Did you just say that you have to deal 40 unblocked damages to beat me? How weak... If you enter the wrong elvish neighbor(W)ood, you will face the Spinebiter.

What is it? - Simply, a mono infect deck full of brutal force. The main focus of the deck is to land the commander and to deal 10+ poison damage to any opponent, killing them on the spot with its sudo-unblockable skill. Pretty straightforward uh. But there is more: the commander costs ALOT, so you have to ramp and generate enough mana to cast it by turn 4-5, 3 at best, for the decisive swing next turn. Llanowar Elves and friends are the best to do this job, and deserve a good part of the deck, paired with ramp spells like Cultivate and Skyshroud Claim. Some other poisonus creatures can do the trick, and even dealing 1-2 damages could be enough for the Spinebiter to finish the job.

But they are tiny little creatures! - Yes, they do, but full of pump spells they can be huge threats if not answered. Cards like Phytoburst, the unsurprysing Giant Growth and the most infamous, terror and despair of all pauper players in its origin, Invigorate can alone grant you half of the game.

I want to test it with my playgroup! - Ok, go on, but remember the curse of the Glistening Oil: friends and poison can't go along well, you must chose wisely...

What do we fear the most? - Righteous Aura. Plain and simple. Which that is worse that the Circle of Protection: Green because can cover all the sources so it can see much more play.


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