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PDH(WU) - BirdHorse Permission Idiocy

Pauper EDH* WU (Azorius)



On one level, the idea of the BirdHorse Permission deck really intrigues me. The win condition for this deck is not fast, but completely self-contained in the Command Zone. If you resolve The Bird on turn two and then resolve The Horse on turn three, you're swinging for increasingly large numbers right out the gate. Eisor makes them immune to removal in those early turns, so you've got a bit of time to accumulate counters and get out of Pestilence and Crypt Rats range before you have to get to start counterspelling the spot removal that folks are paying an enormous amount of mana for. Your other counterspells are for stopping combos. There's not much else to do with the deck: keep your mana up for counterspells and then spend it on draw spells at EoT.

The appeal here is, again, that the win condition is extremely reliable, since it's only two pieces and they both live in the command zone for only two mana each. This means I can dedicate the entire rest of the deck to playing control and counterspells.

... which is also the terrible part of this deck. I hate control and counterspells.

I'll probably file this one under "things I think will work but am unenthusiastic about trying."


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