Sky Hussar


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dissension (DIS) Uncommon

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Sky Hussar

Creature — Human Knight


When Sky Hussar enters the battlefield, untap all creatures you control.

Forecast - Tap two untapped white and/or blue creatures you control, Reveal Sky Hussar from your hand: Draw a card. (Play this ability only during your upkeep and only once each turn.)

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Sky Hussar Discussion

madcatsowega on The New Angry Birds

2 months ago

I also wanted to comment on the choice for Hour of Need. Essentially the card is a 4/4 flyer with flash for 3 mana and the additional cost of exiling a creature. Way back in the day Sea Drake was a thing in Legacy because of its aggressive cost. Since then they have printed a few other 4/4 flyers (IE, Illusory Angel) but this one is the best IMHO. Hour of Need accelerates Angy Bird's clock (which was something it originally struggled with in older builds) and allows for some combat trickery. The ability to play it on the opponent's turn means you're often forcing the opponent to lose one of their attacking creatures as well. Instant speed also means we can hold mana open to cast other cards based on the opponent's turn. And because Angry Birds generates so much card advantage and also a lot of expendable creatures, the cost of exiling a creature is typically pretty minimal--especially since Hour of Need is only a 2x of.

The fact that Hour of Need can actually generate 2x 4/4 flyers at instant speed in the late game and can double as really bad removal in really dire situations is just gravy. In my experience Hour of Need has been the card that has changed the tides of an otherwise losing game.

That said, I think a great argument can also be made for Spell Queller in the 3-drop slot. The great thing about Angry Birds are that we have several viable cards in the 2-drop and 3-drop slots to build the deck to the player's tastes and meta.

Since Sky Hussar is not typically a card I cast (but mainly make use of its forecast ability for card advantage, I felt that 3x was the right amount over 4x. Again, it could be a matter of taste but it really is a card I want to see in game but not in multiples. On the other hand, Judge's Familiar is a fantastic card that deserves to be a 4-of IMHO because of its excellent value. Having 4 of it and 3 Mother of Runes pretty much ensures we have a strong turn one play.

Skinken on The New Angry Birds

3 months ago

Are there any real reasons not to run Detention Sphere over Oblivion Ring?

Also I'm curious about the idea behind Hour of Need.

And lastly, what made you make the change from 3x Sky Hussar to 4x, and as a result going down to 3x Judge's Familiar?

I'm asking all this because I'm trying to build an angry birds list myself, and thus am looking for any additional advise I can get (your primer was an amazing help though :))

skelegon on Knight Tempo Control

4 months ago

Nice deck. I'd say maybe drop one Jace, the Mind Sculptor for another land. The fact he costs two blue in his cmc seems difficult to hit at times with your current mana base. Another knight you could consider is Sky Hussar, it allows for extra card draw and a natural flying threat later in the game to pair with your double strike cards.

TKDbeast on Soul Sisters (Sky Monument)

6 months ago

Interesting! I love Sky Hussar. Really creative design.

I'd recommend putting a basic island in there, just in case a creature receives a Path to Exile and you need {U}, you're cracking a fetch on low life, or your opponent plays a Blood Moon, you'll still be able to cast your {U} spells.

Perhaps more copies of Auriok Champion should go to your sideboard.

I'm interested as to why you didn't add Ajani's Pridemate. Is the metagame too removal-heavy for it nowadays? Same goes for Kor Skyfisher.

I'd also think about having Sundering Growth instead of Disenchant. In fact, thanks to Detention Sphere, I don't even think you need Disenchant at all! Maybe put a planeswalker or two in its stead, or perhaps a Celestial Purge, although, with all the Auriok Champions, you might not need it. Heck, with the overabundance of Humans, Linvala, Keeper of Silence might be a good choice.

What a really creative twist on Soul Sisters!

SynergyBuild on Heaven on the roam. (Weenie hatebears)

7 months ago

If this deck wants to be competitive, branch out into black or white, drop the angels, and attempt to run some more card draw/hand disruption (Inquisition of Kozilek/Dark Confidant) or (Meddling Mage/Remand/Serum Visions). Being in multiple colors adds a lot to hatebears.

