Azra Oddsmaker


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battlebond (BBD) Uncommon

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Azra Oddsmaker

Creature — Azra Warrior

At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may discard a card. If you do, choose a creature. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player this turn, you draw two cards.

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Azra Oddsmaker Discussion

rores28 on Judith cEDH

1 month ago

I think there's at least a few auto includes youre missing here

Auto Includes
1. Toxic Deluge
2. Fire Covenant
3. Blood Moon
4. Magus of the Moon
4. Pyroblast Functional clone of Red Elemental Blast and a better version of some of your other red counter spells
5. Gamble This downside isn't always all downside because of the GY focus of deck

Should Strongly Consider
1. Dark Confidant You have very low avg CMC so this will never be a problem
2. Demonic Consultation
3. Reanimate
4. Praetor's Grasp
5. Imperial Seal
6. Blood Artist Has a lot of synergy with your combos
7. Rakdos Signet
8. Talisman of Indulgence
9. Cabal Ritual
10. Cursed Totem
11. Pyroclasm

Other possibilities
1. Rolling Earthquake
2. Dark Petition
3. Azra Oddsmaker
4. Pestilence
5. Infernal Darkness
6. Contamination
7. Anger of the Gods
8. By Force
9. Animate Dead
10. Phyrexian Arena
11. Mindblade Render

PlutoniumWedding on War Gods [Kresh Budget Warrior Tribal]

1 month ago

Here's my sales pitch for undervalued gem Tooth and Claw , not to be confused with the more (in)famous Tooth and Nail .

Scenario: Someone just cast Wrath of God , meaning your carefully assembled horde of warriors is about to go straight to the bin. Not only that, but Kresh won't even be around to get any counters. But wait! You sacrifice your battle-worn Mindblade Render and his trusty companion Azra Oddsmaker , putting four counters on Kresh and creating a 3/1 red Beast creature token that for some reason card designers thought it was important should be named Carnivore.

Poor little Carnivore is not to be long-lived, however, as you can sacrifice the beast along with your next warrior to put another three counters plus the warrior's power on Kresh. Rinse and repeat until out of warriors.

Where is all this leading, you ask? Fling , of course! Make that control player feel the pain for daring to play boardwipes!

It's also useful for getting some value out of chump blockers (not where this deck wants to be, but still). Spawning Pit is another good option in the same vein, though I think it is slightly more expensive in the $ department, if cheaper in initial mana investment.

Generally, just being able to sac your stuff at instant speed for no mana can be really useful against all sorts of effects, like Deflecting Palm , Phyrexian Rebirth , Song of the Dryads and tReason to name a few.

I'd also recommend adding in a bit more draw and ramp. Zendikar Resurgent does both, but other good and relatively budget-friendly options for not being left behind if the game goes long are Guardian Project , Beast Whisperer , Lifecrafter's Bestiary , Garruk's Packleader , Elemental Bond . Palace Siege and Phyrexian Reclamation will also keep your hand stocked, just from another source. Getting back Merciless Executioner or Fleshbag Marauder every turn to grow Kresh while clearing blockers seems nice. Vanquisher's Banner would be excellent in this tribal list, but it is a bit more expensive.

For ramp, Sakura-Tribe Elder at least helps in growing Kresh a bit if drawn late while still getting a land early. Similarly, Farhaven Elf and Wood Elves can chump after fulfilling their rampy duties and trigger some of the above mentioned creature-based draw sources (and grow Kresh). Explosive Vegetation is admittedly a strictly worse Circuitous Route , but as they say, why not both?

Sure, you might need to cut some of the worse Warriors to make room for all of this, but with more draw you will see the better ones more and with more ramp you will be able to play more of them every turn.

Most of these cards are fairly well known so I hope I didn't waste your time, but really I just wanted to talk about Tooth and Claw . It's not a card that goes in every deck, but it's great where it fits.

...Also, Soulblast is the grandfather of all Fling s.

TheErebos on Bloodbath

2 months ago


OK, I've been searching on gatherer for all cards with discard effect (quite a lot xD). Honorable mentions:

So...that will be all buddy. Sadly WotC don't care about good vampires with discard theme :c

Winterblast on Najeela's Hulk Pod Project (cEDH Primer)

3 months ago

Thanks for that Barbola! I had Skullclamp in the deck once and it's ok. Not like Edric, Spymaster of Trest but you can turn tokens into some cards. However, I found it is useful only when I have creatures that could just attack as well and for these situations Mindblade Render, Azra Oddsmaker and Tymna the Weaver provide more long-term value without having to sac your whole board. It's more problematic to get cards when you have no board, which is why I have added Wheel of Fortune again. I would probably use Skullclamp when it's not sure your creatures go unblocked frequently. My meta is very low on creatures, so there's much more value in keeping creatures and getting draws off combat based abilities. It's also not often happening that a creature is destroyed or killed by dmg (most often it's counters/bounce here because everyone is heavy on blue), so Skullclamp would only be used to kill off tokens and dorks and they help more when they are still alive. Manual beatdown is indeed a realistic option sometimes so I rather keep my warrior tokens.

Dryad arbor feels unnecessary because it's just a land that can't be used immediately and only produces one colour. Because of that, Razaketh kills won't get faster with a t1 Dryad arbor, especially since you can't calculate with "1 creature, 2 lands, 1 green mana" when one creature is also a land. Having creatures for Razaketh is usually not a problem at all and maximising the chances of getting opening hands with the correct colours on lands is really important.

MagicalHacker on Reanimating big, scary creatures with ...

5 months ago

Hey everyone! Some of you may know me from my staples lists here on TappedOut (they're on my profile page for those of you that are curious), but it's probably more people that don't know what lists I'm talking about lol

Anyways, I recorded a game with my Xira Arien reanimator deck on my YouTube channel, and I figured there might be someone that would get a kick out of it here on TappedOut:

I've skipped ahead to where the game begins, but if you are interested in hearing me talk about why I've added Mausoleum Secrets and Azra Oddsmaker, just rewind about 3 minutes.

If an hour is too long, feel free to just watch the first half, which is the first of the two games in this video.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the video :)

rockleemyhero on BigGameHunter12

9 months ago

Here’s my real wants list copy pasted from my binder: 1x Abrade

1x Abrupt Decay

1x Azra Oddsmaker

1x Bountiful Promenade

1x Chaos Warp

1x Counterbalance

1x Diabolic Intent

1x Dismember

1x Engineered Explosives

1x Forest

1x Gemstone Mine

1x Greater Good

1x Huatli, Radiant Champion 1x Imperial Recruiter 4x Island 1x Krav, the Unredeemed 1x Lurking Predators 2x Mind's Eye 1x Mindblade Render 1x Monastery Mentor 1x Mycosynth Lattice 1x Mystic Confluence 1x Pathbreaker Ibex 1x Pir's Whim 1x Plains 3x Portent 2x Predict 1x Red Elemental Blast 1x Relic of Progenitus 3x Scalding Tarn 1x Sea of Clouds 1x Search for Azcanta  Flip 1x Seedborn Muse 1x Selvala's Stampede 1x Skyshroud Claim 1x Slayers' Stronghold 1x Snapcaster Mage 1x Sower of Temptation

1x Stolen Strategy 1x Surgical Extraction 3x Terminus 1x Vesuva 1x Volcanic Island 1x Walking Ballista Entreat the Angels

Sorry for the terrible formatting. Biggest wants are volcanic island, snapcaster mage, search for azcanta, walking ballista, engineered explosives, vesuva, and imperial recruiter. Rest of the stuff is 2nd tier wants. Let me know if you have any :)

Azra Oddsmaker occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%