Young Pyromancer

Young Pyromancer

Creature — Human Shaman

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, put a 1/1 red Elemental token onto the battlefield.

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Young Pyromancer Discussion

luisserpa on AMERICA F*CK YEA

13 hours ago

The deck seems good, but there are some cards that could be out of it. Think Twice is not a great card for you, since you want to run in legacy, you have some better options, like Brainstorm, or Gush, these work better in what you want.

Bonfire of the Damned it's a card that I'm not a big fan, so I would take it out, maybe in place of Wrath of God, if your objective is to destroy everything in the field, or Fireblast to deal with the final blow.

You should also run the playset of Young Pyromancer, he does wonders in these kind of decks and it will bring you a better pressure to the field.

These are only some suggestions and feel free to argue them.

No doubt a +1 well deserved

Vaarek on I challenge the Modern community

1 day ago

so youve gotten some very good suggestions already , but i noticed that you showed a particular interest in these deck "abzan company combo, bw tokens, merfolk, Grixis control or Delver, naya zoo, or gw beat down". that got me thinking , have you had time to try these out? the choice is yours , afterall.

you also mentioned that you want the deck to fit these criteria:-Consistent (doesn't have to rely on a good draw)-Doesn't have multiple matchups that are just horrible-Doesn't burn out after 4 turns-Multiple wincons

out of those decks, most fit at least 2-3 of your criteria , so they should be fine.

the thing is , we dont exactly know what the meta will look like for the coming few months. im expecting a lot ( read : A BOATLOAD ) of Eldrazi variants, as well as Tons of Aggro in the for of affinity , infect , zoo , and company decks , as well as the occasional Kiki Chord / Archangel Spikefeeder decks.with this Assumption in mind , its reasonable to pick a Deck that has A good Aggro matchup , as well as means to fight the eldrazi menace.

First up , if you like Abzan company ,its an amazing deck and very well positioned right now. i believe it had an 50% conversion rate at the last Pro tour ( 50% of alls the company decks made it to day 2 i believe).it can beat the eldrazi deck ( read : not a hopeless matchup) and it has fair game against most of the aggro decks.

that being said , in my experience , you need to get a good hand and really NEED to see those collected companies , or you can fall behind quickly.

well , but now for the REAL salespitch ....

Blood Hope and Death

Modern Vaarek


yes , you said you dislike Dark confidant and liliana of the veil, i havent forgotten about that. Mardu is becoming a THING right now. several Articles have mentioned its good Aggro matchups and excellent sideboard options against the eldrazi decks.A very similar Mardu list ALSO had a 50% conversion rate at the recent Pro tour!it is very consistent ,has multiple winconditions , doesnt require you to have a god hand , and has very few really terrible matchups. the only decks that are hard to beat ( but very beatable indeed) are jund and junk, but those are actually not as favored against the rest of the field right now. So by joining the Mardu Revolution , you could be at the forefront of a new Meta , besides your Mardu Brethren !. there are also variants that dont use Dark Confidant and Liliana of the Veil , and instead run Gurmag Angler and Painful Truths , or Young Pyromancer and Monastery Mentor variants! each version has its distinct features and benefits, and slighty different win % against the different Matchups.if youd enjoy a Deck that almost never feels hopeless , and lets you play interactive Magic even in the more unfair matchups, try some Mardu !

BindMind on Wrenching Visions

1 day ago

That is definitely sound logic for playing Angler over Tasigur. However, being in blue, I will often find myself holding onto mana to make sure the opponent doesn't do anything silly, so having the option to get a free card on my end-step is helpful. It won't always be a Leak or Inquisition, and Leak and Inquisition won't always be useless. And Tasigur does still block Thought-Knot Seer. However, if you are having trouble with Reality Smasher, you should most definitely put in Angler over Tasigur. Tombstalker with its double black is a horrible idea though; even for a flying 5/5.

In terms of a budget build, I could definitely think of one. Mardu R/W/B would be a much smarter choice for a budget-conscious player, where instead of Snapcaster Mage you go for Abbot of Keral Keep. Go for 4xYoung Pyromancer and 2 more Gurmag Angler/Tasigur, the Golden Fang instead of Remand and Mana Leak. Serum Visions can be replaced with a fourth Lingering Souls, 2x Mana Tithe, and a planeswalker such as Ajani Vengeant. Creeping Tar Pit is easily replaced with Shambling Vent. Other replacements could come in the form of Grim Lavamancer or Blackmail.