If you move into black, consider the following:

2-3x Inquisition of Kozilek

1-3x Thoughtseize (4-5x of both)

3-4x Dark Confidant

3-4x Tidehollow Sculler

0-1x Athreos, God of Passage

If you move into blue however, consider the following:

2-4x Meddling Mage

1-3x Judge's Familiar

0-3x Geist of Saint Traft

1-3x Reflector Mage

0-2x Sky Hussar

Vesosoft on Bystander Mode Activate

8 months ago

First, thanks for you input and suggestions, Path to Exile will definitely be added, just not sure for what yet (although I am a bit concerned with the ramp up of my opponent, but that shouldn't be too bad).

I suspected this deck was too slow for Modern, which is why I am asking for help. I have a pretty big gap in between my times of play (Unlimited to Fourth Edition, then Tempest and Stronghold, and then random booster boxes bought from 2012 forward, except, I haven't bought any new cards for about 2 years), so I am not aware of many of the options that are out there. Additionally, because the time I played most actively was so long ago, many of the staples of play are not Modern Legal and I'm not sure what replaced them or what the best option for replacement was. Which is why Cancel was in the deck, I knew it was a 3cmc straight up counter, one turn slower than my favorite spell in the game Counterspell; I didn't know what else to choose (going with Mana Leak btw, thank you).

Okay, on this deck, it is not a Azor's Elocutors deck; it is intended to be a deck in the vein of Tempest Deep Freeze. Objectives are to limit what makes it to the battlefield, then lock down what you do allow to the battlefield. Any opportunity where you have a battlefield advantage because of the control aspects, you should be swinging with whatever you have on the field. It really is a control and beatdown deck. Azor's Elocutors is in as an alternate win condition, if you can completely lock down the board with the Eidolon of Rhetoric + Jace, Unraveler of Secrets combination, essentially making it a 3 card combo against decks that can't answer the primary combo. However, this has convinced me walls are the wrong choice for this deck, too passive. So I need some decent low cmc creatures to replace the walls, preferably with some permission or control aspects to them.

Okay, for counterspells, dropping Cancel and picking up Mana Leak. What are your thoughts on Mausoleum Wanderer? I was thinking it doubles as a creature for my deck (since I am sticking with spirits) and gives me a counter. My concern is it is limited to instants and sorceries. I anticipate early game to be facing a lot of creature casting, so it seems of limited value, and isn't a strong creature until pumped up by Drogskol Captain, and if I make it to turn 3 or 4, then even a hard counter like Cancel would be a better choice due to the limits on what it can counter.

Definitely like Cryptic Command; but not sure if it should replace Rewind. I really like Rewind, because if I can force the game late, it is a, qualified, "free" counterspell.

On the lands issue, yeah, in the old days (maybe I'm shackled by my previous it was common practice to run around 1/3 of your deck land, and I still build like that. I don't mind being mana tight. I start getting up to 24-26 lands, like suggested currently, and I notice I flood seemingly way more often. I despise flooding. So yeah, I run tight; I think the curve on this deck may be too high, but the high cmc cards (excluding Jace, Unraveler of Secrets and Eidolon of Rhetoric) are not necessary until later game, while the lower cmc cards are intended to help make it to late game. Telling me "I need to make it 8 turns" is an issue for the deck? That is what I'm trying to make the deck do...drag games out > 8 turns. Also 70% of my deck is <= 3 cmc. I am going to be removing Drogskol Cavalry for Leyline of Sanctity, so that should reduce the curve a bit too. That being said, land tweaking is always the last thing I do, and you may be right, it may need 24-26 lands, or some digging. But that usually comes from play testing for me, not my initial build. I build tight, then loosen up if needed. This allows me to know which cards can be removed from the deck and replaced with lands.

