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That's Gnarly, Bro! - Gnarlback Rhino PDH

Pauper EDH* Enchant Enchantment Fight Mono-Green Totem armor Voltron


What if you wanted to play Enchantress Voltron but still pack a ton of fight spells? Look no further than Gnarlback Rhino. This bad boy turns fight spells into cantrips. It turns combat tricks into cantrips. It even draws off those aura that we're running 25 of.

A few notable card inclusions:

Whip Silk: It basically reads "GG:trigger Gnarlback Rhino and return this to your hand."

Ancestral Mask: iT mAkEs THe BiG bOY BigGEr.

Gnarl on, Gnarlback Rhino!


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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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