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Ruthless Deathfang

the deck is pretty self explanatory. lands are extremely important, you really don't want to miss any. i have put in as much draw and ramp as i think the deck can afford to have with out losing its high creature count which is crucial to the decks success. almost all of my sac outlets do not cost any mana because if you play your general on curve and he is dealt with you can at least trade off your board and buy your self the time you need to stabilize again.


  • i often find my self playing the general on turn 7 so that i can hold up a turn aside.

  • do your best to have a nice board presence before you play your general. if you cant find any value in him the first time you play him it becomes very difficult to come back.

  • life is a resource and every creature you can keep in play is a kill spell when your general comes down, draw as much as you can early on and sacrifice some life to give your self a chance to have the most explosive turn 6 and 7 as possible.


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