On the walls, I do agree, for different reasons. I'm going to remove them from the deck, for some slightly more aggressive creatures, who hopefully will have some control aspects built into them. I liked the utility both of those walls provide; but they don't allow me to attack when opportunity arises. If you have any ideas for <= 2 cmc creatures that provide some good control utility (preferably without paying something every turn, like Gideon's Lawkeeper, although I do like that card) but still allow me to chip away when opportunity presents itself, I'd really appreciate it. The argument that walls shouldn't be used because removal exists is silly to me though. In that case, non Shroud/Hexproof creatures shouldn't be used because removal exists. A player using removal on my creatures is a part of the game and mostly 1 for 1 trade; this deck shouldn't (if built right) mind 1 for 1 trades in normal game flow. That card and mana could have been used by my opponent to strengthen their board, instead it was used to weaken mine; but this deck will struggle most against opponents that focus on strenghtening their own board quickly. I used to play a modified Tempest Deep Freeze a lot, and that is what this deck is inspired by, and I will tell you, in my previous experience, attacking my board was not the way to win against the deck. Removal spells are the least of my concerns, especially when used on a disposable 2 cmc blocker; unless that next attack takes my life to 0, I don't mind losing those early creatures and delaying, whether it is delaying an attack hitting me, or delaying my opponent playing a more meaningful spell because they used removal on essentially a chump blocker. I hope I explained this correctly; not sure if I did. Either way, walls are out, and I'm going to put in more aggressive creatures.

As for the Card Advantage discussion; yeah, I could use some for sure. I like Sky Hussar, that could be useful. If I have a positive board state (which can often happen due to the board control spells in the deck) I could definitely use that card to draw. That being said, I'd prefer if I could get some extra draws on some control spells. Any ideas?

Finally, thanks again for your input. Definitely a lot to think about and some changes to be made.

xyr0s on Bystander Mode Activate

8 months ago

Hi, and welcome to modern - a format much faster than your deck (to put it very bluntly). For a good picture of exactly how fast, have a look at counterspells - also since you seem to like those. Very few 3-mana hard counterspells are ever played in any deck. In comparison, Spell Pierce is played a lot. Is that because Spell Pierce is better than the 3-cost counters? No, if you look at the card text, the more expensive spells are obviously much stronger - they'll counter everything, and opponent can't pay extra mana to get his spell anyway. But since the format is pressed into high speed, very few decks have much in terms of extra mana to give. And therefore "pay 2 extra" is the same as "counter target spell" very often - but you can play the cheaper spell in the early turns of the game, and you can keep mana up for it and still be able to play something. There are exceptions - particularly Cryptic Command (and Ojutai's Command for budget decks - you should maybe try that one, it could be pretty funny with Kami of False Hope), but they are not so much one card at 4 mana, as a collection of 2-cmc cards tied together on one piece of cardboard.

Commonly played counterspells in modern would be something like Remand, Mana Leak, Spell Pierce, Logic Knot, and then there are bunch of less played spells like Familiar's Ruse and Condescend that still have their uses.

Another consequence of modern being a fast format is, that you don't get to win on Azor's Elocutors. It takes 5 turns to play it, if you don't have any ramp, and then it takes 5 turns of peace and quiet to win. That's a 10-turn plan, and you'll simply never have that kind of time.

Mana: You play 20 lands, with no additional mana sources. That's fine and good, if the average cost of your cards are somewhere around 2. But you'll never get to play all your 5 mana cards, and much less something that costs 7 mana, out of 20 lands. Think of it this way: Out of the 60 cards in your deck, every 3rd is a land. You need 5 lands to play a 5 cmc spell, which means you have to draw 15 cards from your deck; that is your opening 7 cards, and another 8. So you'll on average play a 5 cmc card on turn 8. Until then, it's blank cardboard in your hand. And cards at 5+ mana is just around a 5th of your deck. Many control decks play quite a bit more land, and more card selection/draw (cantrips like Opt and Serum Visions can be counted as a sort-of mana source, since you can use them to dig for lands as well as answers).

Walls: They are not the line of defense you believe them to be. All modern decks against which they are relevant, play removal spells, and all your walls die to all the most commonly played removal. Supreme Verdict and the like are much better. And the best wall, in my opinion, is Wall of Omens - it's big enough to hold of the faster attackers all afternoon (so opponent has to spend removal spell to get past it with early creatures), and it replaces itself.

You need some more card advantage for this kind of deck. It's fine that you draw an extra card every turn with jace... but that only works if you draw, play, and get to keep jace. Cards like Ojutai's Command gives some advantage, because they deny a card to your opponent, and gives you something on top of that. Sky Hussars forecast ability might also give you some cards without paying mana for it... Sun Titan is a better heavy-end finisher than most, and gives some card advantage too, as long as you have some good stuff in your graveyard.

And, lastly: Save yourself a lot of trouble and get that playset of Path to Exile. If you want to play UW in modern, you need 4 of those.

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