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I elect Phthisis and its healthy string of consonants!

Hyalopterous Lemure would usually make me stumble as a kid.

January 18, 2022 5:20 a.m.

Said on Assassin Tapdown...


Do you find you have enough ways to manually tap guys down? You could be in trouble if you ever run into a big critter with vigilance. Authority of the Consuls and Blind Obedience are both cheap, automatic ways to do it, and combo nicely with Meekstone.

January 16, 2022 3:28 p.m.

Hey, discard can be a solid strategy now that there are so many cards to support it being a win condition, but there are a few aspects of your deck that stand out to me as maybe needing work!

The biggest problem is bound to be Ashiok's Adept - he only makes your opponent discard a card if you target him with a spell, and you currently have zero ways to do that. As is, he's just a 1/3 for three mana... not too exciting. Probably it's better to just cut him out rather than try to remake the deck to support him!

Another odd inclusion is Bridge From Below, which only has an ability so long as it's in your graveyard. How do you plan to get it there? Target yourself with Liliana? Probably this isn't the right home for it, either!

For your creatures, there are a couple upgrades I can think of that wouldn't be very expensive. Hypnotic Specter has got to be the best specter in the game, and I'd strongly recommend him over Abyssal Specter. Guul Draz Specter is a good alternative, too. If you're running to run a cheap guaranteed-discard critter like Ravenous Rats, then Burglar Rat is a small upgrade!

Mind Rot is also a card with lots of solid alternatives. Stupor, Unburden, Heartless Pillage and Demogorgon's Clutches are all just flat-out better!

Overall you have a solid chassis here. My main advice is to get the deck down to 60 cards and cut out anything that doesn't support your main strategy!

January 7, 2022 12:05 a.m.

Said on Delve Recycling...


Very funky concept. The Elemental is definitely a superior creature when he's actually in play, but if you're mostly interested in using him as reusable Delve fodder, then Misthollow Griffin might be preferable, since he's only four mana to bring back rather than five.

I did have a question, though... if you're hoping to use Eternal Scourge and the Elemental to fuel Delve costs again and again, how exactly do you go about doing that? Both of them go right into play from exile, and all of your pieces that exile cards only so from the graveyard. If you really want to use them to fuel exile effects, you might have more luck using cards that exile them from play, such as Necrotic Fumes. As is, paying five mana to bring a guy back, then finding a way to kill him off all so you can get a discount on another spell... kind of feels like it's missing the point somewhere.

January 5, 2022 11:14 p.m.

Said on Kauan Khights...


That is a good question - your creatures actually look quite solid now. Well, probably you could do with one less Kinsbaile Cavailer - more than one is redundant and you can fetch them with Buried Alive. Likewise, it's probably fine to only run three Call the Bloodline since it's unlikely you'll make use of multiples.

Yeah, the Inversion is basically just for creature kill. to kill little-to-mid-sized guys on command, or to kill all but the largest creatures, is pretty fantastic when it doesn't cost you a card to do it. That said, if your Breathless Knight ever gets to be a 4/4 or bigger, you could conceivably use the Inversion to push through three more points of damage!

January 3, 2022 11:56 p.m.

Said on Kauan Khights...


It might be wise to include a couple ways to discard cards if you're piloting Haakon. Call the Bloodline is a solid option, since it can score you a little extra life to undo your big guy's drawback and lets you pitch all of your creatures for another body once Haakon himself is online. Another classic tribal option is Mercenary Knight, who is big for his cost and sets Haakon up perfectly.

I'm not sure how hard you're focusing on running with Haakon, by the way, but if you're making some effort to get him going every game, I strongly recommend Nameless Inversion and Crib Swap as removal pieces. Haakon lets you play any knight from your graveyard, not just creatures, and since these two spells are both knights, he allows you to replay them from your graveyard again and again, wiping out opposing forces with ease.

Otherwise, I would recommend trying out Knight of Grace and Knight of Malice over the classic Black and White Knights. Those less colour-heavy mana costs are a godsend in a deck with mostly basic lands, and a 3/2 with First Strike for two mana can do a lot of good work against creature-based decks.

January 3, 2022 4:39 p.m.

No shortage of 'em, that's for sure...

Hull Breach: The same card advantage of Return to Dust and at the same speed... but for half the mana. It's a common, too. How this two-for-one superstar was ever forgotten was beyond me!

