Young Pyromancer


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Mind vs Might Uncommon
Eternal Masters Uncommon
Magic 2014 Uncommon

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Young Pyromancer

Creature — Human Shaman

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, put a 1/1 red Elemental token onto the battlefield.

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Young Pyromancer Discussion

Tethys on Neo Bloo: Graveyard Fueled

1 day ago


Baral is arguably the weak link in this deck, and to be honest, he is kind of a vestige of an earlier version of the deck that ran mainboard Remand, Dismember, and other cards that benefited strongly from his passive abilities. Right now, he is good for a few different things:

1) He combos with Manamorphose for mana ramp, much in the same way he does in Storm.
2) He makes your opponent think that you are running counterspells, even if you are not, which you can actually play to your advantage pretty easily.
3) I actually do have counterspells in the sideboard (four right now since one of my Shattering Sprees disappeared).
4) If he's your first creature down, your opponent is almost certainly going to think that you are playing Storm, which would make him a much higher-priority removal target than he actually is.
5) He's a solid blocker against creatures from Burn (but that generally just causes him to eat a Bolt).

So I have actually been looking for replacements, and recently gave Curious Homunculus  Flip a shot. Unfortunately, the homunculus rarely flips before the turn 4 upkeep unless you get really lucky with a Turn 1 Thought Scour or Faithless Looting, and adding colorless mana that can only be spent on instants and sorceries on Turn 3 when he is your only creature on the board is next to useless.

It's funny that you mention Young Pyromancer because he is actually next in line in tryouts for Baral's spot. Stormchaser Mage is also potentially reasonable. Keep an eye on this page for updates as the deck is further refined :-)

gregtheestablisment on Neo Bloo: Graveyard Fueled

2 days ago

Very cool deck! I eagerly await the return of Bloo in Modern! :D

How has the Baral been working out for you? What does it get you as opposed to Young Pyromancer or even Curious Homunculus  Flip?

I've been playing Bloo w/ Noxious Revival + Thought Scour, but it hasn't felt the same, so I've shifted to Enigma Drake tempo/control. This list is awesome, since it seems to be a median!

BryanAnthony on Grixis Delver Burn

2 days ago

so for the most part i like what i see. i would however take that 4 drop creature out immediately. it hurts the curve so damn bad it's giving me a rash. i would instead use sometime like Young Pyromancer. you should really be 12 creatures and all of them being a playset if you're gonna run delver. most delver decks want young pyromancer, and snapcaster is always a must. and then you just run the best grixis cheap spells that further your plan and tempo them to death.

BryanAnthony on Unsympathetic Intellect

2 days ago

in a deck like this, you want complete consistency with the tempo. my suggestion is to go down to 12 creatures, and just awesome free spells like Gitaxian Probe, Mutagenic Growth, Manamorphose, pretty much anything phyrexian free that helps you pump up your dudes. in a deck like this, i would use Delver of Secrets  Flip, Monastery Swiftspear, and Snapcaster Mage, or Young Pyromancer. with a deck that fast, you can also run about 17-19 lands. sometimes less, depends on how confident you are with the deck.

bobbyboo on I'll Have What She's Having!

4 days ago

Talrand, Sky Summoner, Young Pyromancer, Metallurgic Summonings, and Insectile Aberration  Flip should help you along quite well, Guttersnipe too. Tezzeret's Gambit and Steady Progress work well to gain experience, Inexorable Tide will give a similar effect.

In terms of theft a Stolen Goods is usually value, Treachery and Domineering Will too. For when you put money into it Bribery is effective as anything, same with Commandeer and Desertion.

Bluefire016 on Burning Jab

5 days ago

Tingettley, thank you for the feedback. When I first put this list together, it looked completely different and actually included a few cards you mentioned like Young Pyromancer and Worm Harvest as a way to block while I try to get Burning Vengeance online. I am running Ensnaring Bridge because in my testing and play of this list I can fairly consistently get empty-handed keeping me better protected from creatures. I also have two copies of Liliana of the Veil that I ran in here for a time, I'm doing some testing without her since I will be running her in another deck, but I will also switch her back in because, well because she's LotV. Maelstrom Pulse could be quite useful in the sideboard going against heavy token decks. I'll have to try to get my hands on the Haakon/Nameless combo because that could be quite useful and fits well with the theme of the deck.

To name a few, my LGS has; Skred Red, Death's Shadow Aggro, Zoo, Storm, Aristocrats, Bant Spirits. Plus a lot of the players like to run different decks from event to event.

Thanks again for your input!

Tingettley on Burning Jab

5 days ago

So this deck looks really cool. It's a really spicy list. However, what does Ensnaring Bridge really do for you that extra removal couldn't do in its place? I think this list could go down the bridges for either extra copies of Abrupt Decay or Terminate, or even bring in something like Maelstrom Pulse.

I also really like the idea of retrace with Burning Vengeance. Someone suggested Lingering Souls, however I think this would be a better home for a 1 of Worm Harvest. It works great with what you want to do, and gives you blockers (which I'm sure is what the bridge is for). Or even Young Pyromancer?

Also have you thought of any walkers for the deck? I know Lilli of the Veil is to expensive, so she's not even on the radar, but what about like Xenagos, the Reveler or Sorin, Solemn Visitor? (I know lord of inistrad is better, but again prices.) These are just some minor things that may help.

Lastly what is your meta like at your lgs? If interested the community may be able to help you build a sb suitable to your situation (if needed).

godzilla080 on Grixis Delver

5 days ago

So it almost seems that you are on the precipice of 2 versions of the deck. You could go more aggro counter-burn by adding Stormchaser Mage and Bone Picker or you could go more controlling by taking out Young Pyromancer and Electrolyze and adding more counters. Either way I would add one maindeck Dreadbore and move one Terminate to the sideboard. I would also add things like 2 Grafdigger's Cage instead of Rakdos Charm and something else.

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