Well, this is a really neat commander. You ever want to have 2 Rhystic Study s? Well, with this deck you can! Anyways, this is a fairly straightforward simic midrange deck that can combo with Freed from the Reel or Peregrine Drake Shenanigans. If that's your thing I've explained it a tad better in the combo section.


Peregrine Drake + Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker and an outlet like Capsize or Sprout Swarm typically get you the win.

1) Have out peregrine and Archaeomancer

2) Cast Ghostly Flicker and target them both

3) Etbs happen, you uptap your lands and get Ghostly Flicker back to hand

4) Rinse and repeat to get infinite mana

5) Profit by dumping mana into Capsize or Sprout Swarm

Freed from the reel

1) Have a dork that can produce or a creature that can untap a land with either Utopia Sprawl or Wild Growth .

2) Put Freed from the Reel on that creature

3) Dump the mana into Sprout Swarm . You could dump the mana into Capsize too but that's assuming you put freed onto Axebane Guardian and you would need 3 defender - which currently this deck is capable of but it only has a small chance of happening.


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