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Welcome to the Compendium!

What is the Compendium?

This is a collection of user-submitted Pauper EDH deck lists

How do I add my deck?

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Evangel of Heliod

  • "deck:hopelessly-devoted-to-ww" by eyes2sky

  • "deck:topple-the-kingdom-topplegeist-pauper-edh" by Flooremoji

Iridescent Drake

Overgrown Battlement

Wirewood Symbiote

Enduring Scalelord

Shadowmage Infiltrator

Zameck Guildmage

  • "deck:simic-experiment-danger-elf-tribal" by Flooremoji

Garna, the Bloodflame

  • "deck:warren-hell-did-all-these-goblins-come-from" by Gattison
  • "deck:pdh-garna-the-bloodflame" by Spell_Slam

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