Stormchaser Mage


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Uncommon

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Stormchaser Mage

Creature — Human Wizard

Flying, haste

Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

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Stormchaser Mage Discussion

SorenPixels on Red-Blue Counter Burn

1 week ago

Caaarrlll can seem my Mana curve being an issue. Im grateful for the input. If i may, i'll go down your list and comment on each suggestion.

Note: im relatively nee to Magic, only been playing for a couple years casually. I'm not expecting this deck to go to tournaments, its mostly casual, something for me to have fun and fuck with other people with. I probably shoulda made this clearer. My bad.

Remand Good cheap counter with draw power. Considered.

Mana Leak Strong counter for 2, What should I replace with it?

Negate Practically the definitive Blue Counter. What to swap out to put it in?

Logic Knot I saw and considered it. Im bad at deciding between cards, though.

Lightning Bolt Cheap, Strong, versatile. I like.

Electrolyze Nice burn/Draw.

I want to try to keep it down to 2 colors. Im learning that still. Im normally mono-color.

Monastery Swiftspear Good turn one with solid ramp. Ive seen it in action.

Enigma Drake is already in my deck, unless you think i need 4x?

Spellheart Chimera I saw this one but forgot it when building the deck somehow.

Snapcaster Mage i saw him, money will probably be an issue tho...

Stormchaser Mage another i saw and considered. Im unsure when it comes to deckbuilding.

Goblin Electromancer i picked for cheap curve and draw chance. Baral seems fun tho.

Thing in the Ice  Flip how have I not seen this before?

Kiln Fiend seems fun.

Serum Visions 1 drop draw, and scry 2?! How is that legal?!

Opt sounds strong. Ixalan, right?

Sleight of Hand man that's old, its legal?

Izzet Charm oh crap how could i forget those?! Definitely finding room for them somewhere.

Im not sure how to feel on these 2 Land Searches. Life sacrifice for immediate search. As stated, not super competitive, so im not scared of letting my mana lands come in tapped.

Same story with Spirebluff Canal.

I like that Ability on Wandering Fumarole tho.

Caaarrlll on Red-Blue Counter Burn

1 week ago

So first and foremost, you really need to lower your curve. Spells costing 4 should be the most expensive spells in the deck, but honestly I wouldn't go past 3 mana unless you want to run something like Cryptic Command. If you really like the idea of bouncing spells back at your opponent, then go for it. But I would recommend just cutting out the middle-man and running counters, burn, and creatures. Here are some recommendations:



Mana Leak


Logic Knot (Though this one may not go very well with something like Enigma Drake)

Spell Pierce


Lightning Bolt


If you ever decide to add white, Lightning Helix is great

Lava Spike (if you want to go heavy on the burn)


Monastery Swiftspear

Enigma Drake seems solid

Spellheart Chimera is a smaller Drake with trample

Snapcaster Mage is a must in any control deck as long as money isn't an issue

Stormchaser Mage may be good

Baral, Chief of Compliance seems better than Goblin Electromancer, but he's legendary

Thing in the Ice  Flip

Kiln Fiend can be fun


Serum Visions


Sleight of Hand

Izzet Charm (goes in like three of these categories)


Fetches like Flooded Strand and Scalding Tarn are the same story as Snapcaster Mage

Steam Vents

Spirebluff Canal

Wandering Fumarole

These are just suggestions to make the deck a bit more streamlined, but you're welcome to go your own way with it. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Snivy__ on U/R Thermo-Alchemist budget

1 week ago

I'd say if you want to make this deck more aggro based, put in more Monastery Swiftspears and Stormchaser Mages. Otherwise, go with the other idea. Good luck!

rajcak on Izzet Delver

1 week ago

Thank you for your comments, I'll surely cut both Izzet Charms for a pair of Rift Bolts. I'll also replace Unsummons with Vapor Snags. I've been always satisfied with Enigma Drake as it is a great way to kill my oponent when the small creatures are not enough. I've never liked Stormchaser Mage though and I am propably not going to run it as I already run playset of Monastery Swiftspears... I'll try to move the Pyromacers into the Sideboard and add some Kiln Fiends into the Mainboard.

Boza on Izzet Delver

2 weeks ago

Young pyromancer is not very good here - it goes wide, instead of tall, clashing with the rest of the dudes. I would recommend Stormchaser Mage instead. Vapor Snag is a strict upgrade to unsummon.

Hyperalgialysis on New Heroes

2 weeks ago

You want to take out the heroic ability and replace it with prowess. You don't cast copies with zada's ability so you won't get counters, and you also won't get tons of prowess buffs from zada's ability either. The prowess will trigger for each spell you cast on zada tho, so chaining 4 or so together with a relatively full board will be lethal damage. Echo Mage would be better left out in favor of Kiln Fiend or Stormchaser Mage

Boza on BR Control Deck (Need Help Improving)

3 weeks ago

Ok, so prowess is mostly an offensive mechanic. Counterspells and prowess do not mix well together. Geting the benefit on the opponents turn is rarely useful.

Prowess and expensive spells do not mix together well either - Arrow Storm does pretty much the same as Flame Slash, rarely will 4 extra mana be worth the ability to go to the face.

Expensive prowess creatures and cheap spells do not mix well together either - you want as many creatures as possible to benefit from the prowess bonus.

So, there are two routes for me - either go small aggressive creatures like Monastery Swiftspear and Soul-Scar Mage and Stormchaser Mage with cheap spells to maximize benefit of prowess OR spell control deck with prowess-like finishers of the sort of Cryptic Serpent, Thing in the Ice  Flip and Enigma Drake.

Which do you prefer me to elaborate on?

Emzed on Red Green Storm

3 weeks ago

Mishra's Bauble would fit here very well. It's a free non-creature spell that replaces itself, and provides a little bit of information along the way.
Also, I think you are light on threats. If an opponent has two removal spells, you can already be in big trouble. Sometimes you might be able to fight through that with Blossoming Defense and Vines of Vastwood, but having 2-3 extra creatures wouldn't hurt either. Maybe Abbot of Keral Keep or even Stormchaser Mage if you would be okay with a splash.

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