Nightveil Predator


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Nightveil Predator

Creature — Vampire

Flying, deathtouch

Hexproof (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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Nightveil Predator Discussion

SereneTsunami on DIMIR - post rotation

4 hours ago

This looks interesting. Have you thought about making a swarm of Nightveil Predators with Quasiduplicate? Turn 6 you can have 3 pesky flyers. Good job on Admiral's Orders no one remembers it can kill Settle with one blue showing.

SereneTsunami on Let the Cardboard hit the Floor

4 hours ago

I am considering a standard discard deck also. The current stable of U/B flyers seems like the perfect creature set for this strat. I think Nightveil Predator is a key creature because it can avoid most creatures and removal. I'm not sure though, lot's of testing is needed.

BUDGETIDEAS on turbo surveil

1 day ago

GingerSquatch93 I understand where you are coming from, considered Nightveil Predator myself. however, in the testing i've done so far it looks like my local meta are focusing on izzet and golgari decks, both of which Blood Operative has many good options for its enter the battlefield effect. Of course, in a meta with little to no graveyard focusing decks and more control heavy, nightveil is by far the better choice.

GingerSquatch93 on turbo surveil

3 days ago

Gee, this looks familiar! Haha the only suggestion I have is that I'm finding that Blood Operative is less than useful sometimes, so I might change that to Nightveil Predator. One more mana for a flying hexproof deathtoucher, the obvious downside being that its mana is very specific.

GingerSquatch93 on Abusive Surveillance, Volume One

3 days ago

Yeah, it's great with Doom Whisperer. Even if I end up losing the Whisperer, Lazav becoming it works out well. I am finding that Blood Operative is not working as well as I'd hoped, not a lot of people are scared of a 3/1 with Lifelink. What may go back into the deck are the Nightveil Predators, because people are legitimately scared of a 3/3 hexproof flyer with deathtouch. Also considering, though not as seriously, House Guildmage for the mana-for-surveil, though if Phyrexian mana is any indication of the value of life versus mana, it's more expensive than Doom Whisperer.

noncents on Night Owls

4 days ago

I like where this is headed. I was just thinking about taking my W/B vamps deck and trying to splash blue for Nightveil Predator or maybe even etrata?

Etrata might be better than vona here for some removal.

multimedia on Esper Vampires

1 week ago

Hey, really interesting deck, I haven't seen this concept yet. +1

Unfortunately you're going to want a lot of help with the manabase because there's some narley mana costs you have to make , , and the most difficult . Consistently with three colors it's going to be very difficult to make all these color requirements. My advice is include more early game surveil, Discovery / Dispersal and Notion Rain and 4x Unclaimed Territory especially because of Nightveil Predator. I feel you can cut some of the less good Vamps for these cards to help to filter for lands (surveil 2 and draw is very good to filter for lands). Have the lands so you can play the better Vamps with Predator being a big reason to play Dimir and Legion Lieutenant a reason to play Esper. More surveil is also good with Blood Operative which is a very strong three drop Vamp.

Because of Predator I advise to not play any or mana cost cards such as Settle the Wreckage unless the cards are Vampires. The manabase can only support nonVamp cards such as Vraska's Contempt, Ritual of Soot, etc.

Consider this example:

  • 4x Legion Lieutenant
  • 3x Vanguard
  • 3x Dusk Legion Zealot
  • 4x Operative
  • 4x Predator
  • 2x Etrata

Other spells

25 Lands

  • 4x Unclaimed Territory
  • 4x Watery Grave
  • 4x Isolated Chapel
  • 2x Drowned Catacomb
  • 3x Glacial Fortress
  • 3x Swamp
  • 2x Plains
  • 2x Island

Good luck with your deck.

Rednif_tap on Avail, Dimir Surveil!

1 week ago

That's a nice one! I also played Dimir at prerelease and I absolutely love the archetype. I don't have the whole deck in paper yet, but I've got it in MTG Arena and I do have something to share with you (though the meta in Arena and in paper might slightly differ — so bear in might that what I say might be more relevant there).

Disinformation Campaign is an all-star. I play 3x, and 1x in sideboard for control matchups. As for the other enchantment - Enhanced Surveillance - I tried it, and the additional surveil is fine, but other than that it doesn't do much on the board and I decided to cut it entirely.

I also cut Barrier of Bones - best-case scenario is that they stop an opposing creature from dealing you damage once and then die. In that regard I find Unexplained Disappearance much better - it's an instant speed surveil trigger, and it can also remove a blocker standing before your 10/10 phantasm. Also, combined with Disinformation Campaign it becomes a 5-mana hard removal (return the creature to hand, surveil, disinformation campaign returns to your hand. play campaign for 3, the creature is discarded). I play all 4 of them and I there have never been a time I was disappointed to see it in my hand.

Thief of Sanity is just too good a card not to play it in this deck. It robs the opponent of their bombs and provides card advantage, and is a first-priority threat for them (so they waste their removal on the Thief instead of your Spybug). I suggest moving Nightveil Predator to sideboard - it's a good card against red and/or white, where the Thief dies to Shock or Seal Away, but it's too expensive to cast otherwise.

The same can be said about Sinister Sabotage - I find it very hard to play this deck without any countermagic, so I always run all 4 of them.

Dream Eater is scary, but eventually I opted for lower curve and faster tempo play with Unexplained Disappearance (and with that I could play fewer lands and more cards :) ). If you play tempo, Discover /Dispersal shines against planeswalkers or Carnage Tyrants you can't remove otherwise, but I'd suggest swapping one with an extra Price of Fame - simply because the latter triggers surveil.

What I found from playing this deck, is that you can fix your draws, but it is weak in card advantage. That's why I run 2x or 3x of Notion Rain, even though initially I was more inclined to cut it entirely. If you can get your hands on Search for Azcanta  Flip, it can save your late game almost by itself.

Also, did you know that if you have a Phantasm or Spybug in your graveyard, you can transform your Lazav, the Multifarious the moment it comes to the battlefield, before its own ETB ability resolves - and put a +1/+1 counter on it from its own surveil?

As for sideboarding, Creeping Chill is superb against aggro, so I suggest playing all 4 copies. It is fine if you draw one or two - once you've both ran out of gas, you can alow to hard-cast it. Dead Weight is also a good sideboard card against half of the meta (and the fact that it can remove opposing Thief of Sanity is also extremely important).

And that seems to be all. Some of the suggestions are simply a matter of personal preference, but I hope that helps anyway :)

Have fun and good luck with your games!

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