Nightveil Predator


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Nightveil Predator

Creature — Vampire

Flying, deathtouch

Hexproof (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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EDH 6 / 2

Nightveil Predator Discussion

Podkomorka on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

1 week ago

@LurkerInTheBush Disciple of Deceit , Nightveil Predator , Ascended Lawmage , Loyal Guardian , Mistmeadow Witch , Crackling Drake , a couple more im forgetting off the top of my head. You can find some examples of them in the compendium :)

Skyler1776 on It’s 3 Colors and SUPER Friendly!

3 weeks ago

Thanks lords2001! On your points.. 1. I have Contempt in the deck, but was in a rush when I was making it, thus I forgot some cards. Thanks for pointing out the mishap! 2. Nightveil Predator is an ok card, but I opted for Chromium, the Mutable for maximum value. Even though the hexproof condition is conditional, it still holds a greater value. 3. The reason for no Disdainful Stroke is that I have both Unmoored Ego , Duress , and Negate Post-Board, but I would consider it! What do you suggest taking out for it?

lords2001 on It’s 3 Colors and SUPER Friendly!

3 weeks ago

I think you have made a pretty nice deck. Couple of suggestions.

1) Vraska's contempt is almost always better than Settle the Score . It is an instant, hits plainswalkers, gains life. I understand the combo with your plainswalkers, but you need something that can affect the boardstate.

2) If you dont want to do the above, move some counters in so you have some control?

3) Think about something like Nightveil Predator in the sideboard for the simple reason that it comes with hexproof, and can trade with any other creature.

4) Disdainful Stroke is pretty amazing for sideboard tech too in this era of R/U drakes, green stompy goodness etc.

Skippyeights on Budget Pirate Aggro

3 weeks ago

Tonight I played in my first FNM since returning to the game. I have assembled some decks of my own and played a few casual games, but for my first constructed competition, I wanted something that I felt would not lead to abject failure. I ran a clone of your deck. Wow.

There were only six people so we played a causal structure with just three matches. Your beautiful deck went 2 and 1.

I was totally clueless to the meta, so I used the original build that included the Fiery Cannonade . Unfortunately, I would have been better off with the Duress package.

The first opponent was a very experienced player (it was his card shop) using a Dimir control/midrange that relied heavily on surveil for card advantage and to fuel some 2nd and 3rd turn Dimir Spybug s in the first game. Unfortunately I had to mulligan having drawn only one land. The next hand had two but I failed to draw another until the fifth turn. By then, one of the bugs was 4/4, the other was 3/3, and we had traded blows with the smaller pirates I had been able cast. Luckily, my third land let me launch a Fiery Cannonade that took out the smaller bug (alas, the heroic Rigging Runner it had blocked didn't make it) as well as the two Nightveil Sprite s that had pumped the bugs. Next turn I was able to cast a Kitesail Freebooter and when I sent a full charge the next turn, he blocked with his big (now 6/6) bug only to find a flash-cast Dire Fleet Poisoner helping out the Freebooter. Hurrah. I was able to drop in a Dire Fleet Neckbreaker and the game was quickly over. For the second game, I sideboarded in the Duress package as well as the Cast Down s and Price of Fame s. I used two of the Duress to great effect snagging countermagic both times, and the Cast Down s were useful against a wide variety of Dimir nasties like Dream Eater , Nightveil Predator , and Thief of Sanity . It took a bit of time, but I finally defeated my opponent after dropping two Neckbreakers for a big charge.

My second opponent was another recent returnee to Magic--we both tend to play with out land in front on the battlefield as was illustrated in the original MTG instruction pamphlet. He was playing an unmodified Ral Planeswalker deck. The speed of the pirate deck made short work of him in about ten minutes. For the remaining time, we swapped decks and played again. He wasn't familiar with the cards or mechanics so it was drawn out, but he was winning when the other matches ended. He also sends you compliments on the pirates...Arg.

Third match was against the winner from the other bracket. The player is the local judge, and she lives and breathes the game. She was playing a Teferi control deck. The deck was four colors (no green) and the manabase cost enough to feed a small goblin tribe for a decade--there were no basic lands. The first game I was able to get a decent start and was able to do significant damage before she cleared the board with a Deafening Clarion . She then dropped a Lyra which I was unable to answer and that game was soon over.