Captgouda24 on Okay, pyromancer, cantrip, cantrip, cantrip

3 days ago

Unfortunately, I think that the Kiln Fiend, Desperate Ritual, and Pyretic Ritual is not made for this deck. The main strength of this deck is how low to the ground it is, and how it is very hard to interact with. Managorger Hydra does not work for this same reason. Kiln Fiend, (along with its cousin Nivix Cyclops) are rather easy to interact with, and you will get completely blown out.

Managorger Hydra sucks in this deck, I'm sorry to say. Three mana is very hard to get to, and by the time you get there, you've blown all your cantrips, so it will not go in.

Manamorphose is a very interesting idea, however. I will test it out, and possibly try it.

Remember, this is a go wide deck at heart. It wants to find Young Pyromancer and cast it as soon as possible, then chain a bunch of cantrips together, with Disrupting Shoal doing its best Force of Will impression.

nocsha on Budget delver

3 days ago

Sorry I submitted my last comment before the actual card submissions, I would recommend both Young Pyromancer and Goblin Electromancer. With the huge mass of instants and sorceries, youll cycle through a fair chunk of your deck quickly. if you are willing as well, Manamorphose and/or Gitaxian Probe will help to mana fix and prepare your plays and cycle through your deck a bit faster as well.

Kidchaos2084 on Naya Burn

3 days ago

Atarka's Command over Skullcrack. Destructive Revelry and/or Ancient Grudge on sideboard. I would run Young Pyromancer over Guttersnipe considering you are running Giant Growth and Titan's Strength.

rooroothepirate on Dead draws? What are those?

3 days ago

AEtherspouts is a fantastic magic card. The first time you use is will be a complete blow out. After that, your opponents will be looking elsewhere unless they have good reason to be attacking you.

Swan Song pulls its weight and then some.

Talrand, Sky Summoner, Young Pyromancer, and Sphinx-Bone Wand are all legitimate kill conditions in an izzet deck.

RunicSteam on Soulfire Grand Master Burn

5 days ago

Hey, if you put in Boros Charm you will be able to make your creatures indestructible, meaning you can Boros Reckoner + Pyroclasm , or Lightning Bolt, his ability will do damage,which is harder to avoid than directly from the spell and he still lives, and Boros Charm + Soulfire Grand Master = Lightning Helix +1, and helix gives you six life now, I would avoid Stuffy Doll + Swans of Bryn Argoll , while late game they force you to burn them as opposed to opponents creatures, and blocking Swans of Bryn Argoll gets the defending player card draw also (and if defending player Bolts), I would also look at Chained to the Rocks as it is like a path in enchantment form with boros, and I would also look at Deflecting Palm (bounces damage) also if you restructure your mana base slightly to have more basics you could main board a Blood Moon (w/ enough plains 1-2 on field) you would slow your opponent, Eidolon of the Great Revel is a really good idea, with Soulfire Grand Master you won't care about him as much his downside to you is a small amount of damage here and there if you don't burn for 2 or more, why your opponents will lose life from him (the swans won't give you life from master b/c damage is prevented). Young Pyromancer, Guttersnipe, Monastery Swiftspear, all of these would be good option, remember you want to cast burn spells constantly, creatures only if they have benefit you from burn spells. I know you want to survive to late but late only lets you draw cards from swan and do damage with doll or reckoner, these cards are turns 3,4,5 swans and doll aren't good enough as a competitive modern decks goal is turn 4 consistency (tier 1), otherwise doll should be a burn spell because burning doll will bounce it to an opponent anyways and you burning doll gets you 3 life, doll doesn't gain you life also making him an expensive blocker, Fortified Rampart is better for blocking,or replace him with a burn spell, Chain to the rocks, if you wanted to splash blue Wall of Denial and Detention Sphere get you some really good blocking and targeted removal, if your willing Seeker of the Way isn't as aggro as Swiftspear, but it gives you lifegain. I have an aggro boros implementing a lot of what i suggested and it's main board ignoring mana base is $75 on Tcgplayer. Assuming you or anyone else wants to see it here is a link

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Magic 2014 Uncommon



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