Young Pyromancer


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Mind vs Might (DDS) Uncommon
Eternal Masters (EMA) Uncommon
Magic 2014 (M14) Uncommon

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Young Pyromancer

Creature — Human Shaman

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, put a 1/1 red Elemental token onto the battlefield.

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Young Pyromancer Discussion

Plahbie on Jeskai Blitz

2 days ago

How are Electrolyze and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar working in this deck? I understand that Gideon is able to provide a new 2/2 each turn, breaking a stall, but Electrolyze is inefficient removal and draw. Also, Jeskai Charm seems like a dud - heavy on the mana base, and you'll probably only use it as another Boros Charm.

Here are some recommendations for replacements - you don't have to take my advice, though.Instead of Electrolyze, use Spell Snare, Thing in the Ice  Flip, Young Pyromancer, Swan Song, Chained to the Rocks, or Kataki, War's Wage. If none of these appeal, try Spellskite.

Instead of Jeskai Charm, try: Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, Valorous Stance, Anger of the Gods, or run Pentad Prism in addition to Jeskai Charm for a stable manabase.

Now, there isn't much of a problem with Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. However, Narset Transcendent and Nahiri, the Harbinger seem like they might be better additions that fit with the rest of your deck.

hardhitta71194 on The Izzet Guild

1 week ago

Ayyyyye this is dope, love it. Hello fellow Izzet Mages and Glory to the Firemind!

Cant have the Izzet League without the Firemind himself, Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and gotta have the guild champion Melek, Izzet Paragon.

Delver of Secrets  Flip, Young Pyromancer, and Lightning Bolt are usually auto includes in 80% of my decks.

And a personal favorite of mine, Hypersonic Dragon! Also I foresee this deck being very large so a good tutor could help, Firemind's Foresight.

SeekerofSecrets on Melting the Ice

1 week ago

So to me the problem with Disallow is that 90% of the time its no more affective than Mana Leak but it cost 1 more. So it doesn't come online until turn 3, but if you cast it that's all you get to do vs casting a leak you can then cantrip afterwards. Thats the difference between possibly flipping TiTi on turn 4 vs 5 or 6. I like 3 manna counters better in the side and then cryptics and 1 Logic Knot in the main.

Personally i would run Stubborn Denial or Spell Pierce in it's place, you could then cast TiTi on turn 3 and still protect it.

Have you seen the UR Pyro deck running around? It plays Young Pyromancer along side TiTi, i play a budget variant of it and it's pretty sweet!!

SynergyBuild on White Knights Unite

2 weeks ago

I don't think you understand modern as a format, unless you can overwhelm Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and his infinite swarm, Path to Exile is useful, same goes for a Wurmcoil Engine and it's babies, or if you ever want to cast a spell chosen by a Meddling Mage.

Sure, this deck may be able to beat a 2/1, but if you want to stop Dark Confidant from overwhelming you with card advantage, pack yourself a couple Path to Exiles before you get beat.

Decks in the metagame that Path to Exile is useful against:

5 Color Humans (Meddling Mage, Dark Confidant, Mantis Rider)

R/B Hollowed One (Everything, they want it recurred, now it is in exile)

Jund (Dark Confidant, Tarmogoyf)

Mono-Green Tron (Ulamog, ceaseless hunger, World Breaker, Wurmcoil Engine)

U/R Gift's Storm (Baral, Chief of Compliance, Goblin Electromancer)

Affinity (Whatever creature they alpha strike with)

Burn (Eidolon of the Great Revel, Grim Lavamancer)

Grixis Death's Shadow (Death's Shadow, Gurmag Angler, Tasigur, the Golden Fang)

Eldrazi Tron (Matter Reshaper, Thought-Knot Seer, Reality Smasher, Endbringer, Wurmcoil Engine, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger)

Bogles (Dryad Arbor, Kor Spiritdancer)

U/W Control (Wall of Omens)

Land Destruction G/R (Courser of Kruphix, Tireless Tracker, Pia and Kiran Nalaar, Inferno Titan)

Jeskai Control (Spell Queller, Pia and Kiran Nalaar)

Mardu Pyromancer (Young Pyromancer, Bedlam Reveler)

Scapeshift (Primeval Titan)

Ad Nauseam (Laboratory Maniac, they lose they next turn off of an Angel's Grace)

Counters Company (Devoted Druid, Vizier of Remedies, Kitchen Finks)

Grishoalbrand (Griselbrand, Borborygmos Enraged, Worldspine Wurm)

Amulet Combo (Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Courser of Kruphix, Primeval Titan)

Living End (Archfiend of Ifnir mostly, but any of their creatures should help slow down their explosion of creatures)

Infect (Self Explanatory, any of their creatures and they are doomed)

Ironworks Combo (Kill their Scrap Trawler, and they lose)

Welp, that about wraps up my reasons why path is so dang good, but I guess I'll share some more:

It isn't rare to have Path to Exile be named the best removal in modern, next to Lightning Bolt and Fatal Push as it's contenders, it exiles, unlike either, and is unrestricted removal, some decks splash white just to play it, and you don't play it when it is your only color it looks stupid to say "Oh, I'll trample over all of the creatures it could hit", when your creatures are smaller than many (even after buffs and accounting for double strike) and they wouldn't block the others.

