Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension (DKA) Uncommon

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Creature — Wolf

Intimidate (This creature can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.

Other Wolf and Werewolf creatures you control get +1/+1.

Non-Human Werewolf creatures you control can't transform.

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Immerwolf Discussion

Akromathia on Werewolves Are Back!!

1 week ago

Hello! First, well done up there. I have been running werewolves for a while now, and this proposal is very interesting. In all honesty I thought of this same mechanic myself, but the price on

Collected Company prevented me from pulling that off, and since it is a common archetype in modern, people tend to be ready to counter it sometimes. I recommend paying attention to the new Gruul enchantaments, they help to fight control a lot. Now, I am going to give you my point of view on more of these mechanics, hoping to help you on the long run. Please, do not have it as me pretending to know more than you do or anything, it is just based on my personal experience. Now with this out of the road, let me begin.

All the Eldrazi Werewolves (The likes of Kessig Prowler  Flip, Smoldering Werewolf  Flip, Vildin-Pack Outcast  Flip, etc) are just a bad idea with Immerwolf , specially if you are running 4 copies of it. I myself used to have Vildin-Pack Outcast  Flip as a finisher and to abuse Kessig Prowler  Flip but ended up removing them due heavy incompatibility. My suggestion is to replace one side of the equation or lower the Immerwolf count to 1-2. Also keep in mind that Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip and Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  Flip suffer heavily with Immerwolf company as well, for they need to keep on changing to really shine. Both are great strategies, just not fully compatible in between.

Hope it helps, and keep up the good job :D

Gadianten on Who Let the Wolves Out?

1 month ago

Looks like a good start, consider adding in some additional mana ramp sources like: Sol Ring , Gruul Signet and Kodama's Reach .

I also recommend looking at some additional card draw options such as: Guardian Project , Sylvan Library , Lifecrafter's Bestiary and perhaps Zendikar Resurgent . I think it was a good choice of yours to add Vanquisher's Banner and I recommend following that path of play creatures draw cards.

Also Xenagos, God of Revels fits really well into this deck (or any red-green deck really) and you might like Heroic Intervention to protect your creatures from removal. I think you should consider creature tutors like Worldly Tutor to get Immerwolf out as that two or more spells cast thing is kinda painful for werewolves in commander; they really dropped the ball by not giving a legendary werewolf the ability control transforming for that exact reason.

griffstick on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

1 month ago

I saw someone say something about immerwolf not being in the list of pauper Cmdr's on the other list so I went ahead and built one real quick. Seems good. Howlpack alpha brawl with Immerwolf as the CMDR

AgentJackjohn on Pauper EDH Primer

1 month ago

Immerwolf is a very fun pauper Gruul werewolf / wolf commander, I'm surprised it isn't here. I have a paper deck of it and I've really enjoyed playing it

Darkshadow327 on LGS has Japanese Dark Ascension ...

1 month ago

So I was able to visit my LGS earlier this evening and get 2 packs, this is what I got (you would be interested in this DiverDown):

Overall opening this pack was pretty cool. It was suspenseful too since I didn't know what most of the cards were (I did recognize a few by art).

triproberts12 on Wolfen Horde

2 months ago

I think the biggest thing that would improve this deck is getting some tutors for Immerwolf . Chord of Calling is the most important, since it's instant-speed, allowing you to flip your werewolves. Woodland Bellower , Green Sun's Zenith , Birthing Pod , Eldrich Evolution, Fauna Shaman , and Natural Order are all good, too. Secondly, I would put in some generic tribal stuff. Adaptive Automaton , Door of Destinies , Herald's Horn , Kindred Summons , Metallic Mimic , Obelisk of Urd , Vanquisher's Banner , Urza's Incubator , Coat of Arms , Descendants' Path , Grave Sifter , Path of Ancestry , Shared Animosity , Steely Resolve , and Tribal Unity are all cards you should consider.

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