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Izzet Staticaster Ping Tribal

Pauper EDH Control UR (Izzet)


I've always had a love of creatures that could ping targets for 1 or 2 damage. However in the meta I learned to play in, rife with big green stomp decks, they were nearly useless. However, in PDH, a format with (usually) smaller creatures and less card advantage, the repeatable, flexible power of the pingers finally has a chance to shine!

The main theme is pretty obvious. Accumulate enough pingers to consistently clear the board of threats while whittling down players' life totals. The secondary themes are walls, infect, and auras/equipment that give the ping ability. The walls keep us safer while we get to a critical mass of pingers, the infect creatures are a way to close out the game a little faster once we have our soft lock in place or put some -1/-1 counters on creatures that are too big to ping down, and the ways of giving ping powers are so that our walls and infect creatures can start doing damage from afar, as well. There's also a few untap engines to help us get even more damage out of our creatures each turn.

Because the commander has flash, you can often wait and keep him in the command zone while holding a counterspell back, waiting to choose the optimal response to whatever is played. There's also a small tribal element (10 humans, 6 shamans, 5 wizards) that could probably be expanded on, but for now it's mainly used for Path of Ancestry to get us some card selection. There's also a few utility cards like Saltwater Stalwart that allow us to draw cards when they deal damage to a player. These, along with Rhystic Study, Quicksilver Dagger, and a handful of cantrips will hopefully be enough to keep our hand full while our opponents run out of creatures to throw into the meat grinder.

Major weaknesses of the deck are hexproof creatures and board wipes like Pestilence and Crypt Rats. Counterspells are the only way to remove hexproof or shrouded creatures, but there's also a good chance you can just hide behind your walls and ping the person to death, too. The board wipes don't have such an easy answer, though. Counterspells still work, but with the low toughness on many of our pingers and lack of creature recursion, we get set back a LONG way if a wipe lands.


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