This is an aggro go-wide deck that relies on your Lieutenant Commander sticking on the field to give your creatures and tokens protection and vigilance.

Seeing as all the creatures are tiny, banding creatures are included to limit casualties on the blocking side of things. Directing all damage to a Doomed Traveler or a Martyr of Dusk in a blocking band gets you a token, which is Pure Value. Banding also allows the deck to go "tall" by amassing a band of small soldiers and tokens that can trade a small threat for a big one. The benefit of banding also includes getting to explain to all your friends how banding works.

There's also a sub-theme of cycling, which is included to make up for the relatively bad card drawing options in white. The deck's curve is super low, so cycling lands or useless spells in the late game shouldn't impact the game plan too badly.

Finally, there are a few protection auras to help keep your commander on the board. You can also drop one on a blocker to deal with (blockable) Voltron commanders. The cycling Runes are there as a backup to help stave off death by commander damage.


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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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