I almost swapped in the entire sideboard, leaving out only one of the March of the Drowned . I had a decent draw, but unfortunately, the three lands--two swamps and an Unclaimed Territory were the only land cards I drew for at least six turns. I was able to cast some pirates and did draw both Sorcerous Spyglass s and used them both against Teferi (the first was destroyed). Unfortunately, she cast a Rekindling Phoenix and without any regular red mana sources, the only way I could get rid of it was to use two Cast Down s, first during her turn, then during mine. The next turn, she cast another. After finally dropping a mountain, I was able to Lava Coil the buzzard and got in a few decent hits before the bitch Lyra hit the board again. Luckily, I drew into a Price of Fame and got rid of it, only to have her cast another. I did try to use a Dire Fleet Daredevil to borrow one of her creature kills, but she counterspelled him. My demise was as quick as it was inevitable.

Overall, the deck did well. I don't know enough about the Teferi deck to figure out what else I could have done against it, but the second round would have been much closer if I had not been mana hosed.

Having successfully used the deck, I have two questions. First, when you sideboard, what cards do you tend to pull to make room? I figure it is rather situational based on what the opponent's deck looked like in the first game, but what are the most likely cards you pull. Against the Teferi, I stripped out the Rigging Runner s and the Fiery Cannonade s. I also dropped two Ruin Raider (which may have been a mistake because she quickly burned the one I was able to cast in game 2) and all four of the Dire Fleet Poisoner s--the Deathtouch would be worthless against Lyra and I don't think she would have fallen for the same attacking Freebooter trick I pulled against my first opponent to get rid of the phoenix.

Second, what plans do you have to include cards from Allegiance? The creature cards don't fit the pirate theme, but with the possibly diminishing payoff of the Fiery Cannonade (which may change if the is a resurgence of aggro from Rakdos or Orzhov via the Allegiance cards) would it be worth it to include some non pirate creatures?

Aside from creatures, I think both Light Up the Stage and Theater of Horrors could be viable ways to get additional card advantage. With Spectacle, Light Up the Stage is a cheap way to access two more cards and you have until the end of your next turn to use them.. I saw the card used to great effect in the prerelease.

Theater of Horrors ? Don't know..your opponents see all cards as they build up, but that could be to your advantage if they focus on the potentials of the exiled cards and may not anticipate cards in hand. Plus basically drawing two card every turn without worrying about hand size? Only fear is removal that kills your enchantment andthus permanently exiling everything.

Anyway, thanks again for your deck. I am more confident about trying my decks, but I may still the sirens call to go sailing some Friday night with those scurvy seadogs. :)

weezle101 on Toolbox Vannifar RNA

1 month ago
  1. Make a Sideboard
  2. Growth-Chamber Guardian is a two drop that can replace Druid of the Cowl . It can get big in the late-game and it tutors up more targets for Prime Speaker Vannifar .
  3. Nightveil Predator beats control by itself.
  4. This deck is sweet.
  5. Also, check out my deck: RBGW Prison

DubbaDub on Dimir Lazav Mill Combo

1 month ago

Probably Nightveil Predator and Thought Erasure. From the maybeboard, I think you should also put in Sheoldred, Whispering One instead of Hedron Crab as you don't have any lands that would trigger twice, such as fetch lands. Maybe also a counterspell or removal (5 is usually the sweet spot for single target removal).

elvishimpersonator on Advertise your STANDARD deck!

1 month ago

Here's a fun take on black burn. Dimir Vampire Discard Burn, it uses some really cool vampires like Nightveil Predator and Vampire Sovereign as well as the best discard card in the format Thought Erasure

Vampire Discard Burn

Standard elvishimpersonator


Ishio on PDH(UW) - Olka's Shenanigans are pretty oppressive

2 months ago

Well, I hate my deck as well, which isn't all that different from yours (gotta update it), but I loveeeeeee the flicker, flicker, flicker effects. Esp when the opponent is playing kicker spells. "Oh, you're going to kick it and put 30 +1/+1's on it? Okay, well now at eot, it has none."

I sometimes also forget I am also running Nightveil Predator, cuz ya know, flying, hexproof, deathtouch isn't OP in pauper.

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Nightveil Predator occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.1%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%