Young Pyromancer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Uncommon
Magic 2014 Uncommon

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Young Pyromancer

Creature — Human Shaman

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, put a 1/1 red Elemental token onto the battlefield.

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Young Pyromancer Discussion

Jay on H: Date-Stamped Dovin Baan & ...

10 hours ago

Hm, what about Young Pyromancer, Behold the Beyond, Void + like $6?

cjpcodyplant on Izzet Storm

12 hours ago

you should sideboard Young Pyromancer for emergencies against Ethersworn Canonist

GabeCubed on Finding New Treasures: UR Delver

3 days ago

Hey veeonix, thanks for the comment!

As for Blood Moon main board, my biggest problem is how it interacts with the Disrupting Shoal, but it has been something I have considered.

Cryptic Command is good, but with how fast the format is, and 18 lands, I am going to stay away, at least for now. If the format slows, then I would probably go up a land, put in more Snapcaster Mage, and add the Command.

I really do want to try out Thought Scour, but for me, I feel like Gitaxian Probe has a bit more utility, and I have always liked it a bit better. I feel like it would be better in a slower format.

The one of Thing in the Ice  Flip has been better, as I also run the Young Pyromancer. I wouldn't be opposed to more Snaps, as I was thinking about adding them anyways.

Skred is not a bad idea, but I usually fetch duals first, so it wouldn't be at it's greatest, especially with the lack of Scalding Tarn. When I get them, I might try it. Not sure if it is better or worse than Spite of Mogis, which fills the same type of purpose, but flows a bit better with how the deck is.

All in all, if Modern slowed down at all, I would probably add another Snaps, take out the Shoals and one Bedlam Reveler, add a Cryptic and add those Thought Scour. Gitaxian Probe would be a bit worse too then. Main board Moon would be cool too.

patricka177 on Budget Mono Red Burn

4 days ago

Hi Duggernaught,

Thanks for commenting on my deck. Found your budget burn deck and wanted to return the favor.

Seems like you have a traditional burn deck with very few monsters. I imagine Young Pyromancer works well mid to late game when you can line up multiple casts...but it looks like you are vulnerable against strong early game decks that try to take you out before being able to set up combos.

Speed is a good thing, Browbeat helps a lot. I was never a fan of shard volley, perhaps Vexing Devil would be a good replacement. Same amount of mana, and you either do 4 damage to target player instead of 3 or you get a 4/3 monster. Might help with defense. However, it doesn't fit a "budget" deck. Average cost $10.

Rift Bolt is a card that I consider alright. If you are ok with using time counter cards, the enchantment card Quest for Pure Flame might be of interest to you. This is a cheap card that fits into a budget deck.

Semajss on A Thousand Reflections, A Thousand Damage

1 week ago

I don't mean to bust your bubble if you didn't know this... and it's sad because I was thinking about building a deck very similar to this. Monastery Mentor and Young Pyromancer will only trigger once when you cast the pump spell. The copies of the spell are treated as copies that were not cast, just like if you Rite of Replication something else. If you already knew this, sorry to waste your time, but I couldn't help but notice that they were your only sources of mass creature generation.

Hjaltrohir on Grixis Delver

1 week ago

hugh4893 Hi there, thanks for the suggestions! The reason i am running more lands and no Young Pyromancer is because my grixis delver deck is built to be much more control than tempo. My deck was originally based off of Ryan Overturf and Kevin James' ones which both took the controlling route. I know that Pyromancers are becoming more popular now, but for the time being I will stick without them.

motar212 on red white burn

1 week ago

Great, Thanks. I added the Young Pyromancers and ditched the guildmages. Thanks for the help.

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