Blood Frenzy: Mono-Red is somewhat lacking in hard removal. Sure it can throw direct damage at creatures, but EDH is the world of big plays, and sometimes a fattie will come along who is simply too big to burn. Blood Frenzy can kill any attacking or blocking creature for just two mana - while coming with a free Scorching Missile! This type of card takes advantage of the multiplayer format that EDH often is: If Player A attacks Player B with a big creature, you can use Blood Frenzy to make the creature hit Player B for four more points while conveniently disposing of it right after. Whoops, you just did Doom Blade better than black could ever dream of.

Aftershock: Blood Frenzy is cheap and powerful but a little specific in what it can target. Aftershock can flat-out destroy any permanent of the three most common types with no restrictions! This kind of versatility at four mana comes with the acceptable caveat of 3 life, which is a pittance when you start with 40. If you're making a mono-red deck, the flexibility of Aftershock should make it a staple.

Repopulate: Graveyard hate for decks without access to black - and it's an instant, so you don't lose the element of surprise like if you run artifact solutions. It can also fight against milling effects if you're desperate. Don't need graveyard hate? Hey, you can just cycle it away for something else!

Kill Switch: Playing a colour that can't deal with artifacts? Crank this guy every turn and you'll shut them all down! A Blightsteel Colossus is only scary if it can move. You can even still use mana rocks and attack with artifact creatures on your turn, then activate Kill Switch afterwards to keep anyone else from having access to their own trinkets.

Duskmantle, House of Shadow: Does anyone in your playgroup run Cruel, Enlightened, Mystical, Personal, Sylvan, Vampiric or Worldly Tutor? How about Harbingers, Volrath's Stronghold or Momir Vig? It can be comforting to have an anti-tutor just sitting in play, making mana when you don't need it.

Mitotic Manipulation: Monoblue can't do mana acceleration, right? Under most circumstances, Mitotic Manipulation is three mana to put an Island into play untapped - last I checked, that's better than the ever-popular Wayfarer's Bauble. Plus, once in a while you might get to pull out a Sol Ring, Gilded Lotus or other format staple if one of your opponents already has theirs.

Coalition Honor Guard: Long before Spellskite was zooming the toys away from Boggles decks, this unassuming common was doing the same. The Honor Guard is a nightmare for any Voltron-style deck that leans heavily into auras, including the common Zur and Uril builds. It also soaks up removal that would be pointed at key cards, such as your own commander.

Warping Wail: This counterspell can be played in any colour and even has some other modes. Any EDH deck without access to blue can still run this to prevent untimely board wipes, extra turns, and plenty of game-ending cards: Debt to the Deathless, Exsanguinate, Finale of Devastation, Genesis Wave, Insurrection, Rise of the Dark Realms, Torment of Hailfire... any number of effects you never want to see your opponent resolve.

Heat Shimmer: This mundane-sounding sorcery can do some heavy lifting, particularly in a colour pie as shallow as red's. Shimmer allows you to bring the heat by copying not only the best comes-into-play trigger on the field, but also any fun triggers from attacking, dealing damage, and so on. This can be a roundabout way for red to ramp, draw cards or borrow the nasty abilities of Resolute Archangel, Terastodon and other off-colour haymakers. Don't forget you can also get a permanent copy of your token if you Populate it before it's gone.

Bind: The best cards are often not only powerful but completely unexpected. Green isn't exactly known for its countering, but this cheap cantrip lets any mono-green deck stop combos, hose Strip Mine/Ghost Quarter, prevent a planeswalker ultimate or turn Aetherflux Reservoir into a losing proposition. All this for two mana and it even replaces itself!

Arena of the Ancients: We all know Karakas is banned for hosing commanders too hard, but the Arena does a decent impression and is still fair game. This cheap artifact can tap down even commanders with hexproof or vigilance and keeps them locked down - especially useful for colours that don't typically have strong control options, like black and/or red. It's another easy answer to voltron commanders.

Righteous Aura: This card doesn't read as too impressive, but performs a lot better than you might think. 2 life is a pittance in the face of some of the steroid monsters you'll see in any given EDH game, and it allows you to ignore Commander damage entirely as well as any other non-creature or even non-permanent threats that might take a chunk out of you. Best of all, it doesn't even target, allowing it to bypass hexproof, shroud and protection.

January 1, 2022 5:33 a.m.


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