Creatures aren't removal (until they are, like Nekrataal), and Path to Exile is, please don't think removal is only for blockers or attackers.

xyr0s on Jeskai Blitz

2 weeks ago

Pardon me, can I have a minute of your time? Have you heard the word of our lord and savior?

Other than that: How is Monastery Swiftspear working in this deck? I'm guessing it has some amazing openings, but everything after turn 3 can be sketchy, and it's to draw, when your hand doesn't have a bunch of cards. Cheaper spells would make it a good del better - Anticipate could turn into Opt instead for example. Jeskai Charm also seems to weigh heavy on your mana, also due to the fact that it might mostly be Boros Charm nr 5, 6, and 7, but at one more mana. If you had Snapcaster Mage in your deck, a mix of Vapor Snags and Path to Exile would be fine for keeping control, but you don't, and then they are a bit lacking (or maybe it has just become a habit that those are to be played twice).

Two creatures that could be good here: Young Pyromancer and Bedlam Reveler. Both are great in decks that use lots of spells, but doesn't just drop it all on turn 2. Not really sure what could be replaced though. Pyromancer might just be sideboard card, since some match-ups could be turned around by a handful of tokens. No clue what could be dropped in favour of reveler, but it's a good card for keeping the attack going, when you otherwise would run out of gas.

And you really should let the lord into your deck.

NV_1980 on Kess the Golden Guardian

2 weeks ago

I like your deck. You're using so many instants and sorceries though, that I can't help but wonder why there's no Guttersnipe in here; that free damage against every opponent for almost every spell you play adds up pretty swiftly. Also, Talrand, Sky Summoner seems like a given because of this (especially since you're already using Young Pyromancer). Another card that makes a lot of sense to me, would be Charmbreaker Devils. After all, you might not always want to exile your own spells when you recast them. I hope this makes any sense.

SeekerofSecrets on Abnormal Harmony

2 weeks ago

QuantumSkies so a few things

I've played a decent amount of delver and I always end up dropping the 4th, this is because I'm never really excited when i top deck it late game. I found dropping to 3 and adding in another relevent threat (Gurmag Angler) seems to be a more balanced approach.

I would like to be playing that 4th Opt but I don't think it's absolutely vital and I don't know what to pull for it. The control package is pretty tight.

I think Mana Leak and path are a necessary evil in this list. I don't feel like this list wants to tempo out but rather go long, so i don't like Remand in it. I feel like remand fits in a more aggressive shell where a single turn is the difference between winning and loosing.

Monastery Mentor to me feels very grindy and not neer as aggressive as Young Pyromancer, I agree that its a nonbo with board wipes but i feel like we have enough spot removal to not warrent a board wipe in the main

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Counterspell deck help

3 weeks ago

Shell refers to the rest of the deck. Tempo, Draw-go, etc.

An example of a tempo shell that plays counterspells in modern is 'Delver'. The namesake card is Delver of Secrets  Flip, and it aims to play Delver turn 1, and possibly another threat on turn 2 or 3, then use counterspells and other spells like Lightning Bolt to stop the opponent from doing anything meaningful. In such a deck, counterspells like Spell Snare and Mana Leak are very good because they don't cost very much mana. If you counter their Tarmogoyf with a Spell Snare and then pick off their Liliana of the Veil the next turn with Mana Leak, then you're in a good spot to win. However Delver decks don't run Cryptic Command because it costs too much mana. It can't be cast until turn 4, which is problem if you need to be countering things on turns 2 and 3. Other popular cards in delver are Young Pyromancer, if playing UR Delver, and Tasigur, the Golden Fang, if playing Grixis Delver.

A draw-go shell is Jeskai Control. It combines the power of counterspells with the flexibility of burn spells like Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix, and Electrolyze. The burn spells can be used to kill small creatures out of an aggro deck, or they can be used to burn the opponent directly against a big deck like Tron. They try to win with burn spells or powerful cards like Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Celestial Colonnade. Other cards they play include Path to Exile, Supreme Verdict, and sometimes Spell Queller.

Every competitive counterspell-based deck plays Snapcaster Mage and Serum Visions. I don't know of any exceptions. Usually 4x of each, and always 4x Snap if you're playing Lightning Bolt.

Also I can't believe I forgot about Negate. It sees a good amount of play as a 1-of in UWx decks.

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