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This deck can kill with with commander damage from Savage Ventmaw, but it has plenty of other ways to kill, such as with a massive Fireball or Wildheart Invoker. The general gameplan is to ramp until Ventmaw is out (ideally by turn 4), then use combat tricks to keep the dragon alive while you put all that mana into various mana sinks or spells with X in their cost.

I use a ton of ramp in this deck (in the form of mana dorks) because it works double duty, both making sure I can always recast Ventmaw, as well as giving me more fuel for my mana sinks. If my commander is stuck under a Pacifism or Narcolepsy, the mana dorks can still power out a few spells or keep a mana sink powered if I have nothing in hand. The dorks also work well with Lavafume Invoker, allowing for some nice alpha strikes with a pumped team.

(Oct 21, 2020) Just completed a massive overhaul of this deck. Added more haste enablers so you get refunded 6 mana as soon as you cast Ventmaw and attack with him. This is such a massive tempo move that it can instantly make you the archenemy, but it's worth it. I also added more X-spells, since they're very flexible in this deck. The last thing that got added was more repeatable card draw, such as Bonder's Ornament and Magnifying Glass (which doubles as ramp). The things I cut were mostly creatures between 2 and 4 CMC that had variations of firebreathing. I would rather spend that 6 mana playing another creature instead of just temporarily boosting a 2/2.


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