flicker already reads "pay 1 mana, gain 2 life and draw a card". That on its own is super strong and you will find the last missing piece (High Tide / Peregrine Drake / Cloud+Chamber) from there quite easily. Cloud of Faeries even enables infinite mana without Tatyova, Sanctuary and Ghostly Flicker: Displace + Cloud + Archaeomancer + High Tide already give you infinite mana. You'll still need carddraw, but infinite mana is a big help (Capsize likes that, or just a huge Temporal Fissure). And just a second Archaeomancer-like Body like Srivener already lets you recycle any Instant / Sorcery as often as you want. So Displace + Cloud + Archaeomancer + Scrivener + High Tide is infinite mana + infinite recursion of all instants /sorceries in your graveyard. So basically, Cloud of Faeries is a weaker Peregrine Drake that needs a bit more help, but redundancy is important! Also keep in mind that the "mana acceleration" part of the combo (that is Cloud of Faeries, Peregrine Drake and High Tide) is the hardest to find. You cannot tutor for Peregrine Drake, you can only tutor for Cloud of Faeries with Muddle the Mixture, and High Tide is easier to find, but it takes a lot of mana to do so. For instance you would transmute Muddle the Mixture for Merchant Scroll, then cast Merchant Scroll for High Tide. But sometimes you dont have the Mana and Cloud of Faeries works as good, so you can go for Cloud of Faeries. So redundancy is everything and the mana acceleration part is the toughest to find.


Vlasiax on

10 months ago

Seems solid, I've also thought about cutting Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma but this can wait until I get my copy of Bloom Tender :)

From a ramp perspective Three Visits might be better than Farseek simply because of that land coming into play untapped but for me it's very expensive and should cost at most 2x more than Nature's Lore (in case it ever gets a reprint). There's even Spoils of Victory but this might be too expensive at 3 CMC.

I wonder why Conqueror's Flail and Abrupt Decay got cut from here?

In my build I still didn't acquire Toxic Deluge due to high price tag so I thought about getting Fire Covenant in it's place and in covenant's place Anguished Unmaking - do you think that it might get similar

I understand your decision but there are much more variables that make a deck "75%" - I'd actually create most powerful version of a deck (or almost that, you know, ABUR duals are expensive xD) and depending on the playgroup's power level I'd rather adjust my playstyle (e.g. tutor for beater/ramp instead of a straight up win-con).

Guerte on [[Primer v3.4]] - OM_RATH!!! (M20 Update!!!)

1 year ago

Welcome back, VexenX!

I agree with having sections in the Primer for hate cards, kind of like a sideboard in a way.

Looking over your potential adds, I agree 100% with Prismatic Vista; nice to have another fetchland that lets the land come into play untapped. Wrenn and Six I’m not sure on just yet. I’m not sure id classify it as ramp more so than card draw, unless you have extra land drops. Could potentially be explosive early in the game. Force of Vigor is a potential replacement for Chaos Warp, at least in my deck. Free is hard to pass up. Springbloom, I feel, is lackluster. I’d rather have an actual ramp spell, since they synergize really well with Wrenn and his ultimate.

Ultimately, this deck does have pretty high cmc spells, so maybe cutting down could help. Boundless would be an easy cut for smaller ramp spells, as well as Hour. If you’re considering Circuitous Route, what about Grow from the Ashes and Spoils of Victory ? Both search for untapped lands, Grow has the ability to search for two if Kicked, and Spoils searches for our duals. Or are you wanting something that guarantees two lands?

How did Finale of Devastation NOT make your list of possible inclusions? It’s another creature tutor that also searches your graveyard, and is another win condition in the same line as Craterhoof, although it grants haste vs trample. It potentially makes Avenger a lethal card.

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